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104,000 factors. That’s an oddly precise wide variety, Sapphire Sapphire no?

It is, but it’s the minimum wide variety of Chase Ultimate Rewards factors you’ll have after meeting the minimal spend requirement of $four,000 on your first three months to earn the welcome bonus for your new Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

The bonus is 100,000 factors, and you’ll get as a minimum one factor in keeping with greenback spent, even though with double points on huge classes like journey and eating out, you’ll extra than probably have someplace among one hundred and five,000 and 107,000 factors, relying to your spending habits.

That stability will obviously continue to grow as you operate the card after accomplishing the minimal spend requirement and are provided the bonus.

If you want it to grow virtually fast, there’s another card with a one hundred,000 point bonus — the Chase Ink Business Preferred. You ought to have some sort of enterprise to get the card, and the minimum spend is quite a chunk higher at $15,000 within the first 3 months.

If you have been to get both the Sapphire Preferred card and the Ink Business Preferred card and earn the welcome bonus for every, you’d probable have over 220,000 factors at your disposal!

Once you’ve racked up an outstanding factor stability, you’ll want to do some thing with those factors. Unlike your coins and investments, rewards factors don’t earn interest, so sitting on them doesn’t absolutely do you lots precise.

There are quite some options while you visit redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and a number of them are actually better than others.

For the sake of completeness, I’ll point out some options that I could by no means advise, mainly so you’re not nudged into losing your points unnecessarilty. The higher redemption alternatives will come later down the list.

#1 Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Shop Directly at Amazon

Or don’t, I ought to say. Charge your Prime Day purchases directly to a credit score card that gives you greater factors like the co-branded card that offers five% lower back on Amazon purchases.

For one thing, you received’t earn any points while shopping for stuff together with your Chase UR points at Amazon.com.

More importantly, the redemption price is awful. With my Chase Sapphire Reserve card, the 160,946 factors I’ve racked up are worth a measly $1,287.fifty seven whilst used to store at Amazon. That’s approximately zero.eight cents in keeping with factor.

Remember what Nancy Reagan told you and Just Say No to this feature.

gee, thanks, but no thanks.#2 Buy Gift Cards

You can use your points to buy gift cards for hundreds of famous restaurants and shops. Gift playing cards could make super items, which I assume is why they name them that.

While I’m not a huge fan of the usage of factors for present playing cards, while the cards are on sale, this will be a possible choice if you were making plans to spend money with that service provider regardless.

Sapphire This is in particular authentic in case you don’t have a Sapphire card that is greater treasured when redeemed for tour or other redemptions, as we’ll cover under.

Most present card alternatives are worth 1 cent in keeping with factor, but your factors can move a bit in addition with pick out redemption options. Below are the cards that are discounted in June of 2021.

#three Get Cash Back

This is a very easy option to take, and if you in no way, ever journey, it’d in reality be your pleasant wager, although the Pay Yourself Back choice (see #8) is a higher option in case you are a Sapphire cardholder.

The factors are well worth 1 cent apiece whilst you get instantly coins again, so 104,000 points gets you $1,040. When you keep in mind that you simplest needed to spend $4,000 to get $1,040 returned, that’s like getting an additional 26% discount on the whole lot you bought with that first $four,000 charged to the Sapphire Preferred card!

You can pick to have the coins deposited to the bank account of your choice or observe it as a credit score on your declaration balance.

#four Buy Apple Products Directly

From time to time (consisting of at the time of this article’s publication), your Chase Ultimate Rewards factors move further whilst shopping for Apple merchandise along with your factors.

Using the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you get 1.25 cents consistent with point. With the Sapphire Reserve card, your points could be 1.five cents each while used to shop for Apple merchandise. The identical ratio will observe to direct tour booking, as we’ll talk beneath.

You can use your factors to shop for an iPhone, iMac, Beats headphones, and quite much everything else Apple sells. For instance, the usage of my Sapphire Reserve card, I can get a $999 MacBook Air for 66,600 factors. Using a Sapphire Preferred card, the equal MacBook would set you back 79,920 points.

#five Transfer Points to a More Valuable Card

Chase offers you the choice of combining factors. If you’re incomes UR factors on a Chase Freedom Flex or Freedom Unlimited card, you can switch them to a Sapphire card where the factors are greater precious.

In this example, I had simply underneath 10,000 factors on my Chase Freedom card (where I earned five points according to greenback on gasoline within the second region of 2021). I transferred them to my Sapphire Preferred card where I can redeem the factors for tour (or Apple merchandise if I have been an iGuy) at 1.five cents in keeping with factor.

