2021 Snow Teeth Whitening Product Overview

Whitening Snow® Teeth Whitening Review 2021: Overview & Types of Products

There are many exclusive tooth whitening merchandise to select from. From white strips, gels, and pens to more superior LED whitening kits, it is able to be overwhelming to find the first-rate product. 

Teeth whitening can also be complex, high priced, and occasionally painful. Some not unusual facet consequences consist of very sensitive enamel, purple/swollen gums, and dry lips.3

However, at-home tooth whitening remedy doesn’t need to be challenging or painful. 

Snow® Teeth Whitening gives a honest and much less painful whitening revel in. The kits include a particularly formulated whitening serum and an LED mouthpiece.

Snow additionally sells an all-in-one whitening package, a whitening toothpaste, a desensitizing serum, and lip care merchandise. 

Snow manufacturers itself as a comfortable, secure, and Whitening convenient manner to whiten your enamel at domestic. You handiest want to apply the tool for nine to 21 mins a day.

According to Snow’s website, 97 percent of customers see results after simply one use (client observe). One hundred percent see results after 3 weeks.

What is LED Teeth Whitening & is it Safe?

LED teeth whitening is secure for at-home use. Current research shows that LED whitening is powerful while customers follow the manufacturer’s protocols.

NewMouth’s evaluate package for Snow Teeth Whitening

LED as a light supply is a more secure alternative to ultraviolet (UV) light, that could motive cellular mutations. An LED mild does not lead to the mutation of cells or increase the hazard of most cancers. LED quickens the whitening response without the dangers of UV mild.four 

During the LED enamel whitening manner, you’ll practice a bleaching agent to your enamel. The LED mild activates the whitening agent and begins the chemical response. When this reaction takes place, the blue LED light penetrates the teeth and removes stains.

Why Choose Snow LED Teeth Whitening? 

Going to the dentist for enamel whitening is highly-priced ($600+ per remedy). And teeth whitening strips don’t offer lengthy-lasting whitening or whiten all tooth similarly. 

Snow is a exceptional alternative to those treatments if you are seeking out an affordable and effective way to whiten your enamel. The kits value between $150 and $299 (seventy five remedies blanketed). You can get a year’s supply of whitening serum for $75. 

The mild Snow includes in its package

Their proprietary advanced tooth whitening gadget uses award-prevailing LED activating era to provide professional outcomes for as low as $1.60 per treatment. It best requires nine to 21 mins of whitening an afternoon as opposed to 30 minutes for whitening strips. 

Snow’s website also has heaps of evaluations. Many of the customers claim they love their products because they cause less sensitivity. The precise, proprietary serum is especially formulated to lessen sensitivity. This presents a painless enjoy for nearly all users. 

Many customers additionally say the kits are easy-to-use and handy. Other reviewers point out seeing important consequences after only some uses.

Snow become voted because the “great tooth whitening kit for touchy enamel” by way of Tuck.com in 2020. They also are the number 1 endorsed emblem by using Allure Magazine and Men’s Health (2021), and have been featured in Elle, Good Housekeeping, and People Magazine. 

Snow Ingredients List

Snow whitener serums include the following elements:

Hydrogen peroxideCarbamide peroxideGlycerolDeionized waterSodium bicarbonateCarbomerPotassium nitratePeppermint oilThe whitening pens Snow consists of in its kitSnow is Dentist Recommended

According to Dental Advisor, 80 percentage of dentists could advise Snow Teeth Whitening to their patients. The kits have been proven to lift stains due to smoking, coffee, soda, wine, and tetracycline (antibiotics which can motive yellowing). 

Forty-one percentage of dentists accept as true with Snow is equivalent to competition, whilst 36 percentage accept as true with the emblem is higher than competition.10 

Some wonderful comments referred to via the dental specialists worried in this survey:

Some terrible feedback mentioned by means of the dental professionals worried in this survey:

Advantages of Snow Teeth Whitening Kits

Snow stands proud within the at-domestic teeth whitening industry. Advantages encompass:

$1.60/remedy (75 remedies covered)Fast whitening results assuredOnly calls for nine minutes of whitening an afternoonLasting whitening effectsDentist encouragedEnamel-safe professional systemVegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-looseProducts reason less sensitivity Safe to apply on crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, and bracesLED kits and on-the-cross merchandise to be hadYearly substances of whitening merchandise availableA proprietary utility machine to shield your gumsAll products made in the USAFast transport international (one hundred sixty+ nations)Disadvantages of Snow Teeth Whitening Kits

