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14.nine Million TexLincoln ans in Water Crisis; Biden to Sign Major Disaster Declaration for Texas; AbLincoln out Half of Texas Population Experiencing Water Crisis; Biden to the World, America is Back; Lindsey Graham as Peacemaker Between Trump and McConnell; Interview with Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX); Nine Alleged Oath Keepers Charged in Conspiracy to Attack Capitol; Rioters Charged Not All Getting the Same Treatment; GOP Filing Bills to Restrict Voting Access; CNN Original Series “Lincoln: Divided We Stand” Airs on CNN. Aired 11p-12a ET

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DON LEMON, CNN HOST: This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The White House says that President Biden is prepared to sign a primary disaster declaration for Texas with lots of the nation paralyzed by means of the weeklong winter storm disaster. At least 26 human beings are useless. More than half the populace is scrambling for water.

In Houston low water pressure threatens hospitals and firefighter’s reaction. While electricity vegetation are sponsored up, some 125,000 households and organizations are nonetheless with out energy on some other night of freezing temperatures in many areas. One crisis on top of every other for the humans of Texas. And CNN’s Omar Jimenez has extra.


OMAR JIMENEZ, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice over): So, you’ve got in no way even used your hearth before this?

UNKNOWN: Oh, no.

JIMENEZ: Jenn Studebaker and her family in Austin Texas had been burning chairs. Pieces of bookshelves earlier than finally scavenging for bits of timber with out even a way to cut it.

UNKNOWN: That hammer is virtually what we were splitting wood with.

JIMENEZ: Using their nearly abandoned hearth now as a way of survival.

UNKNOWN: We’re the use of the top of a Bhutan bed and put it right right here.

UNKNOWN: To get closer to the warmth.

UNKNOWN: To get towards the warmth and I will sleep right here. So, we we’re all just sort of be huddling collectively.

JIMENEZ: Restless from a new mentality they’ve now had to undertake.

JENN STUDEBAKER, AUSTIN TEXAS RESIDENT: Everybody is just you already know, questioning like, if we just make it one greater day. Just get one more day. And it’s like what if it takes place again the following day and now we were given to — we can’t burn all of this.

JIMENEZ: And Lincoln despite the fact that the powers on.

STUDEBAKER: The water isn’t always even effervescent. Nothing.

JIMENEZ: The water isn’t. And it’s no longer simply Austin, as they’re among the tens of millions across Texas beneath a boil water advisory. In Houston, miles of long strains to pick out up water at mass distribution sites.

In San Antonio, this condominium complex burned to the floor as firefighters struggled to get sufficient water to combat it.

UNKNOWN: Our most important issue is water deliver. All these hydrants out right here are dry. There’s no (inaudible) they’re simply frozen, there’s’ no water.

JIMENEZ: Even members of Congress pressured to get creative.

UNKNOWN: I’m going to fill my toilet with water in order that I may be prepared for later these days.

JIMENEZ: Without water in her Houston home, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia amassed rainwater to flush her bathroom. And hospitals are struggling to take care of an influx of patients amid an ongoing pandemic.

ROBERT SALDANA, MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE, HOUSTON METHODIST HOSPITAL: As greater of our place hospital have been with out electricity and water, many of their sufferers ended up at our centers.

CHIEF CANDE FLORES, ABILENE FIRE DEPARTMENT: Earlier the day we had a state of affairs have been an elderly woman walked out of her domestic, and she turned into located in her outdoor deceased and that turned into substantially associated with the climate conditions.

JIMENEZ: Emergencies merging and leaving the ones already suffering from the pandemic questioning in which to go subsequent.

STUDEBAKER: I lost half my income. And then, in the end we are becoming right here. What are we going to do? We can barely live right here. Sorry. It’s like you simply preserve going and going, and just this complete yr, simply maintain going. And if we simply make it one more month, then my tax go back will are available, or we will get some investment. I cannot pay my utility bill. So, just let us have the tiny apartment, that is all I’m asking. And maybe some water. That might be satisfactory.


JIMENEZ: And water is that subsequent frontier. Officials at the least in Austin are optimistic that they may be able to get it restored by means of the end of the weekend. And on the energy front, across the state, we are in a miles better location than we have been even only a day in the past, again with at least right here on Austin, ninety seven percent of energy being restored.