Effectively, I can earn 7.5 cents according to dollar spent on rotating classes with my Chase Freedom card or with the more moderen Freedom Flex card.

You also can switch points to a partner’s card. Let say you have got the Preferred card and your accomplice has the Reserve. The clever pass could be to transport the points to the account with the Reserve card. If you’re paying that $550 annual charge, you may as nicely get the most bang to your dollar!

#6 Redeem Directly for Travel through the Chase Portal

If you’ve ever used Expedia to compare charges or e-book journey, then the Chase portal will appearance very acquainted. It’s powered through the Expedia search engine.

You can search for flights, resort rooms, condo motors, and more. You’ll get consequences from most important airways, hotel chains, and car apartment groups, and the cost is commonly the identical price you’ll discover when reserving immediately at the corporations’ web sites.

When using your points this manner, you get 1.25 cents in keeping with point with the Sapphire Preferred card or Ink Business Preferred card and 1.five cents in step with factor with the Sapphire Reserve.

This is a amazing alternative for folks who aren’t inquisitive about looking into moving factors to Chase’s travel companions or collaborating inside the numerous journey companies’ reward programs.

It’s also a exceptional manner to use factors when you discover an extremely low price on airfare or a motel live. It might be a waste of points to switch them to a travel partner whilst the dollar fee of the travel you want to take is so low.

Below, you’ll see a few screenshots from my latest booking of a nonstop flight from Chicago to Minneapolis and multiple nights at a nice hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

The 4 one-manner flights fee me 17,706 points, and a couple of nights at the Hilton set me back sixteen,572 points. That provides up just shy of 1/three of the 104,000 points you could currently earn quickly with a new Sapphire Preferred card.

That way I could doubtlessly e book 12 one-way flights on this fee range and 6 nights at a 4-star Hilton with my 104,000 factors! That’s loads of travel.

Note that in case you’ve obtained a welcome bonus on either Sapphire card inside the preceding forty eight months, you may no longer be eligible to receive the bonus once more. Also, if you’ve opened five or greater new credit card accounts within the final 24 months, Chase will probably deny your application. They like to discourage card churning behavior.

getting into the portalattempting to find a flightflight bookedfactors redeemedhotel booked

Chase Sapphire Preferred

100,000 Points properly for $1,250 or extra in journey with a $4,000 spend in three months

PoF Summary

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is an first rate first (or handiest) card with an all-time high welcome bonus! Flexible rewards right for cash, journey, or switch to journey partners, super tour protection and perks, plus new Peloton, Lyft & DoorDash perks!

#7 Pay Yourself Back

This is much like the coins back alternative, but you certainly get lots greater cash lower back!

I’ll be honest; I only discovered this feature when doing research for this submit, and I’m satisfied I did. The redemption fee is identical to buying journey thru the Chase Travel Portal — 1.25 cents per factor with the Sapphire Preferred card and 1.5 cents in step with factor with the Sapphire Reserve.

Only select transactions can be eligible — presently along with travel, grocery stores, domestic improvement shops, and eating — and you may handiest pay yourself lower back for prices made in the ultimate 90 days.

For some purpose, you can handiest select 12 prices at a time to be reimbursed for, however you could put up Pay Yourself Back requests again-to-lower back-to-lower back till you run out of eligible purchases to be paid again for.

#8 Donate Money

As a part of the Pay Yourself Back function, you may be reimbursed for donations to choose charities.

Simply make the donation on your credit card and later request reimbursement for the ones fees with the aid of the usage of your Chase Ultimate Rewards factors.

If you itemize deductions, you ought to nonetheless be able to claim the charitable donation. Yes, you are later cashing in some points for a coins amount same to what you donated, but don’t forget that money is fungible. Those areseparate transactions that may be related, however the charity still acquired the money you despatched them.

Personally, I opt to make donations thru a donor cautioned fund, and the charities would possibly choose to avoid the credit score card transaction costs, but any software that encourages donations to charitable corporations is A-OK in my e book.

Donations to those charities are eligible for the Pay Yourself Back alternative:

American Red Cross

Equal Justice Initiative

Feeding America

Habitat for Humanity

International Medical Corporation

Leadership Education Fund

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund

National Urban League

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

United Negro College Fund

United WayWorld Central Kitchen

#nine Transfer Points to Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

This is wherein you could without a doubt get the maximum bang in your greenback.

