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Many Arrests In Miami During Spring Break; Three-Feet Social Distancing May Reopen Schools; Republican Senator Not Threatened By Capitol Rioters; Stormy Sunday For Millions Across U.S., From Severe Thunderstorms To Blizzard Conditions.; Organizers In California HLincoln as Collected Two Million Signatures For Recall Effort Of Governor Gavin Newsom; Wall Street Awaiting And Tracking Impact Of Biden’s Stimulus Bill; CNN Original Series, “Lincoln: Divided We Stand.” Aired five-6p ET

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ANA CABRERA, CNN HOST: You are stay inside the CNN NEWSROOM. Thank you a lot for being here. I’m Ana Cabrera in New York. Health Lincoln Lincoln officials say do not allow your protect down simply yet. But tell that to the crowds partying in Miami for spring destroy.

CNN found out Miami Beach police have spent the weekend breaking apart unruly crowds. At least 100 people arrested this weekend alone. Some mask, but truely not many, and no obvious situation for social distancing. Those pics aside, there are glimmers of optimism these days for faculty youngsters, their dad and mom, and in reality for all Americans keen to position the coronavirus pandemic sooner or later in the beyond.

Dr. Anthony Fauci pronouncing these days it’s miles viable that three feet of social distancing in place of six might suffice to reopen schools. And he teased that new guidance would quickly be coming. Also nowadays, COVID vaccinations are manner up. The CDC now reporting extra than 107 million people in this us of a have acquired as a minimum one dose.

And the average over the last week is set 2.3 million humans getting vaccinated each day. Let’s begin with CNN country wide correspondent Natasha Chen in Florida for us. Natasha, site visitors are there in large numbers for spring spoil in spite of the pandemic. Are human beings taking precautions?

NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Ana, maximum of the people we are seeing taking walks alongside Ocean Drive right here are not wearing a mask. And you’ve got mentioned there is not a variety of social distancing going on, specially with the nighttime crowds.

Here’s video that someone took from Friday night. This is an incident that took place some blocks from where I am standing wherein there has been a very massive crowd and Miami Beach police had tweeted approximately this pronouncing that two in their officials genuinely were given injured within the situation as they attempted to disperse the group with pepper balls.

A couple of the officials had to be despatched to the medical institution. That’s simply one example of the rowdiness that passed off over the weekend. We did speak to some site visitors from out of town announcing they’re not handiest trying to escape colder weather. They are trying to get away greater stringent COVID restrictions wherein they live.

One woman we talked to is journeying from New Orleans and she or he stated, in contrast, this place feels a lot freer. She stated she is jealous and desires to circulate here.


CHAVELL WINSTON, MIAMI BEACH VISITOR: I have enjoyed it and I haven’t felt in damage’s way in any respect. I had been being safe as limited. I actually have my masks and its first-class. It’s cool.

CHEN: Do you experience like the crowds round you are behaving or maintaining safe?

WINSTON: Yes, I experience very secure.


CHEN: And we recognise of as a minimum multiple schools and universities in Florida that simply canceled their spring breaks or extended their iciness breaks longer, essentially fending off humans taking every week off and touring. But that hasn’t stopped a whole lot of human beings, as you can see, from coming to town besides.

The mayor advised me, you already know, with the inexpensive airfare and discounted hotel rooms that there are a number of oldsters here at higher numbers truely than ultimate yr, no longer pretty to 2019 numbers. And the town of Miami Beach says they welcome site visitors to experience their beaches but the motto is excursion responsibly, Ana.

CABRERA: And searching at the ones images you may see people are out in complete pressure, but it positive appears lovely. Natasha Chen, thank you.

President Biden talked about Fourth of July barbecues. Dr. Anthony Fauci says me is probably capable of look forward to extra than that.


ANTHONY FACUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: If by the point we get to the Fourth of July with the rollout with vaccines, we get the extent of contamination so low I’m not going to tell what you the particular hints of the CDC are, however I can let you know for sure they will be a good deal greater liberal than they’re right now approximately what you could do.


CABRERA: With us now, Dr. Leana Wen, former Baltimore fitness commissioner and a CNN clinical analyst. Dr. Wen, what could tons greater liberal restrictions appear like?

LEANA WEN, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: Well, I’m excited about the summer time it really is coming. I assume that what Dr. Fauci became relating to is that we are able to already be collected exterior in small corporations spaced at the least six toes aside. And so I suppose we want to look ahead to some thing a bit greater than that.

