10 Funniest Reddit: Am I The Asshole? Threads

There’s The Reddit and/” target=”_blank”>The Reddit a subreddit on Reddit called “Am I The Asshole?” (AITA) The Reddit that has really taken then Internet by storm. Even Chrissy Teigen had a series of tweets praising the subreddit for its hilarity.

It’s essentially a place where people can go to ask the world The Reddit if they’re an asshole in any particular situation. The Reddit community then chimes in with their votes on whether or not the person is, in fact, an asshole or if what they did was harmless. By writing their stories, the posters get honest answers and sometimes a new perspective.

There are thousands of AITA threads (some funny, some not-so-funny) but we found 10 of  the funniest threads and reactions in this glorious subreddit.

10 Lying About The Reason She’s Missing Three Fingers…

Here, we have the story of a young woman who only has two fingers on her dominant hand. She’s used to people looking at her hand and being asked what happened to her three missing fingers but there are days when it becomes really bothersome.

After starting a new job, she decided to have some fun and tell every new co-worker who asked her an increasingly random and entirely different story as to how she lost her fingers. She said everything from chewing them off as a baby to cutting them off with a plastic knife to the doctor cutting off too many… Funny enough, everyone believed her and it caused quite a bit of drama at work.

9 For Naming Her Kids After Former Cats (And Not Telling Her Husband)

There are millions of people out there who love their pets as if they’re their own children. And when those pets die, it can be hard to let their memory go. So what is one to do? Name their own children after their deceased cats, of course.

This woman chose her cats’ names as the middle names of her three children and never told her husband the inspiration behind the names until it accidentally slipped.

8 When The Reddit You Pretend To Get Fired In Front Of Rude Customers

It’s no secret that customers can be rude to waitstaff and in this AITA post, a high school-aged woman works at a local cafe where the owner’s son also works with her as the manager.

After getting insulted and belittled time and time again by random angry customers, they decide to do a running joke where the manager pretends to fire the worker. The manager will typically cut in and ask if there’s a problem and the customer typically complains about something small, resulting in the “firing” of the barista.

She said the customer almost always backtracks and apologizes and feels horrible but they do it to make a point that people have feelings and being angry at strangers solves nothing.

7 That’s One Way To Spoil A Teen’s Shopping Trip

This AITA got a lot of traction and a lot of heat. Most commenters told the OP to mind her business and that she was, in fact, a major asshole.

After shopping in a high-end department store, she overheard a teenager say she had her dad’s credit card so she didn’t care how much the pricey boots were. This infuriated the OP who thought it was fraudulent for this girl to have her father’s card. As the teens were at the cashier, this woman proceeded to tell the cashier that the card wasn’t hers and that it was illegal. After a few back-and-forths, tears, and dirty looks, the young girl had to buy the boots herself, leaving this woman feeling validated but looking like a real jealous Judy.

6 Sleeping Naked To Scare Off Anyone Who Doesn’t Knock On The Bedroom Door

We have doors on bedrooms for a reason. They’re there for a sense of privacy. This is why it’s always important to knock on someone’s door before barging but it appears this girl didn’t get the memo.

The OP explains that his roommate’s girlfriend is great but she has one flaw: she never knocks on his door, she just barges in. This upsets him because he likes his privacy and sleeps naked and doesn’t want her to see anything. After a few conversations, he decided to sleep naked on top of his covers to make a point and sure enough, she walked in and saw everything. She’s now spreading rumors about him being a creep and he wants to The Reddit know if he’s the asshole for wanting privacy.

5 When This Man Didn’t Realize He Was Treating His Girlfriend Like Hired Help

It doesn’t matter how great of a cook or cleaner a person is, making them do it time and time again can be seen as controlling. In this thread, a man explains his girlfriend is such a great cook that he sees no need in taking her out on dates because her cooking is better.

What he’s not realizing is that his girlfriend doesn’t want to cook every night and be The Reddit treated like a caterer on her “date.” Reddit roasted this man for not realizing that his girlfriend was unhappy and needed to be treated with more respect. One reader even commented “Good lord, completely YTA. Read the last line dude. You said you have your own private chef. Do you think your wife wants to cook every single night for you?”.

4 Cleaning The House Is Not An Appropriate Birthday Gift

Gifts aren’t what makes a birthday special but they definitely are the cherry on top of a perfect day. Gifts can also vary in a wide range of areas, but cleaning the house is not one of them…

When you share a home and a family, chores are typically shared. By this man cleaning the house as a “gift,” he’s proving that cleaning is her job and he just gave her a break for once. One commenter said “YTA – cleaning is not a gift it is something you should be doing every day,” forcing Reddit to go off on this man’s skills as a husband.

3 When Your Mother-In-Law Wants Grandchildren — Not Dogs

There’s nothing like a good in-law story! In this case, we have a couple who own three dogs—who treat them like they’re their own children—and are constantly berated about when they’re having kids of their own.

The OP is totally fine with her husband and dogs but one day, she got sick of hearing her mother-in-law insult their childless The Reddit lives and noticed her family picture with her husband and her dogs were cropped. Her dogs had been ripped out of the picture. To get back at her, the OP brought a new picture of her dogs over and sneakily put it in the picture frame. As one can imagine, her mother-in-law was not impressed.

2 When You’d Rather Jump Out A Window Than Be With An Ex

Would you jump out of a window to avoid an ex? This Redditor sure did! After his fiance of four years cheated on him, this guy broke up with her. He didn’t tell anyone the reasoning for their break up because it was too hard on him.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, the OP’s mom invited his ex to their holiday party to work it out — not knowing she cheated on him. To avoid the uncomfortable conversation and backlash, the OP ran to the bathroom, kicked out the window screen, and drove home.

1 Interventions & Apples

This OP took his love of pranks to the end of the world. He decided to tell everyone he was an “appletarian”; someone who only ate apples or drinks apple juice.

Whenever he was around his friends, he ate nothing but apples for three weeks. He sold it so well that his friends held an intervention for him, fearing he was going too far with apples!

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