And the good information basic is that tonight appears to be the last night time of freezing temperatures we are going to see this week, giving Texans this weekend a threat to play offense.

LEMON: Yes. A little break. And speaking — pay attention, it is obvious from what you have been reporting that every one had been reporting that they want help. The president says he intends to sign a major disaster announcement Omar, for Texas? What do you know about that?

JIMENEZ: That’s right. President Biden has stated, he intends to signal a prime catastrophe statement for Texas as quickly as it’s in the front of him. And as we recognize what it would do essentially is allow Texans to offer or to apply for man or woman help from FEMA. Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated at least this afternoon he was nevertheless waiting to listen from the federal authorities on that. But it’s far being increased with the aid of the White House. That’s our expertise.


On pinnacle of that, President Biden says he does play to get out right here to Texas, probable at some point subsequent week, however he does not need to be a burden on the people right here recuperating already. People who are (inaudible) of the week in which they’ve literally been preventing for his or her lives on their own houses.

LEMON: Omar, thank you so much. I respect that.

JIMENEZ: Of course.

LEMON: I want to herald now Democratic Congressman Colin Allred. He represents Texas 32nd congressional district. Representative, thanks for becoming a member of us. I recognize it. It’s good that you’re — it looks like you’re doing OK. We’re going to speak approximately that, though. People are in desperate need for water and meals this night. Marginalize groups of shade, they’re hit certainly tough, many without assets to get help. What is being finished to ensure they’re now not remaining in line?

REP. COLIN ALLRED (D-TX), FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Well, thank you, Don, for pointing that out. This is a disaster just like the COVID disaster that has not hit our communities similarly. Homes that had been the least capable of cope with climate like this are the ones which might be the coldest. Folks who lost their power attempted to burn whatever they may in their homes.

And we’ve visible some distance too many we have lost to carbon monoxide poisoning. And so, I’m working with FEMA to ensure that we ship out cellular devices into these groups to attempt to assist as much as we are able to, to make sure folks understand what the benefits are they’ve available to them, and to do whatever we will to reply any questions. Because this is a essential time.

LEMON: I recognize — I recognize you’ve been speaking with FEMA. What are they doing on the floor to get folks assist there?

ALLRED: Yes, the biggest component proper now’s potable water. Because so much of Texas is under a boil your water advisory or their pipes have burst, and that they don’t have water strain and the capacity to get any water of their home. And so, getting bottles of water out is the pinnacle priority. As of yesterday, FEMA distributed over 1.2 million bottles of water in Texas.

I think these days they surpassed that via pretty some bit. So this is going to retain. But additionally of path, blankets, mills in which important, sincerely just looking to guide the kingdom in terms of getting humans through this.

LEMON: As you know, Ted Cruz is in Houston. I need to ask you what you reflect onconsideration on him flying off to Cancun. You can answer that in case you need, but what kind of assist could you like to peer Ted Cruz, due to the fact you work in Washington, he works in Washington, and I’m certain the oldsters there need both of you men as country wide leaders to assist. What can he be doing to assist Texans?

ALLRED: You realize, I reflect onconsideration on a person like Barbara Jordan who came from Houston, and what she might be doing right now. And she might be spending, like I’m seeking to, every single hour of ordinary seeking to do whatever you could to attract down federal assets. To help neighborhood parents with any issues they might have, to try to spread best practices, to tell folks what they are able to do to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

To what they are able to do and in which they could visit get water that they could drink. There are such a lot of things that United States Senator may be doing. And I think that is just an instance of sort of the vanity and the callousness absolutely that we’ve got seen from some of our country-huge leaders thru his disaster.

You recognise, from that to our Governor suggesting that that is due to the green new deal and windmills. I mean, this is not a time to be doing matters that are for your non-public hobby, whether or not trying to escape on a holiday or try to press your political time table.

LEMON: At least 26 human beings have died, Congressman in Texas. Some of them of their own houses looking to stay heat. How are we able to make sure that a catastrophe like this by no means happens again? I’m positive that goes with winterizing, the assets, and so on.

ALLRED: You understand, Don, this is definitely the end result of ignoring hints that were made 10 years in the past, while we had a similar cold snap come via Texas. We also had some blackouts then. There have been pointers made via the federal regulatory company searching out what came about in Texas that said those are belongings you want to do to winterize your grid. Those things have been now not done and of course, we have this blackout and now you are seeing the lethal results.