What the CDC is announcing, I suppose their steerage this week is a good start, is that we will get collectively if we are completely vaccinated ourselves with different completely vaccinated people. But I would desire that via July, sufficient Americans in the us of a had been vaccinated that we can get enough of a herd immunity impact in a few places.

And perhaps that could permit for small corporations to collect indoors, together with human beings with children who aren’t but vaccinated, however ideally there is sufficient immunity in that institution by adults getting vaccinated that that would additionally help to protect the kids as nicely.

CABRERA: Are you worried at all about setbacks due to spring smash?

WEN: I am. I’m very worried after I see these pictures of human beings amassing, now not so much collecting on the seaside outdoors, however about what else they may be doing.


They’re possibly also going to indoor bars and restaurants, not wearing mask, maybe getting collectively for socials and parties with many humans. I assume we are in a — were at ast crossroads, because on one hand we have become vaccines out at report tempo. But however, we’ve those variants. We also recognise that surges have took place after spring smash and after holidays earlier than. So, what occurs now is simply as much as us.

CABRERA: I need to play what former FDA commissioner and cutting-edge Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb stated this morning.


SCOTT GOTTLIEB, FORMER FDA COMMISSIONER: All of the proof throughout all of the vaccines now is pointing in the direction that those vaccines reduce asymptomatic infection and decrease transmission. We have continually believed that they’re having that impact. We didn’t understand the whole magnitude of that advantage.

But all of the incremental evidence popping out recommend that the effect on the discount in transmission could be quite robust. If it really is the case, the vaccine creates what we name useless-end hosts. A lot useless-end host meaning human beings will no longer be able to transmit the contamination.


CABRERA: That appears like big news. And if this is the case, ought to vaccinated people have more freedoms than what the CDC tips say?

WEN: Well, I consider so. There is developing proof and again, that is splendid news that folks who are vaccinated not only are protected themselves from getting critically sick, but they’re also covered from transmitting coronavirus to different people. Maybe now not one hundred percent however the have a look at from Israel shows that they’re 94

percent protected that is top notch news. And so, I do suppose that the CDC wishes to pop out loads stronger with saying right here are all of the matters that you can do while you are fully vaccinated. We have to get away from this idea of zero percent safe or one hundred percentage secure.

Nothing at this factor goes to be a hundred percent safe. And so we supply human beings excellent steering that they could use in their lives. For instance, we are able to say if you’re no longer yet vaccinated, right here is the spectrum of safety for a majority of these sports that you need to do, from going to eating places and bars and touring own family members.

But if you’re fully vaccinated, maybe lots of the ones things that have been previously high hazard are now low danger. And we want to sincerely help human beings with sensible steering that they could use of their lives, spotting that even supposing the CDC is announcing do not tour, we are having file tour days.

So we want to assist people with doing matters effectively, decreasing their danger, handling their danger, rather than telling human beings you can’t do any of this stuff.

CABRERA: And to your point of, you already know, excellent as opposed to best and comparing matters in that mild, we’ve all grow to be very accustomed to the six feet social distancing rule. Well, here is Dr. Fauci on whether or not that might be reduced, especially because it applies to students going again to the study room.


FAUCI: The CDC could be very nicely conscious that facts are amassing making it appearance greater like 3 toes are ok below certain circumstances. They are reading that and I can guarantee you within an affordable period of time, quite reasonable, they will be giving guidelines according to the facts that they have. It might not be very long, I promise you.


CABRERA: I spoke with Randi Weingarten, she is the president of the American Federation of Teachers, about this the day before today.


CABRERA: In this large analysis, school districts in Indiana, Virginia, and Massachusetts, they have all adopted a three-foot wellknown in place of the six ft distance in the school room. And those states have no longer visible a surging instances. We additionally realize the World Health Organization’s recommendations also suggest simply 3 toes of distance in faculties. Is that extra manageable?

RANDI WEINGARTEN, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS: I do not think so, Ana. I suppose what you noticed with the CDC pointers is that if you have a number of network spread, you then want to use the six ft otherwise you need to have boundaries because this is nevertheless a breathing disease.


CABRERA: So, three feet or six toes? What makes feel proper now based totally at the technology?

WEN: There is something that the CDC pointers do not but include. And I think they want to begin incorporating this into their next set of tips. And this is, what is the effect of vaccination? Vaccines are any other layer of protection much like covering and social distancing are.

As more human beings get vaccinated, and I understand children are not yet vaccinated, but as more adults are vaccinated, can we then say with this additional layer of safety, if all of the staff inside the faculty or maybe all the dad and mom and caregivers, if maximum of them are vaccinated can then you definitely peel back those other layers consisting of this requirement of six foot distancing?

