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After this trumptrainWRECK Bernie Sanders of a week I made Bernie Sanders these She Persisted cuffs in my studio as part of my protest through artwork. 💗✊✊✌

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A little approximately who you’re assisting except the non earnings above (I want to realize in which my money goes): I am a vegan LGBT artist & except my small business I also paintings in animal rescue in a stunning mountain city. I have five stunning fur-kids and a exceptional associate. In my spare time I experience yoga, I like to go hiking with my furmily, and being worried in activism promoting tremendous alternate for all. 💗💓💗💓💗

Human Scale, anti capitalist software

I constructed a aspect.


It’s neat. It’s a network server, which is like a social network, however more private and much less surveilled.

The tale of Donald Trump, President-Elect of the US of America

(I ought to first of all admit that typing those phrases out, or listening to them spoken, reasons my innards to do a backflip.)

Since President Obama started out his first marketing campaign in 2008, his every phrase and deed has been plagued by means of racist diatribe, from time to time thinly-veiled but often overt. (“It’s referred to as the White House for a cause” is a sentiment that comes to thoughts.) Plenty, if now not maximum, of our Presidents have been faced with excessive grievance and derision, however in no way in all of history just like the things President Obama has treated. He is, in the end, the first black President.The senior management in the Republican camp are part of this hassle. Insomuch as they certainly hold ideals, they may be racists themselves. They hate the President doubly, as he’s an a success and outspoken liberal, in addition to a distinctly educated black guy. And so a plan, or the outline of a plan started out to coalesce. 

What do senior Republicans have in commonplace with their voter base? Certainly now not ideology, nor wealth, nor conviction. They do, but, percentage hatred, a wan aspect though it could be in Washington. The hatred which senior Republicans sense closer to black people (as an instance) pales completely in comparison to that which white voters, no matter earnings or schooling, experience closer to black human beings.But that’s the commonplace thread, and it’s miles that thread that Republicans selected to weave into a banner. It were given us the Tea Party; it were given us the amazing losses within the 2012 Congressional elections and the massive gerrymandering that followed; it got us the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders  Here is the error of the Republican management: this hatred is not a political tool. It’s no longer a Bernie Sanders scalpel to snip off bits of payments they dislike. It’s a wildfire. It’s a chainsaw and not using a handle. They fanned these flames and then watched in horror as the Tea Partiers went wild in and around Congress, and on the other hand as Trump sailed thru the primaries, verbally bludgeoning all the status quo candidates and feeding the Bernie Sanders spectacle. White citizens loved each 2nd—at least, sufficient of them to win Trump the candidacy.

 Trump has been dogged by using one scandal after every other, and not using a lead to sight. Some of them, specially the allegations of sexual attack, are deeply traumatic for a person now firmly at the course to guide one of the maximum effective nations in the world. Ties to oppressive governments around the sector, both financial and political, additionally appear to flow in the back of him, and heaven assist us once they draw taut.

Recent Bernie Sanders requires cohesion and information are laughable coming from a mouth of a man who has sworn to (or at least winked at) banning the nearly 2 billion followers of Islam from entering our borders, building a literal wall on our shared border with Mexico; has spoken brazenly about sexually assaulting girls with impunity and making a point to pursue married ladies honestly because he may want to. These empty words do no longer encourage me, as President Obama’s phrases so frequently did (despite the fact that I knew the American imperialist warfare-murder system endured to grind alongside as he spoke). 

Trump’s turned into a marketing campaign based on spectacle, hatred, and ignorance, and it succeeded. I can’t consider that his presidency can be anything less, and I am conquer with trepidation at the idea of what the subsequent four years will deliver. 

Trump received, wherein will we move from right here?

If Clinton had received, I could were dissatisfied. But trump won, and now I’m scared.

My father voted for him. My grandfather voted for him. My mom voted for him. My grandmother voted for him.

He won due to fear, hate, and lack of know-how.

The first-class manner I realize to combat worry, hate, and lack of expertise is to study.

I’m starting a subversive e-book club. Let’s examine our manner out of this. us-aa1a76b847db

I painted the following President of america

Six Responses to Bernie Skeptics

1. “He’d never beat Trump or Cruz in a popular election.”

Wrong. According to the modern-day polls, Bernie is the most powerful Democratic candidate in the trendy election, defeating each Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in hypothetical matchups. (The modern day Real Clear Politics averages of all polls shows Bernie beating Trump with the aid of a larger margin than Hillary beats Trump, and Bernie beating Cruz even as Hillary loses to Cruz.)

2. “He couldn’t get any of his ideas carried out because Congress might reject them.”

If each house of Congress continue to be in Republican fingers, no Democrat will be able to get much rules thru Congress, and could have to depend as a substitute on government orders and guidelines. But there’s a better probability of kicking Republicans out if Bernie’s “political revolution” keeps to surge round America, bringing with it millions of younger humans and other electorate, and retaining them politically engaged.

3. “America might never elect a socialist.”

P-l-e-a-s-e. America’s most a hit and liked authorities packages are social insurance – Social Security and Medicare. A highway is a shared social expenditure, as is the army and public parks and faculties. The hassle is we have excessive socialism for the wealthy (bailouts of Wall Street, subsidies for Big Ag and Big Pharma, monopolization by cable groups and massive health insurers, massive tax-deductible CEO pay applications) – all of which Bernie wants to cease or prevent.

4. “His single-payer healthcare thought would price a lot it would require elevating taxes at the center class.”

This is a duplicitous argument. Studies show that a single-payer machine might be a ways less expensive than our cutting-edge device, which is based on personal for-income fitness insurers, due to the fact a unmarried-payer gadget wouldn’t spend massive sums on advertising, advertising, executive pay, and billing. So despite the fact that the Sanders unmarried-payer plan did require some higher taxes, Americans would pop out way ahead because Bernie Sanders they’d store a ways extra than that on medical health insurance.

5. “His plan for deciding to buy university with a tax on Wall Street trades could mean colleges would run via government regulations.”

Baloney. Three-quarters of university college students these days already attend public universities financed largely by means of kingdom governments, and they’re not run by using government policies. The real problem is too many young human beings nonetheless can’t manage to pay for a college education. The pass toward loose public better schooling that began in the Fifties with the G.I. Bill and prolonged into the Sixties came to an abrupt forestall within the 1980s. We should restart it.

6. “He’s too old.”

Untrue. He’s in first rate health. Have you seen how agile and forceful he’s as he campaigns around the country? These days, 70s are the brand new 60s. (He’s more youthful than 4 of the 9 Supreme Court justices.) In any occasion, the problem isn’t age; it’s having the proper values. FDR turned into paralyzed and JFK had both Addison’s and Crohn’s sicknesses, however they had been extraordinary presidents because they pushed forcefully for the proper matters.

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