16 Tips For Using Reddit Better

Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet, Search Reddit and for all intents and purposes, it is. But navigating through the serpentine glut of banana-based measurements, non-delivering OPs, and highly elevated snarkiness can be as befuddling as reading Moby Dick in ancient Arabic. 

Presented here are 16 tips and tricks, with a little something for everyone — from beginner to power user. Search Reddit It’s time you make the most of the deep, beautiful, user-submitted world of Reddit. Just don’t turn into one of those awful Red Pill guys — deal?

Browse through images as a slideshow

Turn any page/subreddit on the site into an instant slideshow, by adding the letter “p” inside Search Reddit your URL. For instance, to turn the puppy subreddit into a clean-cut gallery of the cutest pups on the web, go to redditp.com/r/puppies, instead of reddit.com/r/puppies. Commence high-pitched puppy voice. Dawwwwwww. 

There’s a subreddit for that

Even if you’re a Reddit rookie, you’ve probably noticed the site has a “front page” of top content as well as a smorgasbord of curated pages, or “subreddits,” to organize user-submitted content. To explore subreddits, you can check out the “defaults” at the top of your home page (movies, news, etc.) or search for something that tickles your fancy.

Trust me, whatever you’re into, there’s a subreddit for it. You can also find some stuff you didn’t even know you were into by sifting through some random subreddits (hit the “random” button on the top of the homepage).  

Subscribe to your favorite subreddits

Once you’ve found some subreddits you think you’d be interested in reading frequently, you can tailor your homepage accordingly. Subscribe to the subreddits (each page will have a massive “subscribe” button) you care about, and the site will make sure nothing gets past you. Your account can be totally customized for easy access to the things that make you love the Internet in the first place.

Sort content by featuring the “best” first

If you’ve found a subreddit you like, check out its “hall of fame” posts by selecting the “top” tab, and tapping links from “all time.” This will show you the best of the best of the best, sir. You can also check out the best today, from the past month, or past year. “Hottest” and “most controversial” are two other sorting tabs that will help you navigate subreddits. They were also my two nicknames in high school. Weird. 

If your job blocks Reddit, there’s a way around it

Not everyone works at a place where surfing Reddit is allowed, let alone encouraged. Sometimes, the SOBs at corporate even block access to the site altogether. To get around these borderline criminal restrictions, just use this address: https://pay.reddit.com. If my sources can be trusted (which they can) this should do the job on most web blockers. If only specific subreddits are banned (probably for good reason, but I’m not judging) just add a “+” to the end of your address. So reddit.com/r/nsfw would become reddit.com/r/nsfw+. 

Optimize your searches

Searching for something specific on Reddit can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a needle stack. But there are plenty of low-lift ways to sort your searches. Check out the “advanced search” guide — there are several prefaces you can place before your search to fine tune your queries and get what you’re after quickly. 

Use shortcuts 

To get straight to a subreddit you know and love in the timeliest manner possible, just type in the subreddit you want to visit, followed by “.reddit.com.” It’s the Search Reddit speediest way to get to gifs.reddit.com. Particularly handy when you need a GIF, and you need it now.

Multiredditing is the new best thing

Multiredditing is a fantastic built-in system that lets you combine a bunch of your favorite subreddits into one steaming-hot stew of interesting posts. You can customize any multireddit you want: I, for one, combined r/pizza, r/NSFW, r/dadjokes, and r/nba, for some hilarious juxtaposition. Or, you can explore other multireddits that Search Reddit users around the world created.   

Learn proper Reddiquette

If you want to jump in on the action and start making your own posts, it’s incredibly important you adhere to the rules, general guidelines, and preferred methods that have evolved on the site over the past decade. Believe me, if you don’t, people will torch you. For an extremely intense, widely accepted guide to posting, check out this post by user Raerth. It’s encyclopedic, but worth a read if you value your online confidence. 

Install the Enhancement Suite

Above all else, installing Reddit’s Enhancement Suite is certainly the best way to get the most out of your Redditing experience. Highlights include an endlessly scrollable homepage (infinite cat GIFs!), a “night” mode to help you avoid insomnia-inducing white computer light, and the ability to seamlessly switch between different user names. Once you enhance, you’ll never go back. And if you do, it’s only to remember how much better off you are now. It’s like visiting your ex-girlfriend, or watching the original Batman.

Treat Imgur like Reddit

If you’ve used Reddit for any extended period of time, you’re probably very familiar with the photo-sharing platform Imgur, which basically fuels every photo-centric post. If you’d rather just browse every subreddit’s Imgur offerings, just switch out “reddit” with “imgur” in a URL. So, reddit.com/r/batman would become imgur.com/r/batman.  

Simplify your view

For those who prefer a simple, no-frills view of the Redditing world, you can add “.compress” after any URL to create a simplified version of the screen. This is a nice option for mobile use (more on that in a second) or if you just hate the clutter of flair, oversized pictures, and other digital detritus. 

Streamline the comments section

Oftentimes, the comments on a Reddit post can be even more entertaining than the posts itself, and sometimes you just want a streamlined, chronologically sorted live stream of Reddit comments. By adding “-stream” inside your URL, you’ll do just that. This is perfect for live coverage of events or big-time celebrity AMAs. For example, reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1vshw2/iamarnold_ama_2 would become reddit-stream.com/r/IAmA/comments/1vshw2/iamarnold_ama_2.

Go mobile

There are a few ways to achieve a better mobile experience from Reddit. First off, you have the Alien Blue iOS app (only for Apple users, of course). Reviewers generally complain about an advanced learning curve while operating the system at first, but seem to come around, and genuinely enjoy the streamlined approach. To try out Reddit’s new mobile site (no downloads required), head to m.reddit.com. Though it’s still in Beta, I personally enjoy it far more than its standard mobile experience, which can be viewed by visiting i.reddit.com. 

Follow interesting people 

Sometimes, there’s a particular Reddit user you’ll want to follow so you can scope out their current activity, and never miss a post from your digital buddy. Just click on the friendly green button in the upper-right corner of their page. 

Buy Reddit Gold for yourself

Reddit Gold is a type of premium membership program that allots you certain perks that basic, ungilded Redditors simply don’t have access to. It’s like the first-class section of Reddit. You’ve probably seen someone with a little gold medal next to their name in comment sections: this means someone else gave them Gold. You can buy various Gold plans yourself, or simply wait ’til you say something funny/interesting enough to have someone bestow it upon you.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He prefers everything in his life enhanced. Follow him: @WilFulton.

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