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MDivided any Arrests In Miami During Spring Break; Three-Feet Social Distancing May Reopen Schools; Republican SenaDivided tor Not Threatened By Capitol Rioters; Stormy Sunday For Millions Across U.S., From Severe Thunderstorms To Blizzard Conditions.; Organizers In California Has Collected Two Million Signatures For Recall Effort Of Governor Gavin Newsom; Wall Street Awaiting And Tracking Impact Of Biden’s Stimulus Bill; CNN Original Series, “Lincoln: Divided We Stand.” Aired five-6p ET

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ANA CABRERA, CNN HOST: You are live within the CNN NEWSROOM. Thank you so much for being right here. I’m Ana Cabrera in New York. Health Divided officials say do not permit your guard down simply but. But tell that to the crowds partying in Miami for spring ruin.

CNN learned Miami Beach police have spent the weekend breaking apart unruly crowds. At least a hundred people arrested this weekend by myself. Some mask, but really now not many, and no apparent difficulty for social distancing. Those snap shots aside, there are glimmers of optimism these days for faculty kids, their mother and father, and clearly for all Americans keen to place the coronavirus pandemic sooner or later within the past.

Dr. Anthony Fauci pronouncing nowadays it’s miles feasible that 3 feet of social distancing in place of six could suffice to reopen colleges. And he teased that new steering would quickly be coming. Also nowadays, COVID vaccinations are way up. The CDC now reporting extra than 107 million people in this united states have acquired at the least one dose.

And the average over the past week is set 2.three million people getting vaccinated each day. Let’s start with CNN country wide correspondent Natasha Chen in Florida for us. Natasha, visitors are there in large numbers for spring ruin in spite of the pandemic. Are people taking precautions?

NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Ana, maximum of the human beings we’re seeing on foot along Ocean Drive right here aren’t wearing a masks. And you have mentioned there is not plenty of social distancing taking place, specially with the night crowds.

Here’s video that a person took from Friday night. This is an incident that took place a few blocks from where I am status where there was a totally massive crowd and Miami Beach police had tweeted about this announcing that two in their officers without a doubt were given injured inside the situation as they attempted to disperse the group with pepper balls.

A couple of the officials needed to be sent to the sanatorium. That’s simply one example of the rowdiness that passed off over the weekend. We did speak to some visitors from out of city saying they may be no longer handiest looking to get away chillier climate. They are seeking to escape extra stringent COVID restrictions where they live.

One lady we talked to is traveling from New Orleans and she said, in evaluation, this area feels a lot freer. She stated she is jealous and desires to pass here.


CHAVELL WINSTON, MIAMI BEACH VISITOR: I even have loved it and I have not felt in harm’s way in any respect. I were being secure as constrained. I even have my masks and its fine. It’s cool.

CHEN: Do you feel just like the crowds around you’re behaving or preserving secure?

WINSTON: Yes, I sense very secure.


CHEN: And we realize of as a minimum more than one schools and universities in Florida that truly canceled their spring breaks or prolonged their winter breaks longer, basically fending off human beings taking every week off and travelling. But that hasn’t stopped plenty of humans, as you could see, from coming to city besides.

The mayor advised me, you realize, with the cheaper airfare and discounted motel rooms that there are numerous folks right here at better numbers really than ultimate 12 months, no longer pretty to 2019 numbers. And the metropolis of Miami Beach says they welcome traffic to revel in their seashores but the motto is excursion responsibly, Ana.

CABRERA: And searching at those pics you could see humans are out in complete pressure, but it sure appears stunning. Natasha Chen, thanks.

President Biden mentioned Fourth of July barbecues. Dr. Anthony Fauci says me might be capable of sit up for greater than that.


ANTHONY FACUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: If by the point we get to the Fourth of July with the rollout with vaccines, we get the level of infection so low I’m not going to tell what you the unique pointers of the CDC are, however I can inform you for positive they’ll be a whole lot extra liberal than they’re proper now about what you can do.


CABRERA: With us now, Dr. Leana Wen, former Baltimore fitness commissioner and a CNN clinical analyst. Dr. Wen, what could a whole lot extra liberal restrictions appear to be?

LEANA WEN, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: Well, I’m enthusiastic about the summer it truly is coming. I suppose that what Dr. Fauci was relating to is that we can already be accrued outside in small groups spaced at least six ft aside. And so I assume we need to look forward to something a piece extra than that.