So, now we must analyze the ones training right here I Texas. We ought to winterize our grid. Yes, every single source of electricity went off-line, from renewables to our thermal assets. But in Iowa, whilst it gets cold, the wind nonetheless works, the wind strength still works. In Alaska, whilst it gets bloodless, the herbal fuel nonetheless flows. You can try this, you simply have to prepare.

LEMON: Representative Allred, I admire your time, live secure, stay heat.

ALLRED: Thanks a lot, Don. Thanks for protecting this.

LEMON: So, I want to bring in now Dr. Schuwan Dorsey, who misplaced each electricity and water. And also Pastor Walter August Jr. of the church of Bethels Family in Houston. Good to peer each of you. Thank you so much for becoming a member of. I virtually respect it.


Dr. Dorsey, I’m going to begin with you. I realize it’s been a brutal week for you.


LEMON: Cold nights with no water. And now you’re afraid your pipes are going to burst if you switch on that water. We have a photo of your neighbor’s collapsed ceiling from a burst pipe. How are you men doing? How are you dealing through all of this?

DORSEY: Well, of path, Don, thank you for having me on tonight. Yes, I’m right here for the community. It has been very demanding over these ultimate four days. The strength went off Monday morning at 6:30, as you said, I’m afraid to show on my water and the water stress is so low. Anyway, with the opposite acquaintances, which you cannot even cope with the requirements which you want to do.

LEMON: You needed to sleep on your car for a couple of nights during the outage? Is that how you stayed heat?

DORSEY: Yes. That is correct. Myself and my two puppies.

LEMON: That’s dangerous.

DORSEY: We stayed within the automobile, and each hour at the hour, I would flip the auto lower back directly to get the heat. And my lifestyles alert, I put on a bracelet, it was offline due to the fact the strength turned into off. So I was in risk with my health. I called middle point several times. I known as ERCOT several times.

Center factor did a script, all of us I talked to said the equal thing. And they can in no way come up with a time whilst the strength might be restored. We had strength I think on for three minutes, on that Wednesday. At 12:12 a.m. I ran back inside the residence from the auto, set the clock on the oven after which it went backtrack.

LEMON: Wow. And so you nevertheless haven’t any concept while you’re — you’ve got power now, right? But you don’t know — properly, at the least, I think it’ll be warmer so that you maybe have the ability to show your water on over the weekend, with a bit of luck with a purpose to happen.

DORSEY: I’m hoping. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do that. Because right now, the water is off.

LEMON: Pastor, permit me go to you currently, because you’re a minister and you want to offer back. Your ministry likes to give again. How has this all impacted the community, and the human beings there, and what are you going to do to assist?

PASTOR WALTER AUGUST JR., THE CHURCH AT BETHEL’S FAMLIY: Thank you again, Don, as Dr. Dorsey said, for permitting us so as to specific and also speak for those who have no (inaudible) we have been working in (inaudible) to ensure people had (inaudible) it is been very (inaudible) as a pastor of a church, but we are usually at the the front line serving human beings. Over the last 15 years, from storm Katrina, from New Orleans to Texas, we had been on the the front line.

Hurricane Ike in 2008. You realize, from there to Harvey, 2017. And all in among. And even the hurricanes that devastated the Lake Charles place, we have been at the floor to assist aid them. It’s been frustrating for me as a pastor, because we are existence-giving ministry that operates quite a lot seven days every week.

Even via 2020, we couldn’t shut our doorways down within the midst of this pandemic because tens of hundreds of humans depend upon that agency every month just to make sure there is food on their tables. And another services we are able to offer. It’s been frustrating, due to the fact our energy at our empowerment middle, where we’ve the most important meals pantry in that location, no zip code restrictions. If people are hungry, anything they want, we strive to give the whole thing away. Because it is vitally essential at times like this that all of us form of neglect about who we think we are, and again to have a look at humanity after which start serving at an all-time high.

LEMON: Listen —

AUGUST JR.: It’s frustrating because additionally there are parishioners in my church that I pastor that I could not help, that I could not attain out, could not get what they wanted. And it truly is very irritating for me.

LEMON: Well, it is because the situations are so treacherous that they can’t get to you and you can not get to them. But I ought to ask you, due to the fact, listen, the network is — this has impacted hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of human beings. You’re a pastor, and I recognize this is part of being a pacesetter there. Who is responsible here? Who do you guys preserve accountable, and what do you plan to do after this? Someone must be held answerable for this, due to the fact you don’t want it to take place once more.

