Christian Wall Artwork – Inspiring, Encouraging, Comforting

Christian wall artwork for your private home, church and office. This beautiful Christian wall decor with scriptures is sure to convey notion and encouragement.

Christian wall artwork can have a deep impact in your lifestyles. God can speak immediately in your heart through a bit of art that became stimulated by means of His Holy Spirit. The Christian wall art designed by using David Sorensen has touched hundreds of lives, all around the world. Many people testified how a bit of Christian wall art actually saved their lifestyles or how God used this artwork to heal a trauma of their heart. People got here again to the Lord, after seeing one of our Christian works of art, and some have been inspired to a deeper lifestyles of willpower to Jesus Christ.

Lion of Judah, Lamb of God

Christian Wall Art – Canvas Print

This specific wall artwork suggests both aspects of the Lord Jesus Christ. On the one hand He is the Lamb of God who died as a sacrifice for our sins. Thanks to His dying in the move, we can obtain forgiveness of our sins. On the alternative hand He is the Lion of the tribe Judah, which speaks approximately His kingship and His authority in His nation.

Who is Jesus – Names of Christ

Christian Wall Art – Canvas Print

This Christian wall artwork sows some of the maximum powerful and significant names of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is initially the Christ, the Son of the living God, the Messiah. Jesus is likewise the Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the arena. He is the healer by means of whose wounds we’re healed. Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords and the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the Savior of the world and the Name notably names. Jesus is also the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the present of God, who offers us eternal lifestyles.

God’s Burning Love For Sinners

Christian Wall Art – Canvas Print

God is love and the Bible says His love is like a fire, stronger than loss of life. Indeed God proved the depth of His passionate love for us, whilst He became a human being, just like us, and died for us at the move. He chose to present His very own life for us, to set us loose from sin, and convey us back to His coronary heart. This top notch piece of Christian wall art indicates us the deep love of God, who died for us, at the same time as we still sinners…

Experience the resurrection power of Jesus with this Christian wall art

Read the entire inspirational message about this Christian wall art…

Something terrific befell. Something exceptional. Something that modified the whole thing, inside the heavens, on the planet and underneath the earth.

All mankind and all of heaven and hell has been converted through this. Nothing is find it irresistible. Nothing is such wonderful and great information as this. What is it? Read on and I’ll explain it to you… God have become a individual, much like you and me. He got here down in our darkness, our suffering, our ache and our sin. He descended from the wonderful heights of the very best heavens, into the private depths of earth and mankind. Why?

To shop us. 

To set us unfastened. To remodel us. To heal us. To give us a new life, in His loving include. Jesus Christ is literally God Himself, the author of heaven and earth, the master of introduction, the Lord of all of the heavenly hosts…Jesus Christ is God. He got here to us, and He did some thing wonderful. Something literally NOBODY had expected. No prophet, no apostle, no angel and no demon had anticipated this.

Jesus Christ gave Himself up as a sacrifice. He died for you and me, at the pass.

He actually bled as a lamb that became slain, for the sins of the sector. Can you consider any such loopy aspect? Can you agree with such an first rate truth? God didn’t come to earth to position us underneath the yoke of a few new religion or to evangelise infinite to us.

He came to die for us.

And then He did something even extra powerful.After three days, He rose from the grave. The Roman infantrymen noticed a bright mild, early inside the morning and ran for his or her lives, terrified. They knew they might be killed for their panic, due to the fact they left their posts. The Roman punishment for leaving your publish was loss of life. Yet they fled, in terror. Because of the majesty thatsurrounded them. The supernatural, blinding, overwhelmingly effective light of God shone on them. They fled…. And the angels rolled away the big stone, that no unmarried man could ever roll. Too heavy even for numerous men.

Jesus Christ rose from the useless.

Why did He do that? Why did Jesus die after which rise once more? To provide you with life. Eternal lifestyles, within the presence of God, your loving Father. To bring you domestic, within the remarkable embrace of the God who created you. And to fill you with His lifestyles.

How are you able to experience this?

Let me share a mystery with you. The resurrection power of Jesus Christ is also here and now at work, to raise you from the dead. From your dead instances. Your illness. Your depression. Your sin. Your darkness, some thing it’s far. Just consider. Just observe Jesus Christ and notice Him resurrected from the lifeless. SEE HIM, beloved.I ask you: OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE HIM. Don’t look down. Don’t unfastened your interest.


Beloved, see it and consider it: HIS POWER is at work in you as properly.Break off the chains that bind you. No longer submit to the powers of dying that surround you. Rise up! Rise up in HIS LIFE. He has set you free. All your sins were forgiven. All your guilt has been removed. He has set you free. Now walk on this freedom.

See Jesus Christ, high and lifted up.

Ask the Spirit of God, who’s the Spirit of life, the Spirit of healing, the Spirit of resurrection, the Spirit of renewal…. Ask Him now: ‘Spirit of God. I am here, for you. Fill me together with your energy. Reveal to me the resurrection electricity of Jesus Christ. Open my eyes to look Jesus.’And then enter in. Praise Him, for His strength.  Praise Jesus Christ for His victory, over the powers of sin, sickness, dying and hell. Praise with Him with all your coronary heart. Enter into His victory, infant of God. Enter in. In Jesus’ call.