What the CDC is announcing, I think their steering this week is a good begin, is that we will get collectively if we are completely vaccinated ourselves with other fully vaccinated people. But I might hope that by means of July, sufficient Americans inside the u . s . a . had been vaccinated that we can get enough of a herd immunity impact in a few places.

And perhaps that could allow for small companies to collect indoors, including human beings with children who are not yet vaccinated, however preferably there may be enough immunity in that organization through adults getting vaccinated that that might also assist to protect the children as nicely.

CABRERA: Are you involved at all approximately setbacks because of spring wreck?

WEN: I am. I’m very involved after I see these images of humans gathering, no longer so much gathering on the beach outdoors, but about what else they’re doing.


They’re likely additionally going to indoor bars and restaurants, now not wearing masks, perhaps getting together for socials and parties with many people. I think we are in a — had been at ast crossroads, due to the fact on one hand we are getting vaccines out at record pace. But then again, we have those variants. We additionally recognise that surges have passed off after spring wreck and after holidays before. So, what takes place now could be honestly up to us.

CABRERA: I want to play what former FDA commissioner and present day Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb stated this morning.


SCOTT GOTTLIEB, FORMER FDA COMMISSIONER: All of the evidence across all the vaccines now could be pointing inside the course that these vaccines reduce asymptomatic contamination and decrease transmission. We have always believed that they’re having that effect. We failed to understand the whole significance of that benefit.

But all of the incremental proof coming out advise that the impact on the reduction in transmission might be quite sturdy. If this is the case, the vaccine creates what we call useless-stop hosts. A lot useless-give up host meaning people will no longer be capable of transmit the infection.


CABRERA: That sounds like large news. And if that’s the case, ought to vaccinated humans have extra freedoms than what the CDC hints say?

WEN: Well, I agree with so. There is developing evidence and once more, that is splendid information that people who are vaccinated not best are blanketed themselves from getting seriously sick, but they are also covered from transmitting coronavirus to different humans. Maybe not one hundred percentage however the take a look at from Israel shows that they may be 94

percent covered that is extremely good news. And so, I do think that the CDC needs to come out lots more potent with saying right here are all of the things that you can do when you are fully vaccinated. We need to escape from this concept of 0 percentage secure or 100 percentage secure.

Nothing at this point goes to be 100 percent safe. And so we supply humans desirable guidance that they can use in their lives. For example, we will say in case you’re not yet vaccinated, right here is the spectrum of safety for these kind of sports which you need to do, from going to restaurants and bars and journeying own family individuals.

But if you’re fully vaccinated, perhaps lots of the ones matters that were formerly excessive risk are now low hazard. And we want to clearly help human beings with sensible guidance that they can use of their lives, recognizing that despite the fact that the CDC is saying do not journey, we are having record tour days.

So we want to assist people with doing things properly, reducing their chance, coping with their risk, in place of telling humans you can not do any of these items.

CABRERA: And for your point of, you recognize, correct versus best and evaluating things in that light, we’ve all turn out to be very accustomed to the six toes social distancing rule. Well, here is Dr. Fauci on whether or not that could be reduced, especially as it applies to college students going returned to the study room.


FAUCI: The CDC may be very properly conscious that records are collecting making it look greater like three feet are k underneath sure occasions. They are studying that and I can assure you inside an inexpensive time frame, pretty reasonable, they’ll be giving hints according to the information that they’ve. It may not be very lengthy, I promise you.


CABRERA: I spoke with Randi Weingarten, she is the president of the American Federation of Teachers, approximately this the day before today.


CABRERA: In this big evaluation, faculty districts in Indiana, Virginia, and Massachusetts, they have got all adopted a 3-foot fashionable as opposed to the six ft distance inside the school room. And those states have now not seen a surging instances. We additionally recognize the World Health Organization’s pointers additionally suggest just 3 toes of distance in faculties. Is that more workable?

RANDI WEINGARTEN, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS: I do not assume so, Ana. I assume what you noticed with the CDC tips is that when you have quite a few community spread, then you want to apply the six ft otherwise you need to have boundaries due to the fact this is nevertheless a respiratory sickness.


CABRERA: So, 3 feet or six ft? What makes sense right now based on the technological know-how?

WEN: There is some thing that the CDC guidelines do not yet incorporate. And I think they need to begin incorporating this into their subsequent set of pointers. And this is, what’s the impact of vaccination? Vaccines are every other layer of safety similar to overlaying and social distancing are.