Otherwise, if we do not peel returned this accretion, we aren’t going so as to get our kids returned to highschool full-time. And I suppose that is our goal. That should be our aim, particularly for the Lincoln fall, however preferably even faster. So, what other layers, if we’ve vaccines as a demand, what is it that we can do to move the six ft to a few toes.

CABRERA: Yes. Space is continually a large trouble obviously with faculties and public faculties specially with larger lecture room sizes. Italy, we are now seeing going back into lockdown.

[17:09:fifty eight]

The usa there seeing a surge in new cases causing the authorities there to actually shut down the entire country over Easter weekend. So, what training are we able to study from Italy? What did they do incorrect?

WEN: It’s honestly tough to mention on reflection about what they did wrong. I mean, we can appearance lower back and say likely what happened was that they opened too soon. They eliminated their regulations too fast. And then these greater contagious versions took over and that’s why they may be having to do the shutdown once more.

We may want to look at Italy and say perhaps that would show up here, too. Something that is in our choose within the U.S. though is that our vaccination quotes are loads better than Italy’s are. And we also have, regrettably, numerous human beings who have been infected through coronavirus and so have immunity that way as well.

So, do we cross the route of Italy? It certainly possible, but I want humans to understand that wherein we pass, simply as it has been during the whole pandemic, in which we move from here is virtually up to us.

We can go in that path, have a terrible surge, have to have restrictions again and delay the timeline to normality or we are able to cross down a miles better course, and that requires people getting vaccinated whilst it’s miles our turn. And inside the interim, preserving covering, physical distancing, and warding off crowded indoor gatherings.

CABRERA: Dr. Leana Wen, we respect you a lot. Many thanks.

New these days, the maximum powerful female in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, preventing quick for calling for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to surrender amid developing sexual harassment allegations.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I do suppose that the ladies need to listen the results of those investigations, as does the governor, but again —

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS HOST: Can he be an effective leader now?

PELOSI: No tolerance — no tolerance. And this is a subject very near and pricey to my coronary heart. This is — no tolerance for sexual harassment. Let the sector recognise that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re no longer calling on him the surrender right now?

PELOSI: I assume we must see the outcomes of the — but he might also determine, and that turned into — optimistically, this result might be soon. And what I’m pronouncing is the governor must look internal his coronary heart — he loves New York — to look if he can govern correctly.


CABRERA: I need to bring in CNN’s Athena Jones in New York State capital of Albany. And Athena, what extra are we hearing from, you know, other Democratic leaders, ability colleagues of the governor?

ATHENA JONES, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Ana. Well, the bulk of the largest names in New York politics are calling at the governor to resign. You heard Speaker Pelosi in Washington stopping brief of that.

But on Friday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand placed out a joint assertion becoming a member of with the majority of the New York’s congressional delegation in pronouncing that it is time for Governor Cuomo to step apart.

They each reiterated that concept in remarks nowadays. Take a concentrate to first Senator Gillibrand and then Senator Schumer.


SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY): I commend the courageous movements of the people that have come ahead to speak of significant allegations of misconduct and abuse. It’s clear that Governor Cuomo has misplaced the self assurance of his governing companions in addition to the humans of New York. That’s why I trust that the governor has to surrender.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): There are multiple severe credible allegations of abuse so that Governor Cuomo has misplaced the confidence of his governing companions and of so many New Yorkers. So, for the best of the nation, he need to surrender. (END VIDEO CLIP)

JONES: So, remarkably comparable messages coming from the 2 senators from New York. Meanwhile, the governor has maintained that he has completed nothing wrong, that he isn’t going to step aside, that he can maintain to try this activity.

He has been asked, you know, those investigations you are going through,of them. One of them by using the state meeting looking into these allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. Another underneath the auspices of the legal professional preferred’s workplace of New York.

They are asking, you recognize, these are going to be distractions, should not you perhaps step apart? He says, no, I have been able to cope with big matters, with distractions. We needed to negotiate the kingdom finances ultimate yr at some stage in the height of the pandemic in New York State. We are going to do that again this 12 months.

He talks approximately wanting to head up the distribution of hundreds of thousands of vaccinations. He says that he’s the exceptional character to do so and that he can retain to govern efficaciously. But I can inform you that some parents we have spoken with are wondering that.

