6 “who Is Nanno?” Theories To Help Us Identify The Girl From Nowhere Once & For All

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After two seasons Reddit Meaning of Girl From Nowhere, fans are still left wondering who – or what – exactly is Nanno. The new student’s many powers, strategies and relationships have led netizens towards some mind-bending ideas about who Reddit Meaning Reddit Meaning Reddit Meaning the driving force behind the Thai Netflix show is, and what her origins are.

Here’s are some of the theories we came across, to help us get one step closer to solving the mystery.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

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1. Karma 

The most popular theory among redditors about Nanno’s origins is she is the human embodiment of karma.

A running theme in every episode seems to be that every player in each equation receives an equal consequence for their actions. This could suggest that her identity is inextricably linked to the idea of karma – or the sum of a person’s actions in deciding their fate.

In the case of TK from “Lost & Found”, Nanno ended up rewarding her target with friendship and helping him reconnect with his father.

Image credit: Yidio

Redditors were also quick to identify that Nanno is very different from her counterpart, Yuri, who represents “vengeance”.

Unlike the latter, Nanno makes sure to teach her targets a lesson by providing them a taste of their own medicine and nothing more.

2. Temptation – the ‘snake’ in the Garden of Eden

Considering her modus operandi, the hypothesis that Nanno represents “temptation” checks out.

In each episode, Nanno targets the most conniving, hypocritical or unempowered members of school and gives them the tools to execute their vision. However, things don’t always Reddit Meaning turn out the way they expect.

The fact that Nanno doesn’t necessarily pressure her targets into doing anything further adds to the theory that she is but a Reddit Meaning facilitator of people’s desires.

Image credit: Netflix via Reddit

Again, fans compare Nanno to Yuri. Using the “Garden of Eden” analogy, they assign Nanno the role of the snake, who tempts individuals into eating the poisoned apple.

Yuri, however, represents Adam and Eve. The new – aspiring – Girl From Nowhere is said to be the OG human because she thinks she can outsmart Nanno.

3. The devil’s child

Eagle-eyed fans have also deciphered Nanno’s ID card, which shows her official first name, “Mara”.

According to redditors, the name translates to daughter of the devil or “Satan’s spawn”.

Image credit: Hero Fandom

Chicha “Kitty” Amatayakul, the actress who portrays Nanno actually mentioned in an interview that she’s “like the daughter of Satan”, giving more credibility to the theory. She also posted this answer on her Instagram story.

Screenshot: @kittychicha

4. A figment of the mind

Probably the most abstract theory of all is that Nanno doesn’t actually exist but is in fact a manifestation of peoples’ dark sides.

Perhaps it’s her immunity to pain, teleportation & reality-warping skills that have led fans to this conjecture.

Screenshot: Reddit

We can see this theory coming into play in Thank You Teacher, where Nanno plays a relatively minor role in the teachers’ decisions.

Image credit: IMDB 

5. A mortal with empathy

Whilst this theory does hold some weight, it is probably one of the more out-there ones we’ve read.

Throughout both season one and two, we see Nanno recovering from her injuries instantly – it’s only in JennyX and The Judgement that she not only bleeds, but also shows visible scarring and wounds that last longer than she expected.

Yuri also questions Nanno’s immortality in JennyX – pointing to her scar, she asks if she has any doubts about her actions.

Screenshot: Netflix

Her inquiry suggests that Nanno’s immortality and quick healing are based on her confidence in her judgements.

Another fan compared the last two episodes to the “Garden of Eden” analogy once more, to support the theory that Nanno is a mortal.

Now, Nanno takes on the role of Adam or Eve – instead of the snake – as she is aware of the pain she’s caused and is questioning her decisions. Her “death” at the end of The Judgement also conveys her “mortality”,  if only for a couple minutes.

6. The first of “The Fates” or “Moirai”

Imagine our heads turning when someone compared a Netflix character to characters from Greek mythology. Now, picture how surprised we were when the theory actually kinda checks out.

Image credit: Oh My Disney via Pinterest

This theory involves all three “immortal” beings: Nanno, Yuri and Junko who are supposed to represent the fates a.k.a the creepy old ladies featured in Disney’s Hercules.

Each of the fates play a different role: Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures how long the thread should last, and Atropos cuts the thread when their time is up.

Image credit: @TheWaitingShed

According to the theory posted in the forum, Nanno portrays Clotho, Yuri is supposed to be Lechesis and Junko represents Atropos.

Interesting. The theory may be a little bit of a stretch but it’s definitely something worth checking out.

Bonus: Wild theories and reactions from netizens

The appeal of Girl From Nowhere appears to be rooted in not only the show’s premise and whiplash-causing twists, but also the main character’s intrigue and mystery. Seems like Nanno’s popularity has reached all four corners of the world.

Here’s a quick compilation of the reactions and troll theories about the identities of not just Nanno, but supporting characters as well.

Screenshot: YouTube

This fan’s IG comment managed to capture how we feel after watching every Girl From Nowhere episode.

Screenshot: @kittychicha

With the abundance of theories regarding Nanno’s origins, her peers’ motivations and more, we still can’t really figure out exactly who – or what – Junko and Yuri are.

Seems like netizens are just as confused about who/what exactly Nanno is as we are.

Image credit: @httpurplepanda 

So, who is Nanno?

Whilst the actress confirms that Nanno is the devil’s child, fans are still suspicious of the Girl From Nowhere character’s origins, and we get it. If there’s anything Nanno taught us, it’s to question everything.

Whether she’s a figment of their minds, the manifestation of temptation, or is simply a Reddit Meaning human, she still manages bring to light important issues that deserve much more attention.

Are we missing any theories? Is there anything more you’d like for us to sleuth for? Let us know in the comments!

Cover images adapted from: @kittychicha (Left), IMDB (Centre), @kittychicha (Right)

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