As with any product, Snow Teeth Whitening has some downsides:

The mouthpiece may be uncomfortable for a few human beingsThe most inexpensive kit isn’t always cordless; you need to plug it into your telephone The mouthpiece is not a one-length-suits-all and can cause an wrong fitThe charger is slightly cumbersomeThe whitening wand may be tough to use, which can effect effectsIt can be messy (lay back whilst whitening for better outcomes)Why Trust Us?

All clinical content material in this site, including this guide and different product opinions, is written Whitening through our crew of experienced writers and researchers. 

All NewMouth writers vet products which might be endorsed and reviewed in the Whitening Whitening enterprise. 

In cases in which this isn’t Whitening feasible, our team will:

Compare tremendous and bad critiques on the goodsTalk to business enterprise leaders to ensure their products are safe and powerfulLook into costs to make certain clients are becoming the best best merchandise at affordable expensesRead studies studies to examine the pros and cons of every product

Every piece of content material is heavily reviewed earlier than e-book. All content material on NewMouth is also medically reviewed through a licensed dentist, specifically any content material where we advocate products. 

Our dentists are especially advised to flag any hints they don’t accept as true with. Any products that don’t meet their professional requirements are eliminated.

Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews (Products, Features & Costs)

Snow sells three types of whitening kits and a whitening toothpaste:

1. Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening (All-In-One Kit)

Snow All-In-One Teeth Whitening Kit is the #1 bestseller. It gives fast whitening outcomes assured with ninety nine.three percent rankings across 500,000+ clients.

Among these clients are A-list celebrities, which includes NFL players and film stars.  

The serum is enamel-safe, vegan, gluten-unfastened, and cruelty-loose. You can expect dramatically whiter tooth after simply 21 days of use (9-minute utility). However, a few clients mention seeing consequences within just a few days.1

The properly-packaged and smooth-to-use gadget supplies a expert-stage whitening experience at an inexpensive rate. The serum is teeth-safe for people with touchy enamel and gums. 

It is also safe on crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, and braces. No prescription or dentist visits are required.

What’s Whitening protected in the package:

One LED activating mild (a hundred% safe) and chargerMedical grade silicone mouthpiece 75 remedies Three wands of proprietary whitening serumOne wand of extra-electricity whitening serumTwo strengths of whitening serumDesensitizing serum (to reduce any sensitivity)five-yr warranty

Cost: $149 to $2 hundred

2. Snow Teeth Whitening System (Dual-Light, Smart, Wireless) 

Snow Smart Teeth Whitening Kit sanitizes itself and kills germs while charging. It also helps reduce receding gum strains and submit-whitening sensitivity with the all-new red light remedy characteristic.

The serum is teeth-secure, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-loose.

You can assume dramatically whiter enamel after simply 21 days of use (9-minute software). It has 99.1 percentage five-celebrity ratings.

This device is wireless and water resistant, making it best for the ones on-the-move or in a rush. You may even shower at the same time as you whiten your enamel.

You also can tune your progress within the Snow app using the Bluetooth feature. The device will robotically adapt to your dreams the use of system-studying.

What’s covered within the package:

One LED activating mild (a hundred% safe) and charger75 remedies Self-sanitizing charging case (cordless charging)Water-resistant functionDual-mild therapyMedical grade silicone mouthpiece Two strengths of whitening serum Anti-getting older lip treatment ($30 cost)Luxury tour caseDesensitizing serumAccess to the Snow app five-year guarantee

Cost: $299

3. Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit (2nd Generation) 

Snow Wireless Whitening Kit (2nd Gen) is the re-engineered version of the primary wi-fi gadget.

Snow claims it’s miles simpler to apply and gives expert degree whitening in mins. 

The new wi-fi and water-resistant tooth whitening mouthpiece quickens each consultation for stronger, longer-lasting effects. It may be used within the bathe if you are in a hurry.

The LED device also has two distinct light modes. The first one is the blue mild whitening choice, and the second one is the dual-mild option (red light for gum health). 