As extra people get vaccinated, and I recognize children are not but vaccinated, but as greater adults are vaccinated, are we able to then say with this additional layer of protection, if all the workforce within the faculty or even all of the parents and caregivers, if most of them are vaccinated can then you peel returned those different layers along with this requirement of six foot distancing?

Otherwise, if we don’t peel lower back this accretion, we aren’t going so that you can get our youngsters back to highschool full-time. And I assume that is our purpose. That have to be our purpose, especially for the fall, however preferably even quicker. So, what other layers, if we’ve vaccines as a demand, what’s it that we are able to do to move the six ft to a few feet.

CABRERA: Yes. Space is always a large problem glaringly with schools and public faculties especially with larger study room sizes. Italy, we’re now seeing going again into lockdown.


The u . s . a . there seeing a surge in new instances inflicting the authorities there to surely close down the complete country over Easter weekend. So, what training are we able to learn from Italy? What did they do incorrect?

WEN: It’s simply hard to say looking back approximately what they did incorrect. I mean, we can appearance back and say in all likelihood what occurred become that they opened too soon. They removed their regulations too speedy. And then these more contagious variants took over and that is why they are having to do the shutdown once more.

We should have a look at Italy and say perhaps that would occur right here, too. Something it’s in our prefer within the U.S. although is that our vaccination costs are a lot higher than Italy’s are. And we also have, sadly, lots of people who’ve been inflamed by using coronavirus and so have immunity that way as properly.

So, can we pass the course of Italy? It really possible, but I want humans to realize that wherein we cross, simply as it has been at some point of the entire pandemic, in which we cross from right here is sincerely as much as us.

We can pass in that direction, have a horrible surge, need to have restrictions once more and postpone the timeline to normality or we are able to move down a far better path, and that calls for humans getting vaccinated while it’s miles our flip. And within the interim, keeping overlaying, physical distancing, and avoiding crowded indoor gatherings.

CABRERA: Dr. Leana Wen, we recognize you so much. Many thanks.

New today, the most powerful woman in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, preventing quick for calling for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to renounce amid developing sexual harassment allegations.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I do think that the girls need to listen the consequences of those investigations, as does the governor, however again —

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS HOST: Can he be an powerful chief now?

PELOSI: No tolerance — no tolerance. And that is a subject very close to and dear to my heart. This is — no tolerance for sexual harassment. Let the arena realize that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re no longer calling on him the resign right now?

PELOSI: I think we have to see the results of the — however he may additionally determine, and that changed into — optimistically, this result could be soon. And what I’m announcing is the governor have to look interior his coronary heart — he loves New York — to peer if he can govern successfully.


CABRERA: I want to herald CNN’s Athena Jones in New York State capital of Albany. And Athena, what more are we listening to from, you realize, different Democratic leaders, potential colleagues of the governor?

ATHENA JONES, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Ana. Well, the majority of the most important names in New York politics are calling on the governor to surrender. You heard Speaker Pelosi in Washington stopping short of that.

But on Friday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand put out a joint declaration becoming a member of with the majority of the New York’s congressional delegation in saying that it is time for Governor Cuomo to step apart.

They both reiterated that idea in remarks today. Take a pay attention to first Senator Gillibrand after which Senator Schumer.


SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY): I commend the brave movements of the individuals that have come forward to talk of significant allegations of misconduct and abuse. It’s clean that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners as well as the human beings of New York. That’s why I trust that the governor has to renounce.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): There are more than one extreme credible allegations of abuse so that Governor Cuomo has misplaced the self assurance of his governing partners and of such a lot of New Yorkers. So, for the best of the nation, he should renounce. (END VIDEO CLIP)

JONES: So, remarkably similar messages coming from the 2 senators from New York. Meanwhile, the governor has maintained that he has done nothing wrong, that he isn’t going to step apart, that he can hold to do that activity.

He has been asked, you already know, those investigations you are facing,of them. One of them by the state meeting searching into these allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. Another underneath the auspices of the legal professional widespread’s office of New York.

They are asking, you already know, those are going to be distractions, shouldn’t you perhaps step apart? He says, no, I were able to deal with huge things, with distractions. We needed to negotiate the nation finances final yr at some stage in the height of the pandemic in New York State. We are going to try this once more this yr.

He talks approximately desiring to move up the distribution of millions of vaccinations. He says that he is the best man or woman to accomplish that and that he can retain to control efficaciously. But I can tell you that a few folks we have spoken with are questioning that.

One lobbyist that my colleague, Laura Dolan, spoke with right here in Albany says that this is anyone who had a very good courting with the Cuomo management who at this point is having hassle even getting a call again to schedule a assembly to speak approximately vital legislation.