This Christian wall art facilitates you enjoy the power that raised Jesus from the useless

Do you want to revel in the existence converting life saving, recovery, freeing and triumphant power of Jesus Christ? This wall art assist you to. I created it, underneath concept of the Spirit of God, to expose you the way Jesus Christ has conquer the chains, the bondages, the claws, the depths of hell, and He is now endlessly successful. He desires to percentage this tremendous victory with you as well.

If you observe this Christian wall art, it’s going to stir your faith and help you discover the incredible electricity of Jesus Christ.

Fifteen years in the past I turned into struggling with a completely severe napping ailment. One day the Lord spoke to me, through a prophetic ministry, and He stated: ‘David, you may begin experiencing the resurrection strength of Jesus Christ. Rise up ands stay once more!’ The following months I certainly felt an inner energy to prevent with the terrible dozing remedy. With His energy in my heart I should triumph over the dependancy to the terrible medicine and discover ways to sleep obviously once more. It turned into a conflict, but His electricity enabled me to do it.

And so can His resurrection power permit you to break through! 

Buy this Christian wall art and encourage your self with the best fact there’s: Jesus Christ became a man, died for our sins, descended in hell, defeated satan and all of the demonic powers and now His triumphant lifestyles is right here for you, for all time.

Ask the Spirit of God:

‘Lord, open my eyes to peer it. Fill me together with your lifestyles giving, resurrection electricity. I surrender the powers of loss of life and sin that bind me. I declare your authority and your lordship over my lifestyles. Come and reign in guys, Lord Jesus. You are My Lord, my King, my Savior. Your blood has washed me from all my sins. Come and fill me along with your Holy Spirit. I need to live in you now. Amen.’

Do this, beloved. Say this prayer out loud, with all of your heart. And do that numerous instances, the approaching days. Don’t let it pass you by. Read this text numerous times once more, and allow the fact sink deep down into your coronary heart.

And spend money on shopping for this lifestyles changing wall artwork, to help you input into this great fact of His recuperation, life changing resurrection electricity.

It’s here for you. Don’t allow it slip away with the aid of unbelief.

How Christian wall art avoided suicide…

A younger guy wrote us that he become on his manner to devote suicide. He had failed so frequently in his existence and felt totally worthless and empty. He changed into dissatisfied in church buildings and those and decided to end his existence. On his manner to death, he got here throughout a chunk of Christian wall artwork, designed by means of David Sorensen. This artwork expressed the passionate love God has for us, and it indicates us how valuable we are to Him. It touched the coronary heart of this younger guy so deeply, that he started out crying. He turned into filed with the fact of God’s love for him, and turned round, again domestic. Later he began a christian ministry among the children of his network….

Christian wall artwork facilitates us know God’s love

God’s love is the best energy on this international, and anyone folks is designed to stay in this love. Without the affection of God we feel empty, meaningless and we are looking for satisfaction in other matters, a good way to by no means fill the intensity of our heart. God longs to expose His passionate love to every person folks, in a way that is much more potent than we all understand. We have been created via God – who’s love – to stay in His love. Yet, maximum Christians don’t recognize huw a lot God without a doubt loves them. We might also have the phrases in our thoughts, however we don’t experience it in our heart.

Christian wall art we could the reality of God’s love, sink deeper in our coronary heart.

Images talk deeper to humans, than simply phrases. God created us as visual beings, who stay according to what we see. That’s why artwork has the power to shape an entire tradition. People act upon what they see with their eyes. Christian wall art can therefor trade the direction of someone’s existence, as theyare faced with the most powerful reality there may be: God’s burning, compassionate love for them.

Christian wall art suggests us salvation

Christian wall artwork can also display the greatest present of all, for anybody: God have become a man, much like you and me, and He died for us on the pass. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind is the single most crucial occasion in all of human records. Jesus took our place at the deathroll, and bore our sins upon Himself. He actually became the Lamb of God, this is slain for the sins of the arena. Thanks to His blood and His sacrifice, we are able to now be forgiven of all our sins. God gives us His awesome gift of grace, forgiveness and a cutting-edge lifestyles, in Jesus Christ. It’s his greatest expression of compassionate love for everybody, no matter what we have done.

The christian wall artwork by means of David Sorensen sow us the best gift for all and sundry: Jesus Christ died as the Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the sector.

 Christian wall artwork encourages our religion

Christian wall artwork also can convey tremendous encouragement for our religion. No count how lengthy we were a Christian, all of us go through trials and challenges, usaand downs, and all of us want encouragement. The greater we serve Jesus Christ faithfully, the greater war and attacks we might also face. In those instances it may be very beneficial to have encouragement in the form of an stimulated Christian work of artwork. God can simply use Christian artwork to exchange the manner we suppose and supply us new courage and electricity to go on.

God can monitor His faithfulness and care for us, via Christian wall artwork.