One lobbyist that my colleague, Laura Dolan, spoke with right here in Albany says that this is somebody who had a good relationship with the Cuomo administration who at this factor is having problem even getting a call back to time table a assembly to speak about vital law.

This is some thing that in step with this character, they sense that it’s due to the fact that is a pinnacle-down management wherein simplest a handful of the pinnacle aides to the governor make selection and that they may be distracted and not able to reply.

So, that is anecdotal proof of what at least a few — oldsters on the ground right here reflect onconsideration on the governor’s potential to hold to guide. Ana?

CABRERA: Athena Jones in Albany, New York. Thank you. Coming up, a sitting senator’s racist observation.



SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Had the tables been grew to become and President Trump gained the election, and people have been tens of hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, I could have been a touch concerned.


CABRERA: The assertion now even more alarming thinking about what we’ve simply discovered about who became in that mob that attacked the capitol. The modern beautiful arrest, subsequent.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) CABRERA: In a brand new court docket filing, prosecutors alleged that one of the rioters worried in the capitol riot became an army reservist who became a well-known Nazi sympathizer at the Navy base wherein he labored as a contractor. He even was rebuked for wearing a distinctive Hitler mustache. CNN’s Marshall Cohen joins us now. Marshall, I understand you have been going through files related to this arrest. What extra are you able to inform us?

MARSHALL COHEN, CNN REPORTER: Ana, his call is Timothy Hale-Cusanelli. He’s an Army reservist with a safety clearance and he labored as a contractor at a Navy base in New Jersey.


So as you referred to, prosecutors are actually revealing that the Navy did its personal internal investigation after he become arrested in January. Their findings had been shocking. Thirty-4 of this man’s co-employees at that Navy base stated that he exhibited “extremist or radical views relating the Jewish people, minorities, and women.”

His colleagues shared demanding memories of his racist and bigoted behavior at the Navy base. They stated he made near daily feedback against Jews and even came to the office sporting a Hitler mustache as you noticed in those pictures, which drew a rebuke from considered one of his supervisors.

Now, Ana, the prosecutors said that they searched his mobile telephone. They found racist memes about African-Americans. One photo containing the “N” phrase. Another comparing black to people to animals. And that one of the memes on his mobile phone contained a twisted funny story approximately George Floyd who was killed in police custody ultimate 12 months.

I want to be crystal clean, Ana, that we reached out to this guy’s lawyer earlier these days and he did now not need to comment. But in previous court filings, he has said that the reservist, Hale-Cusanelli, is not a part of any extremist organizations and that once he spoke to the FBI, he denied that he become a Nazi sympathizer.

CABRERA: That’s all very traumatic. Marshall Cohen, thanks. Joining us now, CNN senior political analyst, John Avlon, and CNN political commentator and host of “Firing Line” on PBS, Margaret Hoover. John, allow’s simply, you realize, take that news and couple it with something that Senator Ron Johnson just said about why he did not worry the capitol insurrectionists that day. Listen.


JOHNSON: I knew those had been human beings that love this us of a, that honestly respect law enforcement, would in no way do whatever to interrupt a regulation, and so I wasn’t involved. Now, had the tables been grew to become, and Joe, this may get me in problem, had the tables been flip requested President Trump gained the election and those have been tens of hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, I could have been a touch worried.

(END AUDIO CLIP) CABRERA: We have all seen the video of the riot that day. Now, we realize

a few of the crowd turned into this Nazi sympathizer and Johnson is largely saying those were not humans to experience threatened by using.

JOHN AVLON, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. And he is promoting the element — pronouncing that quite part out loud, that he is no longer threatened with the aid of those who attack the capitol so long as they’re white and Republican. And — but in case you flip the script and all of a unexpected they’re African-American, BLM protesters or Antifa, he is terrified.

And it speaks to what a terrible drug, the sickness in our politics is set hyper partisanship, bad partisanship, these items that make people engage in organization blame and group suppose as Johnson is. It’s now not even a racist dog whistle. It’s a frank admission.

And these snap shots from Marshall’s reporting of this kind of rioters, I mean, , I do not know how an awful lot extra proof you need to see. The man wore a Hitler mustache to work at a Navy base.

So, are those clearly the patriots you need to face beside and say you weren’t threatened by in addition to the defense force participants and all the different folks who’ve already been — were busted to taking element on this assault on our capitol?

It’s however the least patriotic element any folks may want to ever believe, and but a senator is, you know, bending — falling over himself seeking to excuse it. It’s pathetic.

CABRERA: Margaret, your mind?