This is some thing that consistent with this character, they experience that it is due to the fact that is a top-down management wherein only a handful of the top aides to the governor make decision and that they are distracted and not able to reply.

So, that is anecdotal evidence of what at least some — folks at the floor right here think about the governor’s capability to hold to guide. Ana?

CABRERA: Athena Jones in Albany, New York. Thank you. Coming up, a sitting senator’s racist remark.



SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Had the tables been became and President Trump won the election, and those had been tens of lots of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, I could have been a bit involved.


CABRERA: The announcement now even greater alarming considering what we’ve got simply found out about who was in that mob that attacked the capitol. The modern beautiful arrest, next.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) CABRERA: In a brand new court submitting, prosecutors alleged that one of the rioters involved within the capitol riot become an army reservist who become a famous Nazi sympathizer at the Navy base wherein he worked as a contractor. He even turned into rebuked for wearing a distinct Hitler mustache. CNN’s Marshall Cohen joins us now. Marshall, I realize you’ve got been going via documents related to this arrest. What greater are you able to inform us?

MARSHALL COHEN, CNN REPORTER: Ana, his name is Timothy Hale-Cusanelli. He’s an Army reservist with a protection clearance and he labored as a contractor at a Navy base in New Jersey.


So as you mentioned, prosecutors at the moment are revealing that the Navy did its personal internal research after he turned into arrested in January. Their findings were shocking. Thirty-four of this guy’s co-people at that Navy base said that he exhibited “extremist or radical perspectives pertaining to the Jewish humans, minorities, and ladies.”

His colleagues shared demanding memories of his racist and bigoted conduct at the Navy base. They stated he made close to day by day remarks against Jews or even got here to the workplace sporting a Hitler mustache as you noticed in those photographs, which drew a rebuke from one in every of his supervisors.

Now, Ana, the prosecutors said that they searched his cell smartphone. They observed racist memes approximately African-Americans. One photograph containing the “N” word. Another comparing black to people to animals. And that one of the memes on his cellular telephone contained a twisted joke approximately George Floyd who become killed in police custody closing year.

I want to be crystal clean, Ana, that we reached out to this man’s attorney in advance these days and he did now not want to remark. But in preceding courtroom filings, he has stated that the reservist, Hale-Cusanelli, isn’t part of any extremist organizations and that after he spoke to the FBI, he denied that he was a Nazi sympathizer.

CABRERA: That’s all very disturbing. Marshall Cohen, thank you. Joining us now, CNN senior political analyst, John Avlon, and CNN political commentator and host of “Firing Line” on PBS, Margaret Hoover. John, permit’s just, you know, take that information and couple it with something that Senator Ron Johnson just stated approximately why he didn’t fear the capitol insurrectionists that day. Listen.


JOHNSON: I knew the ones had been human beings that love this country, that absolutely admire regulation enforcement, might by no means do something to break a regulation, and so I wasn’t involved. Now, had the tables been became, and Joe, this could get me in trouble, had the tables been turn asked President Trump gained the election and people have been tens of hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, I might have been a bit worried.

(END AUDIO CLIP) CABRERA: We have all seen the video of the insurrection that day. Now, we recognise

a number of the crowd was this Nazi sympathizer and Johnson is largely pronouncing these weren’t humans to experience threatened by using.

JOHN AVLON, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. And he’s selling the part — saying that pretty component out loud, that he is now not threatened by way of people who attack the capitol as long as they’re white and Republican. And — but if you turn the script and all of a unexpected they’re African-American, BLM protesters or Antifa, he is terrified.

And it speaks to what a terrible drug, the sickness in our politics is ready hyper partisanship, bad partisanship, these items that make human beings engage in group blame and group think as Johnson is. It’s no longer even a racist canine whistle. It’s a frank admission.

And these images from Marshall’s reporting of such a rioters, I mean, you know, I don’t know how tons greater proof you need to look. The man wore a Hitler mustache to paintings at a Navy base.

So, are these honestly the patriots you want to face beside and say you were not threatened with the aid of further to the defense force contributors and all of the other folks who’ve already been — have been busted to taking component on this assault on our capitol?

It’s but the least patriotic issue any of us should ever imagine, and but a senator is, you recognize, bending — falling over himself seeking to excuse it. It’s pathetic.

CABRERA: Margaret, your thoughts?