The serum is teeth-safe, vegan, gluten-loose, and cruelty-loose. You can anticipate dramatically whiter enamel after just 21 days of use (9-minute software).

This system is also safe to apply on braces, veneers, crowns, bridges, and touchy teeth. It additionally offers a totally convenient, hands-free whitening experience. No smartphone or app is required.

What’s covered in the kit:

One LED activating mild (a hundred% secure) and charger75 treatments Self-sanitizing charging case (cordless charging)Water-resistant characteristicDual-mild remedyMedical grade silicone mouthpiece Two strengths of whitening serum Luxury travel caseDesensitizing serum5-12 months assurance

Cost: $299

4. Snow Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 

Get whiter tooth with Snow Whitening Toothpaste. This toothpaste offers professional teeth cleaning with out the delivered chemical substances.

Brushing with this toothpaste a few times an afternoon is a awesome addition on your LED whitening recurring. 

This toothpaste sells out fast. Guarantee your spot by using pre-ordering today.

Snow Teeth Whitening Toothpaste functions consist of:

It took 17 months to expand an appropriate mix of ingredientsLuxury mint tasteEnamel-secure ingredientsResults guaranteedFluoride-looseSulfate-looseCruelty-unfastenedDesigned for sensitive tooth

Cost: $39 (3-month deliver) to $99 (12-month deliver)

How to Use Snow Teeth Whitening Kits (Normal & Wireless) 

Whitening your teeth with Snow is a easy and straightforward method. It includes five steps:

Before you start a whitening consultation, make sure to sweep and floss your tooth. This ensures any plaque, micro organism, and meals debris are removed and will increase the effectiveness of the whitening gel.Apply the Snow Teeth Whitening Serum by using twisting up the wand. Paint each enamel till they may be completely covered. Try your great no longer to get the gel for your gums, lips, or tongue (due to the fact it is able to irritate them). Once the serum is carried out to your tooth, plug the LED light into your phone and positioned the mouthpiece in (except you are using the cordless package). Keep the light in for 9 to half-hour. The time will range based for your preferred whiteness. After whitening, unplug and put off the light from your mouth. Rinse each the light and your mouth and brush your tooth to get rid of any extra gel.Use the kit for 21 mins an afternoon (for 21 days). After that, use it as soon as every week to keep your teeth white.

If you’re the usage of the wireless teeth whitening system, you don’t must plug within the tool. You can use this device freely or in the shower. You’ll plug it into the charging case after use, where it will sanitize itself and kill germs. 

Snow Teeth Whitening SerumWhat People are Saying About Snow

The NewMouth group compiled critiques from 4 web sites in which you should purchase Snow’s products. We located over 7,000 purchaser critiques in general. Most of the reviews are nice, even as a small percent of them are terrible or someplace within the middle. Over eighty percent of the Amazon critiques are four stars or above.

Many of the wonderful opinions say the whitening merchandise reason minimum to no sensitivity. Some point out immediately results, at the same time as others say you’ll see enhancements after some makes use of.

So a ways, so appropriate; I’ve been the use of this for 2 weeks with the maximum energy and my enamel are clearly whitening.

– Amazon reviewer

It is easy to use, no sensitivity (which I even have had with EVERY different whitening machine I used at some point of the years from expert to whitening strips), and the whitening gel does not flavor like anything.

– Target reviewer

Even although a majority of Snow’s opinions are tremendous throughout a couple of websites, a few humans have been now not completely satisfied with the products.

However, keep in mind that people who have thin tooth or dental restorations can not whiten their tooth. Some human beings also are greater liable to sensitivity than others (and sensitivity is a commonplace facet effect of all enamel whitening, even expert treatment).

Neglecting to examine the commands carefully earlier than use can also result in terrible consequences.

The product worked as claimed. What they’ll not give an explanation for well in the description is that the ultraviolet light device has a fairly quick wire and could require your OWN electricity/rate unit to make it purposeful.

– Amazon reviewer

It takes a while for the whitener to pop out of the tube in the beginning and it’s far type of tedious looking to put it on every tooth. The mouthpiece is a piece cumbersome and uncomfortable.

– Best Buy reviewer

Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow® Teeth Whitening offers a straightforward and much less painful whitening enjoy. 