MARGARET HOOVER, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Look, Ana, I assume what we have here is something a ways extra pernicious than Ron Johnson pronouncing he would not had been scared in the event that they had been white and Republican. I suggest, if any of the protesters had encounter any senator regardless of how Republican or how white she or he turned into, none of them would were spared.

I mean, we realize that Mike Pence and Mitt Romney, they came within minutes of their lifestyles, perhaps, you know, seconds of their lives. So, what’s lots more pernicious here is the fact that there is a burgeoning and exploding white supremacy form of ideology that has permeated both regulation enforcement and the army. Not permeated. I want speak —

AVLON: Making in —

HOOVER: — but it’s far truely growing inside those ranks. And the military has written about it. “Military Times,” among the beat — the newshounds who cover the army have documented this through the Trump years. As properly as law enforcement, the Brennan Center has carried out a wonderful activity of documenting this.

So, what needs to be done is — care needs to take delivery of to figuring out this ideology inside the ranks and as people go away the army and law enforcement because so lots of those had been both active — many energetic obligation but also ex-military, like Ashli Babbitt, the previous Air Force reliable who have been — succumbed to QAnon conspiracy theories and died that day on January 6th.

CABRERA: I just can’t forestall questioning even though approximately the remarks that we heard from Ron Johnson because he said it so rely-of-factly like it was ordinary to say the ones type of factors and ideal to mention those sort of things.

AVLON: He said what he surely believes. And he is going to should personal that.

[17:24:fifty six]

And sincerely, it’s far very revealing and clarifying to pay attention him say it, the quiet part out loud.


AVLON: That he is inclined to excuse an assault on our capitol because he did not think it’s far a huge deal if they may be from individuals who are white and Republican from his side of the aisle. But a totally one-of-a-kind reaction if they had been black or from the left. And it’s a sort of sickness that each single Republican in the Senate need to be requested whether or not they agree with it — many of them may quietly — or whether or not they condemn it.

CABRERA: I need to turn to the coronavirus pandemic now due to the fact President Biden hits the road this week to sell the advantages of the stimulus deal to the American humans. And in a speech, Biden, you already know, trumpeted the information that he is pushing for all adults to be eligible for a COVID vaccine by using May 1st. Maybe we’ll return to normalcy, he says, by means of the ones July 4th barbecues. Welcome headlines glaringly until of course, you were watching Fox News.


MARK LEVIN, FOX NEWS HOST: It’s the maximum disgusting propagandistic speech that a demagogue, even a flesh presser has ever given.

BEN DOMENECH, PUBLISHER, THE FEDERALIST: This is any other rubbish speech full of lies from a senile individual who thinks that they are in- charge of America however truely isn’t going for walks anything.

LEVIN: He isn’t always a doddering vintage idiot, an egomaniac, and a narcissist taking credit for the work of Donald Trump and all these other humans.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: But I do need to offer Joe Biden a congratulations this night. He stayed up an hour past his beddy (ph) time. After days and days of exercise, he turned into capable of study from the teleprompter for almost 20 complete mins without making a total fool out of himself.


CABRERA: Margaret, what is your reaction to that?

HOOVER: Look, I suggest this is not information. This is propaganda. This is ideology. This is — what the bottom is listening to and listening to. And it is actually, , in case you want to definitely be analytical, it’s instead instructive. If you are attempting to reach out to people, like it’s critical to listen what people are listening to so that you can try to reach out to those humans and exchange their minds.

I suggest, at the Republican aspect, like I realize where the base is once I watch Fox News and I hear what they’re announcing. That’s what I recognize a percent of the birthday party is paying attention to. And so it’s instructive to me because it gives me form of marching orders to realize what to mention instead and how to try and attain out to human beings, but it’s not news.

AVLON: No, properly, of route it is no longer news. It is speakme points and determined jackassery. I mean, to hear Mark Levin bleat approximately a demagogic speech that turned into civil and type and compassionate after defending Donald Trump for the beyond four years, tells you the whole thing you want recognize.

But the reality you can’t see the speakme factors and see what they’re attempting to inform people and it explains why we are having difficulty having a fact-based debate in this country because those are not something reminiscent of information. This isn’t even opinion. This is just hysterical screaming within the room against a phantom menace, and it is nonsense.

CABRERA: A pair of thrilling polls from CNN this week, one confirmed that while President Biden holds a ninety two percent approval score amongst Democrats, that falls to just eight percentage among Republicans. His standard job approval is north of 50 percentage, at fifty one percent, that is in advance of trump, however it’s still, as you could see, close to the bottom of the listing on the subject of wherein other presidents have been just two months into their workplace. What does that tell you men?