MARGARET HOOVER, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Look, Ana, I think what we’ve here is something far greater pernicious than Ron Johnson announcing he would not had been scared in the event that they were white and Republican. I imply, if any of the protesters had come upon any senator no matter how Republican or how white she or he turned into, none of them could had been spared.

I mean, we understand that Mike Pence and Mitt Romney, they came within minutes of their lifestyles, perhaps, you already know, seconds in their lives. So, what’s a good deal more pernicious right here is the truth that there is a burgeoning and exploding white supremacy form of ideology that has permeated both law enforcement and the army. Not permeated. I need speak —

AVLON: Making in —

HOOVER: — but it’s far definitely growing inside the ones ranks. And the military has written approximately it. “Military Times,” among the beat — the newshounds who cowl the military have documented this through the Trump years. As well as law enforcement, the Brennan Center has executed a first rate task of documenting this.

So, what wishes to be carried out is — care desires to be given to figuring out this ideology within the ranks and as individuals go away the military and law enforcement due to the fact so many of those have been either active — many active duty however additionally ex-navy, like Ashli Babbitt, the previous Air Force professional who had been — succumbed to QAnon conspiracy theories and died that day on January sixth.

CABRERA: I just can not stop thinking even though about the comments that we heard from Ron Johnson because he stated it so depend-of-factly find it irresistible was normal to say the ones sort of factors and perfect to say the ones type of things.

AVLON: He stated what he certainly believes. And he is going to must own that.


And virtually, it is very revealing and clarifying to hear him say it, the quiet part out loud.


AVLON: That he’s inclined to excuse an assault on our capitol due to the fact he failed to think it is a huge deal if they’re from people who are white and Republican from his facet of the aisle. But a very distinctive response if they had been black or from the left. And it truly is a type of illness that every Divided single Republican in the Senate need to be asked whether or not they agree with it — a lot of them might quietly — or whether or not they condemn it.

CABRERA: I need to turn to the coronavirus pandemic now due to the fact President Biden hits the road this week to promote the blessings of the stimulus deal to the American people. And in a speech, Biden, you realize, trumpeted the news that he’s pushing for all adults to be eligible for a COVID vaccine via May 1st. Maybe we’re going to go back to normalcy, he says, through those July 4th barbecues. Welcome headlines glaringly except of route, you were watching Fox News.


MARK LEVIN, FOX NEWS HOST: It’s the most disgusting propagandistic speech that a demagogue, even a baby-kisser has ever given.

BEN DOMENECH, PUBLISHER, THE FEDERALIST: This is another garbage speech complete of lies from a senile character who thinks that they’re in- fee of America but honestly is not running some thing.

LEVIN: He isn’t a doddering antique fool, an egomaniac, and a narcissist taking credit score for the work of Donald Trump and all these different humans.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: But I do need to present Joe Biden a congratulations tonight. He stayed up an hour past his beddy (ph) time. After days and days of practice, he changed into capable of examine from the teleprompter for nearly 20 complete minutes with out making a total fool out of himself.


CABRERA: Margaret, what’s your reaction to that?

HOOVER: Look, I suggest this isn’t always information. This is propaganda. This is ideology. This is — what the base is taking note of and listening to. And it’s without a doubt, you already know, if you need to surely be analytical, it is as a substitute instructive. If you are attempting to attain out to people, like it’s crucial to hear what humans are hearing so that you can try and attain out to the ones human beings and alternate their minds.

I imply, at the Republican aspect, like I understand wherein the base is when I watch Fox News and I hear what they are pronouncing. That’s what I understand a percent of the party is being attentive to. And so it’s instructive to me because it gives me kind of marching orders to recognise what to mention alternatively and a way to try and reach out to human beings, but it’s not information.

AVLON: No, nicely, of direction it’s now not news. It is speakme factors and determined jackassery. I suggest, to pay attention Mark Levin bleat approximately a demagogic speech that became civil and kind and compassionate after protecting Donald Trump for the past four years, tells you the whole thing you need recognise.

But the truth you cannot see the speaking points and see what they may be attempting to inform human beings and it explains why we are having trouble having a reality-based totally debate in this u . s . due to the fact these are not whatever akin to records. This isn’t even opinion. This is just hysterical screaming inside the room against a phantom menace, and it is nonsense.

CABRERA: A pair of interesting polls from CNN this week, one showed that whilst President Biden holds a ninety two percent approval score amongst Democrats, that falls to just eight percentage amongst Republicans. His usual process approval is north of fifty percentage, at fifty one percent, which is ahead of trump, but it’s nonetheless, as you could see, near the bottom of the list with regards to where other presidents had been just two months into their workplace. What does that tell you guys?