AUGUST JR.: Well, Don, I’m now not into the political arena as to who push what button, and who make decisions. I launch from —


LEMON: Well, let me ask you this manner, a better way. And you’re proper approximately that, you’re no longer a baby-kisser. What might you like to peer corrected so that this doesn’t occur again?

AUGUST JR.: Well, one of the matters I can inform you what we are going to do, one of the first things we are going to do whilst we get in our workplace on Monday with our body of workers. We’re going to move head begin to rally to bring in business sized turbines and connect them to all of our centers. And I would even start a marketing campaign, each essential facility that served human beings, whether or not its meals, garb, or emergency shelters, we all need to start to placed a private generator — business generator to preserve our enterprise operational.

Regardless of who make a selection to do a black rollout, something, at least our centers will stay open to serve the humans in the midst of any tragedy. So, that’s something that we’re going to do. And I do believe they should have some conversations about what’s going to occur to the subsequent one, because we will put together for the next one. But, , Don, like the whole thing else, after multiple weeks, a month down the road, it is when —

LEMON: People (inaudible).

AUGUST JR.: And we pass on to some thing else.

LEMON: Yes. I want to deliver Dr. Dorsey again in. I’m going to give you the remaining word. Same question to you, what do you want to see take place after this? I ought to get to the commercial ruin, I make an apology in advance. But go on.

DORSEY: I don’t need to peer it appear once more. Like I stated, in 2011, we dropped the ball. I want our higher officers to take care of this, due to the fact you don’t know what it was like to be without energy for almost 4 days.

LEMON: Well, let’s wish they’re paying attention to you.

DORSEY: (Inaudible) continues to be struggling over right here.

LEMON: Well, Dr. Dorsey, concentrate, I hope that you’re capable to turn your water on. I’m sorry you need to cope with this bad. Pastor, thank you for doing what you do.

AUGUST JR.: Thank you, Don.

LEMON: And thanks both for appearing. Good good fortune.

DORSEY: Thank you.

LEMON: President Biden going full speed ahead, undoing his predecessor’s time table, however will he run into hassle with a key nomination? Neera Tanden, is supposed to have the Office of Management and Budget, we will see if that takes place.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I assume we’re going to discover the votes to get her showed.

UNKNOWN: You’re now not going to drag her nomination?




LEMON: OK, so President Biden is putting a clean path for America’s foreign policy reaffirming his commitment to our allies at the same time as taking pretty some digs at the former president.


BIDEN: America is returned. The transatlantic alliance is returned. And we are not looking backward. We are searching forward collectively. Our partnerships have continued and grown over time. Because they are rooted in the richness of our shared Democratic values. They’re no longer transactional. They’re not extractive.


LEMON: So, I can’t believe spending a Friday night time with any aside from those men. CNN’s senior political analyst, Ron Brownstein, and Mark McKinnon the former adviser to George W. Bush, and the govt producer of The Circus. You know that little show that runs on ShowTime approximately the craziness that is going on.

Hi, gentlemen. Ron, Biden telling our allies that America is returned in pushing ahead on fighting the coronavirus. And he is unveiling a sweeping immigration plan. It is a complete undoing of the former management’s approach.

RON BROWNSTEIN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. Right, I mean, look, this is about as head snapping a reversal of course as we’ve had over the county’s path, over a single election. I suggest, Trump took the country wide schedule thus far to the proper on so many fronts and now you have got Biden looking to opposite course. And you understand, appearance, he is going to have, in some ways, the dog that is not barking is kind of the loudest sound in Washington.

I don’t forget truely in 2009 the substantial gyrations that Obama went through trying to maintain collectively Democrats, a great deal less win collectively over a few Republicans on his stimulus and recuperation plan. And now while there may be a few flak over Neera Tanden as an instance with Joe Manchin. Democrats are remarkably holding collectively on this $1.nine trillion plan even inside the face of, you recognize, genuinely united Republican opposition.

So, it is clearly a new day. Not handiest in phrases of the direction of the usa but in many approaches in the willingness of the birthday party that come together, nonetheless massive decisions to come back on whether or not to cease a filibuster that’s what they may be going to need to do a variety of the matters that they’re prioritizing. But inside the early going there preserving together better than I assume most humans predicted.