AVLON: Well, I suggest, look, it says glaringly we’re a deeply polarized u . s .. But it does — I suggest, I don’t assume you should simply placed apart the reality that Donald Trump is the most effective president inside the records of Gallup polling to by no means be above 50 percent. And that’s due to the fact he did not try to attain out. He tried to divide to conquer.

And Joe Biden is providing very completely one of a kind technique to the presidency stylistically and drastically (ph). You can disagree approximately reconciliation or any other type of factor, however it speaks to the undertaking he’s confronting.

But the fact that he is above water on this environment, that the COVID relief bill turned into decidedly above water notwithstanding getting no Republican bills, speaks to the underlying problem in our politics.

But the proper factor to do remains, for every president, to try to unite rather than divide. And on the way to in the end acquire rewards with independents, if not, with folks on the a ways right.

CABRERA: Quick very last concept, Margaret.

HOOVER: Look, I assume Joe Biden ought to attempt to unite and not divide. And so I desire that we’ve got a few legislation coming ahead that we will get actual Republican support on board for due to the fact that would cross an extended manner to looking to heal the divide. So he were given to attain out for Republicans —

AVLON: Depends on them then?

HOOVER: — were given to attain out to Republicans and attempt to work with them from the beginning. And they — that simply definitely wasn’t — that wasn’t the end game here on the COVID bill. They didn’t need Republicans for it and in order that they selected now not to have it and Republicans made it clean for Republicans to item to it.

CABRERA: And but there have been a variety of of factors within the bill that Republicans at the moment are going lower back to their constituents and announcing look what we got you, despite the fact that they voted no on it. John Avlon and Margaret Hoover, it’s properly to peer both of you. Thank you.

HOOVER: Thanks, Ana.

CABRERA: It is sufficient snow to be able to swim in. And human beings are becoming strong in Colorado proper now. That is the scene in my domestic state in which extra than 33,000 citizens are without strength. They are skiing. They are shoveling. They are snow blowing. And they’re seeking to stay warm. We’ll be again with extra after this.



CABRERA: It is a stormy Sunday for hundreds of thousands across the US, from severe thunderstorms to blizzard conditions. So many are enduring risky climate. This is Shallow Water, Texas where a twister tore thru the location, captured on this fantastic video, as the Midwest and southeast now face threats of flooding from heavy rainfall.

The same hurricane is dumping heavy snow and bringing snowstorm warnings to Colorado. The kingdom became compelled to shut more than 50 health facilities that provide COVID-19 vaccinations and trying out. I need to go to CNN’s Derek Van Dam in Boulder, Colorado now.


And Derek, we understand Boulder, the complete Front Range currently in a snowfall warning with extra than 33,000 clients in Colorado without electricity. What extra can they anticipate?

DEREK VAN DAM, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Yes, Ana, I recognise which you are from round right here so that you can admire how brutal March snowstorms can be. We nonetheless have another 24 hours left of this snow throughout the Front Range including Denver — perhaps as much as 4 additional inches.

And that’s announcing something because this changed into already the second biggest March snowstorm in Denver’s records. That puts it into context. Big time totals, 19.1 inches so far on the Denver International Airport. They simply tweeted out they have got cancelled the bulk of the flights this night and for the day tomorrow.

So in case you are in Denver, you’re struck. But it is paralyzing the toll road system around here. Interstate 25, that urban sector that runs north and south alongside the Front Range, parts of it closed. Seventy. If you are heading out Summit County in which all the ski accommodations are, elements of that is closed as nicely.

Even seventy six, transferring northeast out of Denver, parts of that being close down. And there are not any approximate times while they will reopen that due to the fact the snow is simply so heavy. Now, it’s no longer simply impacting the roadways and the airports. We have talked to a number of the locals right here in Boulder and they may be honestly welcoming the snow because, well, as you stated to your intro earlier than the economic break, we’re actually swimming this the snow on the ski inns.

Great for the financial system there. But it is also assisting insulate some of the latest burn scars that have happened right here. Remember, it changed into simply ultimate season, remaining October when Colorado had two — the two largest wildfires in the nation’s history, and this snow will help alleviate the fireplace concerns going into the subsequent season. Ana?

CABRERA: Derek Van Dam, stay safe, live warm. It looks lovely but I are aware of it’s a multitude for a number of humans.

VAN DAM: It is.