AVLON: Well, I imply, appearance, it says glaringly we are a deeply polarized united states of america. But it does — I imply, I do not suppose you must simply placed aside the fact that Donald Trump is the only president inside the history of Gallup polling to by no means be above 50 percent. And it is due to the fact he did now not try to reach out. He tried to divide to conquer.

And Joe Biden is offering very absolutely exclusive method to the presidency stylistically and drastically (ph). You can disagree about reconciliation or some other sort of issue, but it speaks to the assignment he is confronting.

But the fact that he’s above water in this surroundings, that the COVID relief bill turned into decidedly above water notwithstanding getting no Republican payments, speaks to the underlying problem in our politics.

But the right thing to do is still, for every president, to try to unite rather than divide. And on the way to in the end reap rewards with independents, if no longer, with folks on the a ways right.

CABRERA: Quick very last notion, Margaret.

HOOVER: Look, I suppose Joe Biden ought to try to unite and not divide. And so I hope that we’ve some legislation coming ahead that we are able to get real Republican guide on board for due to the fact that might move a protracted manner to trying to heal the divide. So he got to attain out for Republicans —

AVLON: Depends on them then?

HOOVER: — got to reach out to Republicans and try to work with them from the beginning. And they — that simply truly wasn’t — that wasn’t the cease recreation here at the COVID bill. They failed to want Republicans for it and so they selected now not to have it and Republicans made it easy for Republicans to item to it.

CABRERA: And but there had been a variety of of factors in the bill that Republicans are now going again to their parts and pronouncing appearance what we got you, even though they voted no on it. John Avlon and Margaret Hoover, it’s desirable to peer both of you. Thank you.

HOOVER: Thanks, Ana.

CABRERA: It is enough snow for you to swim in. And humans are becoming sturdy in Colorado right now. That is the scene in my domestic nation where more than 33,000 citizens are without energy. They are snowboarding. They are shoveling. They are snow blowing. And they are seeking to stay warm. We’ll be again with extra after this.



CABRERA: It is a stormy Sunday for millions across the United States, from intense thunderstorms to snow fall conditions. So many are enduring dangerous weather. This is Shallow Water, Texas in which a twister tore through the place, captured on this wonderful video, because the Midwest and southeast now face threats of flooding from heavy rainfall.

The equal storm is dumping heavy snow and bringing snowfall warnings to Colorado. The kingdom was forced to close more than 50 fitness centers that provide COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. I need to visit CNN’s Derek Van Dam in Boulder, Colorado now.


And Derek, we realize Boulder, the entire Front Range presently in a blizzard caution with extra than 33,000 customers in Colorado without power. What greater can they assume?

DEREK VAN DAM, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Yes, Ana, I understand which you are from round here so you can appreciate how brutal March snowstorms may be. We nonetheless have any other 24 hours left of this snow throughout the Front Range including Denver — perhaps as much as four additional inches.

And it really is pronouncing some thing due to the fact this changed into already the second one largest March snowfall in Denver’s records. That puts it into context. Big time totals, 19.1 inches up to now at the Denver International Airport. They just tweeted out they have got cancelled the majority of the flights tonight and for the day day after today.

So if you are in Denver, you’re struck. But it’s paralyzing the toll road gadget round right here. Interstate 25, that urban region that runs north and south alongside the Front Range, elements of it closed. Seventy. If you’re heading out Summit County in which all the ski resorts are, elements of this is closed as well.

Even seventy six, moving northeast out of Denver, elements of that being close down. And there are not any approximate times when they’ll reopen that because the snow is simply so heavy. Now, it is no longer simply impacting the roadways and the airports. We have talked to a number of the locals here in Boulder and they’re truely welcoming the snow due to the fact, nicely, as you stated for your intro before the commercial smash, we are literally swimming this the snow on the ski inns.

Great for the financial system there. But it is also assisting insulate some of the recent burn scars which have came about here. Remember, it became just ultimate season, closing October when Colorado had two — the 2 biggest wildfires inside the nation’s history, and this snow will help alleviate the fireplace issues going into the subsequent season. Ana?

CABRERA: Derek Van Dam, stay safe, stay warm. It looks lovely but I know it’s a large number for a whole lot of humans.

VAN DAM: It is.

CABRERA: Thank you. Up next, California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, may be out of a process even withyears left in his term. And it can all be due to his COVID reaction. We’ll give an explanation for proper after this.