Christian wall artwork also can remind us of God’s tremendous electricity and glory. Sometimes we are so targeted on our issues and the barriers, but when we are reminded of the excellent and amazing God we serve, it can help us trust again in Him, wo will by no means depart us and who wants to assist us conquer the greatest demanding situations.

Christian wall art conjures up prayer and worship

Many Christians are so busy and worn-out from their every day paintings, that prayer and worship frequently seems ore like a burden than a pleasure. Still it’s far trough prayer that we construct our courting with God, our super Father and Friend. When we enter into His presence via reward and worship, He transforms us, strengthens us and gives us new imaginative and prescient and hope. Only in His presence are we filled with new lifestyles, love and peace.

Christian wall artwork encourages us to spend time in prayer and worship, so we are able to come upon God and be packed with His Spirit.

Christian wall artwork shows God’s power and victory

One of the functions of David Sorensen’s Christian wall art is to help Christians revel in the amazing energy and victory of Jesus Christ. We see a lot darkness in the international, and might every now and then be discouraged by way of it. But through all of it, Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings and despite the spiritual struggle, He is building His everlasting nation at some point of the a while. The Bible says that ultimately the complete earth shall be full of the knowledge of the goodness of the Lord. Isaiah prophecied ‘There is not any cease to the increase of His government and His reign.’ (Isaiah nine:7)

Christian wall art can remind us of the victory of Jesus Christ and His power this is at work in us.

Christian wall art allows us realize God

Through stimulated Christian wall artwork we are able to gain a extra information of who God is. He is initially our great and amazing Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth. Sadly many Christians have fallen prey to the phantasies of the principle of evolution, believing the stupid lies that we have come forth by using risk, from apes. David Sorensen designed several portions of lovely Christian art about God the author, displaying the splendor and majesty of God’s introduction and giving Him glory for all He has made. These Christian artworks are top notch for colleges or church buildings, or maybe for our personal houses, to renowned God as our Creator, who is complete of expertise and strength.

Christian wall artwork can remind us of who God is: our Mighty Creator

Christian wall art calls us to a holy life-style

When we commit our lives to God, then we turn out to be His cherished kids. Part of being a toddler of God, is dwelling like a child of God. God isn’t like the international, wherein we live in. He is not perverse, wicked, unrighteous advert selfish. He is the alternative of all that: loving, honest, pure and righteous. As our Father He asks us to discover ways to stay like He is. He is light and calls us to stroll in His light, as His true kids. There is not any extra joy than to stroll in holiness, unfastened from the oppression and perversion of sin and darkness. Walking within the mild of Jesus Christ gives us wonderful joy and peace.

Christian wall artwork reminds us that God is holy and He calls us to live holy.

Buy Christian wall art

and revel in suggestion and encouragement

from the heart of God


How Christian wall art healed a deep emotional trauma

Seeing an picture approximately the love of God for you, can do miracles. One woman wrote me that she turned into traumatized deeply, whilst her husband left her for a younger female. Feeling unloved, rejected and deserted, she sunk right into a deep emotional black hole. Her heart shattered and her life destroyed.

Then she ordered one in all my Christian works of art, that shows the hand of God, reaching all the way down to us, to include us with His in no way failing love.


I created this work of artwork, due to the fact this is how I even have felt frequently in my life. In instances of deep darkness or battle, God came and revealed His unfailing love to me. His love is so robust that it may be overwhelming at times. In the midst of what we’re going through, even like the crushing trauma of this female, His love can attain us, and be a shining beacon of recovery and wish. The female wrote me the following:

‘Every day I stopped to observe this Christian wall artwork, and I let the expression of God’s love sink deep into my heart. I can tell you that this wall artwork brought greater recuperation to me, than all the treatment I were given.’

I inspire you to invest a few bucks, to have an everlasting and lifestyles converting impact. God changes lives and hearts, thru Christian wall art that has been created by way of His Spirit, who works in a person. He desires to attain out to you. He desires to damage via the darkness and sin. He sees your, anyplace you’re. And He is not keeping Himself back, however He reaches out to you.

I create this Christian wall art to convert lives.

Give it a place on your life or provide it to a liked one. It’s a small investment, but it sincerely transforms lives. Today I acquired an e mail from a purchaser who bought some of my Christian paintings. She literally wrote me:

‘I felt the Spirit of the Lord, after I hung it up.’ – Sonja.

God works via words, like the Bible, however He also makes use of visual messages, to the touch deep areas in our soul which can’t be touched by way of phrases on my own.

Remember, cherished child of the most excessive: His love for you is endless.

Your feelings and mind may additionally inform otherwise. Even your circumstances can also scream at you that God has abandoned you, otherwise you wouldn’t be in this mess. But the truth is that God is right there with you. He does love you. And He is ready to show your existence around.

Open your whole heart to Him. See Him right there with you, full of compassion and forgiveness. He doesn’t want to condemn you, however He reaches His hand out to you and says: ‘Take My hand. I died for all of your sins and disgrace. I carry you out of this pit.’

Will you take His hand of affection and salvation?

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