Rating by using Alyssa Hill


According to Dental Advisor, 80 percentage of dentists would endorse Snow Teeth Whitening to their patients. The kits had been shown to raise stains as a result of smoking, coffee, soda, wine, and tetracycline (antibiotics that may motive yellowing). 


Lasting whitening outcomesDentist encouragedEnamel-secure expert formulationVegan, gluten-loose, and cruelty-freeProducts motive much less sensitivity Safe to apply on crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, and bracesLED kits and on-the-move products available


The mouthpiece can be uncomfortable for a few humansThe cheapest package isn’t always cordless; you need to plug it into your telephone The mouthpiece isn’t always a one-length-suits-all and can reason an improper matchThe charger is slightly bulkyHow Much Does Snow Teeth Whitening Cost?

Snow Teeth Whitening kits fee between $one hundred fifty and $300, relying on which kit you select. They every come with 75 treatments. 

You can also order the Teeth Whitening Wand refills one after the other in packs of , 4, six, or 12. The cost of the wands ranges from $29 to $129. A couple of drops is sufficient for the pinnacle and backside teeth, so one wand will final you many remedies. 

Where to Buy Snow Teeth Whitening Products

The great location to shop for Snow Teeth Whitening products is directly from their website. This is because they regularly have promos and reductions. You can not get those offers on Amazon. 

Snow vs. CompetitorsGLOAuraGlowSnowBest for Sensitive TeethBest Budget Whitening KitBest-Known Whitening BrandCost$199$fifty nine$149Free U.S. Shipping✓✓✓Whitening Time Per Day32 minutes30 minutes21 minutes# of Treatments Included10 GLO Vials (40 programs)20 remedies for 20 days of whitening75 treatmentsEnamel-Safe Ingredients✓✓✓Heat Whitening Acceleration✓✕✕Money-Back Guarantee✓✓✓Hands-Free Mouthpiece✓✓✓Minimal to No Sensitivity✓✓✓Lip Treatment Included✓✕✕Made within the USA✓✓✓1 Year+ Warranty✓✓✓FDA-Approved✓✕✕Snow Teeth Whitening FAQsDoes Snow tooth whitening motive sensitivity?

Snow Teeth Whitening causes genuinely no sensitivity because it includes potassium nitrate to remove any pain. The merchandise are in particular formulated to reduce this impact.

Can I whiten my teeth with fillings or different restorations?

Yes, those products are secure to apply on all dental restorations.

What is the chance of LED lighting fixtures on mouth cancer?

An LED light does no longer lead to the mutation of cells or raise the chance of most cancers. LED hurries up the whitening reaction with out the risks of UV mild. 

What is the desensitizing serum, and the way do I use it?

The desensitizing serum is ideal for human beings who’ve more touchy tooth. It also strengthens tooth and returns minerals and vitamins to tooth. 

If you have got touchy tooth, apply the serum 15 mins earlier than beginning the consultation. Rinse and continue with the whitening treatment. It can also be used after the whitening consultation. You don’t have to rinse it out.

How often must I use the product and for a way lengthy?

Snow recommends the use of the package for 21 minutes a day (for 21 days). After that, use it as soon as every week to maintain your tooth white.

What occurs if I get the serum on my lips or gums?

If you get the serum to your lips or gums, wipe it off. Snow is simplest supposed for use on your tooth. 

Can children use Snow whitening merchandise?

You need to speak with your dental expert before using any whitening merchandise on kids. 

What approximately breastfeeding ladies?

Yes, a breastfeeding mom can thoroughly whiten her tooth. 

How long do I have to wait earlier than Whitening eating?

Wait an hour to an hour and a half to devour after using the product. Snow also recommends whitening your teeth before bed.

Is Snow enamel whitening secure for enamel?

Yes. Snow tooth whitening merchandise are enamel-secure when used as directed. To save you tooth erosion and inflammation, do not overuse the products.

What is Snow’s transport policy?

If you spend extra than $90, you’ll receive unfastened shipping (U.S. only). International orders require a small transport rate.

After you vicinity your order, you’ll obtain the kit inside six enterprise days (up to two weeks for international orders).

Snow also gives priority delivery, in which you may get the product expedited inside three days.

What is Snow’s return coverage?

If you aren’t glad along with your kit, you can request money back within 30 days of buy. You’ll ought to send the product back to get a refund.

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