CABRERA: We have this just in, thirteen California counties along with Los Angeles are lowering COVID restrictions when they met vaccination goals. But it is probably too little too late for Governor Gavin Newsom. Organizers say they now have sufficient signatures to pressure a take into account election. The signatures nevertheless must be certified but this makes a don’t forget vote all of the more likely.

I want to herald CNN’s Paul Vercammen now in Los Angeles. And Paul, Governor Newsom’s handling of the pandemic has been debatable. Explain why Californians are so upset with the governor.

PAUL VERCAMMEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, one batch of Californians disillusioned with the governor, restaurant employees and food provider workers. They account for 1.eight million Californians. This is Casa Vega. Let me come up with a feel for this. This is a tradition-wealthy L.A. icon.

So much so, perhaps you noticed the Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Well, that become set partially here at Casa Vega.


UNKNOWN: While closer to eight:30, Rick and Cliff went to the valley Mexican eating place landmark, Casa Vega on Ventura.


VERCAMMEN: So, for 62 years, this has existed. Christy Vega now runs Casa Vega. She says she misplaced ninety percent of her commercial enterprise during the height of the pandemic and at some point of the shutdown.


CHRISTY VEGA, OWNER, CASA VEGA RESTAURANT: Absolutely, due to the fact he permit down the entire country with these shutdowns and the arbitrary nature of them, which means that the eating place industry become targeted. I assume that that turned into absolutely tough and that the restaurant industry is the second biggest business enterprise this the kingdom of California and they are absolutely running-magnificence people.

And those out of touch politicians do not recognize the devastation that they caused to those human beings. I am a Democrat and he has bankrupted my own family. And the most effective purpose that we’re status here right now could be due to the federal authorities.


VERCAMMEN: We ought to observe there are other restaurant proprietors who help Governor Newsom. Some say that this is only a Republican witch hunt that is the consider. And yet whilst you stroll around right here, you can also get a experience for this, Ana.

I recognise you would really like for me to represent what the vibe is. Californians typically excited this restaurant going to reopen for indoors at 25 percent. Movie theaters, gymnasiums, aquariums and so on. So what is the temper? You finish the tune lyric for me. They are so excited, they simply can not conceal it and they may be —

CABRERA: About to lose control, and I think I like it. All proper, Paul, that’s usually amusing. Thank you. Good to peer you.

Let’s turn to Christine Romans now with your “Before the Bell Report.”

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN Divided CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Ana. Central banks are within the spotlight. The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan all meet this week.

Investors will listen from Fed chief Jerome Powell on Wednesday. Wall Street needs reassurance that interest rates will live low while the financial system heats up. That’s key. Now, that President Biden’s $1.nine trillion stimulus package deal has been signed into law, it is anticipated to provide a jolt to the economy, however there may be the threat it could spark inflation in the future.

Investors centered on the positive. Last week, the Dow soared to a report excessive final above 32,000 for the first time on Wednesday. Tech stocks additionally recovered, but so far this year, the Dow’s blend of corporations has outperformed the tech-heavy NASDAQ.

Investors are betting sectors like travel and energy, punished with the aid of the pandemic, will surge because the economic system reopens. In New York, I’m Christine Romans. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


CABRERA: Honest Abe, the tremendous emancipator and considered one of America’s greatest presidents, however the fact and Abraham Lincoln’s legacy is extra complicated than that this. Week’s episode of the “CNN Original Series Lincoln: Divided We Stand” examines Lincoln’s evolution on problems like slavery and equality.


UNKNOWN: It turned into humans to the left of Lincoln who had the imaginative and prescient that maximum closely ascribes to what we think about as what rights need to be today, and I don’t say that to take Lincoln down. I say it to try to appropriately reflect how trade simply takes place.

VAN JONES, CNN HOST: We think about presidents as though they’re weather makers, however they do not create records, they serve history.


These aren’t positions he rushes to. He is drugged (ph) to them by using occasions as he tries to surf the waves, and it indicates that people could make a difference whether or not you’re in office or not.

UNKNOWN: Now that Lincoln is re-nominated, the Republican Party formally adopts established abolition as its platform. After decades of mild and conciliatory rhetoric on slavery, Lincoln turns into a complete-fledged abolitionist.


CABRERA: And again with us now, CNN’s senior political analyst, John Avlon who’s additionally the writer of the forthcoming e-book, “Lincoln and the Fight for Peace.”