CABRERA: Thank you. Up subsequent, California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, will be out of a task regardless ofyears left in his term. And it is able to all be due to his COVID response. We’ll explain right after this.



CABRERA: We have this simply in, 13 California counties together with Los Angeles are reducing COVID regulations after they met vaccination dreams. But it is probably too little too overdue for Governor Gavin Newsom. Organizers say they now have sufficient signatures to force a don’t forget election. The signatures nonetheless need to be licensed however this makes a consider vote all of the much more likely.

I want to herald CNN’s Paul Vercammen now in Los Angeles. And Paul, Governor Newsom’s coping with of the pandemic has been arguable. Explain why Californians are so disenchanted with the governor.

PAUL VERCAMMEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, one batch of Californians disenchanted with the governor, eating place people and food service employees. They account for 1.eight million Californians. This is Casa Vega. Let me come up with a feel for this. This is a culture-rich L.A. icon.

So an awful lot so, perhaps you noticed the Brad Pitt, Leonardo Lincoln DiCaprio movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Well, that became set in part here at Casa Vega.


UNKNOWN: While towards eight:30, Rick and Cliff went to the valley Mexican restaurant landmark, Casa Vega on Ventura.


VERCAMMEN: So, for sixty two years, this has existed. Christy Vega now runs Casa Vega. She says she misplaced 90 percent of her commercial enterprise at some stage in the height of the pandemic and all through the shutdown.


CHRISTY VEGA, OWNER, CASA VEGA RESTAURANT: Absolutely, due to the fact he permit down the complete kingdom with those shutdowns and the arbitrary nature of them, meaning that the eating place industry was focused. I think that that become clearly hard and that the restaurant industry is the second largest agency this the country of California and they may be sincerely working-elegance people.

And those out of touch politicians do not understand the devastation that they precipitated to those humans. I am a Democrat and he has bankrupted my own family. And the simplest cause that we’re status here right now is because of the federal government.


VERCAMMEN: We must note there are different eating place proprietors who support Governor Newsom. Some say that that is only a Republican witch hunt that is the do not forget. And yet when you stroll round here, you can also get a feel for this, Ana.

I realize you would like for me to signify what the vibe is. Californians normally excited this restaurant going to reopen for indoors at 25 percentage. Movie theaters, gymnasiums, aquariums etc. So what’s the temper? You finish the track lyric for me. They are so excited, they simply cannot cover it and they are —

CABRERA: About to lose control, and I think I like it. All right, Paul, this is usually fun. Thank you. Good to look you.

Let’s turn to Christine Romans now together with your “Before the Bell Report.”

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Ana. Central banks are in the spotlight. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan all meet this week.

Investors will hear from Fed leader Jerome Powell on Wednesday. Wall Street needs reassurance that interest quotes will live low whilst the economic system heats up. That’s key. Now, that President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package has been signed into law, it’s anticipated to offer a jolt to the financial system, but there may be the hazard it is able to spark inflation within the future.

Investors targeted at the positive. Last week, the Dow soared to a document excessive ultimate above 32,000 for the first time on Wednesday. Tech stocks additionally recovered, but to this point this year, the Dow’s blend of agencies has outperformed the tech-heavy NASDAQ.

Investors are having a bet sectors like journey and power, punished via the pandemic, will surge because the economic system reopens. In New York, I’m Christine Romans. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


CABRERA: Honest Abe, the super emancipator and one in all America’s finest presidents, but the truth and Abraham Lincoln’s legacy is more complex than that this. Week’s episode of the “CNN Original Series Lincoln: Divided We Stand” examines Lincoln’s evolution on issues like slavery and equality.


UNKNOWN: It turned into human beings to the left of Lincoln who had the vision that maximum intently ascribes to what we think of as what rights must be today, and I do not say that to take Lincoln down. I say it to try and accurately mirror how change virtually occurs.

VAN JONES, CNN HOST: We consider presidents as though they may be weather makers, however they don’t create records, they serve records.

[17:forty nine:56]

These aren’t positions he rushes to. He is drugged (ph) to them by events as he attempts to surf the waves, and it shows that people could make a difference whether you are in office or now not.

UNKNOWN: Now that Lincoln is re-nominated, the Republican Party formally adopts regularly occurring abolition as its platform. After a long time of mild and conciliatory rhetoric on slavery, Lincoln becomes a full-fledged abolitionist.


CABRERA: And lower back with us now, CNN’s senior political analyst, John Avlon who is also the author of the impending e book, “Lincoln and the Fight for Peace.”