You additionally should positioned in the maximum effort, but redemptions at 2 cents in line with factor or better are not unusual. If you want to travel commercial enterprise or first class, you could do even higher.

United and Southwest are in all likelihood the two most famous U.S. airlines that are direct tour companions, however there are pretty some others, inclusive of

Aer Lingus

British Airways


Air France / KLM



Singapore Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

If you need to book a Delta flight, you may typically locate them with Air France / KLM (a SkyTeam Alliance airline like Delta) or thru Virgin Atlantic (a non-SkyTeam partner of Delta — Delta owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic).

For American Airlines, again, they’re not an immediate journey associate, however as a part of the OneWorld Alliance, you may locate their flights on member airways British Airways and Iberia.

It will take a piece extra time than an immediate reserving via the Chase Portal, and you ought to first join the rewards program of the airline before you could switch factors there.

However, in case you find that you can book a flight at a redemption imparting higher than 1.five cents in step with factor (usually compare the cash price to the point redemption fee), it can thoroughly be well worth your effort and time.

Note that factors typically have to be transferred in 1,000 factor increments.

#10 Transfer Points to Hotel Rewards Programs

You’ve got 3 alternatives right here, however given the award charts, you’re most probable to the excellent redemptions with  the World of Hyatt application, where resort nights start at best three,500 factors.

Your other 2 alternatives are the numerous chains under the Marriott Bonvoy umbrella and the IHG lodges, which might be anchored by means of the Holiday Inn chains.

As you must with the airline redemptions, constantly compare the coins price to the wide variety of factors you’ll ought to use to get the equal room. You might also locate, in particular while looking better-end Hyatt motels, that you could locate redemptions within the 2 to 3 cent in keeping with factor variety.

Anything better than 1.five cents in line with factor is a solid redemption. Happy looking!

Chase Sapphire Preferred as opposed to Chase Sapphire Reserve

You in all likelihood observed that the Sapphire Reserve card offers you higher redemption credit while reserving travel via the Chase Portal, purchasing for Apple merchandise, and the usage of the Pay Yourself Back choice.

You do pay a charge for that top rate, because the Reserve card is a premium card with an annual fee to healthy. Currently, the once a year rate is $550. That may be partially offset with a $300 journey credit score that’s automatically carried out, basically making the yearly fee $250.

For that, you get the higher redemption options, free entry for 3 humans into Priority Pass airport lounges, extra Peloton repayment ($one hundred twenty in 2021 versus $60 for the Preferred card) and some other perks.

The Sapphire Preferred card has the tons better welcome bonus, besting the Reserve by forty,000 factors (a $500+ higher fee) and the once a year charge is notably lower at $ninety five.

Both cards give you terrific journey perks, despite the fact that the Reserve card does upload scientific evacuation insurance on journeys of as much as 60 days in length.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

a hundred,000 Points exact for $1,250 in journey or more with a $4,000 spend in three months

PoF Summary

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is an superb first (or most effective) card with an all-time excessive welcome bonus! Flexible rewards right for coins, travel, or switch to travel companions, superb journey protection & new Peloton, Lyft & DoorDash perks! $ninety five Annual Fee

Chase Sapphire Reserve

60,000 Points with a $four,000 spend in 3 months

PoF Summary

The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers super journey perks inclusive of Priority Pass lounge get entry to, a credit score for Global Entry or TSA Pre✓ and a $300 annual tour credit score. Elevated Peloton, Lyft and DoorDash blessings. $550 Annual Fee

If you’re a common visitor that enjoys the airport lounges, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card may be worth the more value.

If now not, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, with its modern all-time-high welcome bonus, is a first rate all-around travel rewards card that merits a outstanding area to your pockets.

Finally, don’t forget about to take into account the Chase Ink Business Preferred for some other one hundred fifteen,000+ points in case you are a business proprietor who plans to spend $15,000 in the first three months with the cardboard.

Chase Ink Business Preferred

a hundred,000 points with $15,000 spend in three months

PoF Summary

The Chase Ink Business Preferred gives three points in step with $1 spent on travel & choose business categores. 1 factor per dollar on all else. No overseas transaction costs (not like other Chase Ink Business cards. $ninety five annual fee.

Now begin making plans what you’ll do when you’ve were given a further 104,000 factors to mess around with!

Physician on FIRE has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit score card merchandise. Physician on FIRE and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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