So, john, this week we get a look at the Battle of Gettysburg, the deadliest conflict and a first-rate turning point of the Civil War. And extra than 50,000 infantrymen on each sides are killed. Four months later, Lincoln offers the Gettysburg deal with, and it’s hailed as an on the spot masterpiece. Tell us more about the importance of that speech.

AVLON: Well, the Gettysburg cope with is 272 words. It’s poetry. It’s really my favourite poem. It’s the poetry of democracy and what Lincoln does is give the struggle that means that transcends the modern-day fight. And he feels obligated to try this due to the fact it is approximately making sure that those useless have now not died in vain so that we might also bring forward government of the human beings, for the humans, and by way of the human beings.

And coupled with the second inaugural, that’s the greatest inaugural of all-time, and it contains that last paragraph and ultimate sentence which I assume is the maximum perfect sentence in American politics, you certainly get a feel of Lincoln’s soul, and indeed the soul of democracy. And I do suppose that, you realize, this documentary series does a brilliant process showing the complexities of Lincoln, but I do not assume he become drugged (ph), dragged to the placement of backing emancipation. I mean, when he ran for Senate, he changed into basically a single problem candidate.

What he did became lead the usa’s famous opinion to the factor in which we could skip the 13th change to abolish slavery, and that required statesmanship and taken — bringing collectively extensive coalitions who on the start of the warfare, refused to combat for abolition of slavery. They have been focused on saving the Union on my own.

Lincoln, along with the humans operating at one of a kind layers of politics in authorities, helped carry that exchange approximately. And it was sea (ph) exchange.

CABRERA: And so allow’s speak more approximately that and the inducement at the back of Lincoln, you realize, on this evolution due to the fact we’ve, as we’ve visible in the course of the series, you recognize, Lincoln’s position on slavery did evolve over the years. And at the same time as he oppose slavery on ethical grounds, there were also political factors at play, right? How did that 1864 election push him to include the 13th change, abolishing slavery?

AVLON: Well, the 1864 election, I assume, can certainly be stated to be the maximum excessive stakes consequential civilization defining election in our history, due to the fact he turned into jogging against George McClellan, former Union wellknown running as a so-known as peace Democrat.

The Confederacy desired them to win due to the fact they felt then that they’d be capable of sue (ph) for peace on the rate of now not the Union than the upkeep of slavery. And Lincoln taps Andrew Johnson, a conflict Democrat, to sign up for him on a countrywide union birthday party price tag, a centrist 1/3 birthday party fusion price ticket constructing on the Republican base. And genuinely, the destiny of the republic in addition to the give up of slavery hangs within the balance.

And in August earlier than the election, Lincoln notion he could lose. He certainly passes round an envelope to his cabinet with predictions of his very own political death inner. But then Sherman takes Atlanta. The winds of battle efficaciously modified and Lincoln wins a decisive victory with extra votes than he won the final time round.

And that gives the validation for his strategy to move emancipation forward. And we’re now waiting for the new Congress to take hold. That’s whilst he pushes ahead the thirteenth change. So while the struggle ends, that enthusiasm — the momentum to end slavery does not stop as well.

And this is a matter of political management, presidential leadership, working with the legislative department to pass this constitutional amendment that makes proper at the emancipation’s promise, to make certain that we have been for all time unfastened from the stain of slavery.

CABRERA: That’s how development occurs. John Avlon, thanks. Be sure to tune in. “Lincoln: Divided We Stand” airs this night at 10:00 proper here on CNN. As maximum of you understand, I had a brother who survived pediatric mind

cancer, so this is some thing that definitely hits domestic, and I want to ask to your assist. This lovely, brave little lady, Francesca, nickname Beans, is the daughter of our colleague, Andrew Kaczynski and his spouse, Rachel Ensign.

Francesca died of an competitive form of brain cancer on Christmas Eve. She turned into just 9 months old. This past Thursday could have been her first birthday. To commemorate that, CNN is launching the hashtag #TeamBeans to raise finances and research and treatment on the Dana- Farber Cancer Institute where Francesca become handled.

So, we invite you to help with the aid of purchasing the sort of beanies You can see I actually have mine. They honestly are, truely, high pleasant heat hats. And of course, it is the purpose it really is maximum essential due to the fact If ought to store lives.

[17:fifty four:fifty nine]

Remember, all the proceeds will visit help other exceptional children, like Francesca, so with any luck you could choose any such up.

Thank does it for me. I’m Ana Cabrera in New York. Thank you for spending a part of your weekend with me. My colleague, Pam Brown, takes over right after this.



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