So, john, this week we get a study the Battle of Gettysburg, the deadliest warfare and a major turning factor of the Civil War. And more than 50,000 soldiers on both facets are killed. Four months later, Lincoln gives the Gettysburg deal with, and it is hailed as an immediately masterpiece. Tell us more about the significance of that speech.

AVLON: Well, the Gettysburg address is 272 words. It’s poetry. It’s without a doubt my preferred poem. It’s the poetry of democracy and what Lincoln does is provide the war that means that transcends the contemporary fight. And he feels obligated to do this due to the fact it’s far about ensuring that those dead have now not died in vain in order that we can also bring ahead government of the people, for the people, and by means of the people.

And coupled with the second one inaugural, that’s the finest inaugural of all-time, and it carries that last paragraph and last sentence which I think is the most perfect sentence in American politics, you genuinely get a feel of Lincoln’s soul, and certainly the soul of democracy. And I do assume that, you know, this documentary collection does a awesome activity showing the complexities of Lincoln, however I don’t suppose he become drugged (ph), dragged to the placement of backing emancipation. I mean, whilst he ran for Senate, he changed into essentially a single difficulty candidate.

What he did was lead the country’s popular opinion to the point where we may want to skip the 13th change to abolish slavery, and that required statesmanship and brought — bringing collectively large coalitions who on the start of the struggle, refused to fight for abolition of slavery. They had been centered on saving the Union on my own.

Lincoln, at the side of the human beings operating at specific layers of politics in government, helped carry that trade approximately. And it become sea (ph) trade.

CABRERA: And so permit’s speak extra about that and the inducement in the back of Lincoln, you realize, in this evolution due to the fact we’ve, as we have visible for the duration of the series, you understand, Lincoln’s position on slavery did evolve over time. And while he oppose slavery on moral grounds, there have been also political factors at play, right? How did that 1864 election push him to embrace the thirteenth amendment, abolishing slavery?

AVLON: Well, the 1864 election, I assume, can certainly be said to be the maximum excessive stakes consequential civilization defining election in our records, because he become walking against George McClellan, former Union popular strolling as a so-known as peace Democrat.

The Confederacy wanted them to win because they felt then that they had be able to sue (ph) for peace at the rate of now not the Union than the protection of slavery. And Lincoln faucets Andrew Johnson, a struggle Democrat, to enroll in him on a country wide union birthday party ticket, a centrist 0.33 birthday celebration fusion price tag building at the Republican base. And simply, the destiny of the republic in addition to the stop of slavery hangs inside the stability.

And in August earlier than the election, Lincoln concept he might lose. He genuinely passes round an envelope to his cabinet with predictions of his very own political loss of life interior. But then Sherman takes Atlanta. The winds of battle effectively changed and Lincoln wins a decisive victory with more votes than he won the ultimate time round.

And that provides the validation for his strategy to move emancipation forward. And we’re now watching for the new Congress to take keep. That’s while he pushes ahead the thirteenth change. So when the war ends, that enthusiasm — the momentum to stop slavery does not forestall as nicely.

And this is a count number of political management, presidential management, operating with the legislative branch to skip this constitutional modification that makes suitable at the emancipation’s promise, to ensure that we have been all the time free from the stain of slavery.

CABRERA: That’s how progress takes place. John Avlon, thanks. Be certain to tune in. “Lincoln: Divided We Stand” airs this night at 10:00 proper right here on CNN. As maximum of you realize, I had a brother who survived pediatric brain

most cancers, so that is some thing that virtually hits domestic, and I want to invite on your assist. This lovely, brave little woman, Francesca, nickname Beans, is the daughter of our colleague, Andrew Kaczynski and his spouse, Rachel Ensign.

Francesca died of an competitive shape of mind most cancers on Christmas Eve. She become just nine months antique. This past Thursday could have been her first birthday. To commemorate that, CNN is launching the hashtag #TeamBeans to elevate funds and studies and remedy at the Dana- Farber Cancer Institute wherein Francesca turned into handled.

So, we invite you to help by way of purchasing one of these beanies @teambeans.keep. You can see I have mine. They genuinely are, absolutely, excessive great heat hats. And of direction, it is the reason it’s maximum critical because If may want to save lives.

[17:fifty four:fifty nine]

Remember, all of the proceeds will visit help different top notch youngsters, like Francesca, so with any luck you could select any such up.

Thank does it for me. I’m Ana Cabrera in New York. Thank you for spending part of your weekend with me. My colleague, Pam Brown, takes over proper after this.



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