LEMON: Listen, I’m simply searching at my notes here. And I consider, believe this gentleman, we have been together doing this for what — four or 5 years now, an hour and 22 mins into the show, and Ron Brownstein changed into the first character to say his call. Can you consider it? How the effective have fallen. So, Mark —


LEMON: We haven’t even pointed out him. This is the first time. So, Mark, Senator Lindsey Graham assembly with Trump this weekend hoping to prevent the bleeding within the GOP and patch of this feud between Trump and McConnell. But McConnell won’t kiss the hoop. How do you believe you studied that is going to cease?

MCKINNON: Badly. It’s beginning badly and it’ll give up badly. I suggest, there is just — there may be a huge division inside the celebration. I mean, there is no higher instance of this than Nikki Haley who came out and there was a completely lengthy, may want to political piece in Politico approximately Nikki Haley and her destiny, wherein she attempted to kind of draw the road and make some you know, fairly Lincoln apparent criticisms of the previous president. And it is simply blown up in her face.

She attempted to get a assembly again at Mar-a-Lago this week with the president. I do not think he is even returning her cellphone calls. She did now not get the meeting. So, it is definitely, it form of like and you understand, an abusive husband that the birthday celebration cannot eliminate. And it is certainly complex.


And Don, we can talk about the demographics, however , it’s going for a smaller, and smaller base. And the hassle is that Donald Trump lost white citizens. White college knowledgeable voters by greater than double digits. So, Ron, wherein are the demographics in the future for the birthday party?


BROWNSTEIN: Well, , appearance, I mean that is — initially the reality is that during terms of internal civil battle, it’s now not a fake — it is not even a fight at this second. I imply, Donald Trump has reshaped the party coalition. He made it more reliant at the citizens who are the maximum uncomfortable with the way the usa is converting, nonurban, non-university, evangelical whites and as a result. And it’s basically a three to at least one Trump Party at this factor.

You study all of the polling. I imply, 3 quarters of the citizens still say they want a republic voter so (inaudible), but that one quarter this is uneasy is plenty to reason tremendous hassle for Republicans. I suggest, they’re the suburban citizens who have been transferring away, which mixed with the massive turnout amongst nonwhite and younger voters. You understand, allowed Biden to pose that seven million vote win.

So, it’s good, the project for folks who want to set a special course for the birthday party is that the electorate most open to a extraordinary path of the birthday celebration are already stepping faraway from it. What is left is Trumpier. And I think it’s going to be hard for them to get out of the spiral, both 2022 and particularly —

LEMON: Well, listen —



LEMON: I think in the event that they stay at the Trump approach, — staying at the Trump approach I assume — they suppose its right, however I genuinely think it is counterintuitive for them. This is their possibility to move on. Because as you said it shrinking. And also his power is shrinking. His attain is shrinking. And even supposing he comes again and he tries to run, I simply don’t see it. Look, I may be incorrect. But I just do not. I suppose the revolt, and the QAnon and all that other stuff, I think is in reality detrimental.

MCKINNON: Don, most effective 3 presidents walking for reelection have lost reelection inside the final hundred years. He lost 3 election, he misplaced the Senate, he misplaced the House and the presidency. So, it is not a triumphing formula. And as Ron simply said, he is losing 1 / 4 of the vote that he needs to get from majority.

Unlikely to get it. If I can just quote David Brooks, who is a great conservative columnist for The New York Times, we’re speakme approximately — it became an open letter to younger Republicans where he said, that is what we need to do. This is a war to create a Republican Party this is Democratic and now not authoritarian, patriotic and not nationalistic, conservative and now not reactionary, benevolent and now not (inaudible), intellectually self-confident and no longer apocalyptic and dishonest.

LEMON: Yes. Well —

BROWNSTEIN: That’s now not what’s happening, Mark.

LEMON: I got to run. But I got to tell — I were given to inform the target market so that in case you want to look — you understand, we constantly speak approximately Trump and his allies. They never appear to be held liable for their lies. You are going to have Hakeem Jeffries on The Circus this weekend. That is a tease. So you got to pay attention what he has to mention. Showtime, The Circus. Guess we didn’t have a danger to talk about — Cancun, man.

MCKINNON: Kick it tough.

LEMON: Cancun Cruz.

MCKINNON: Cancruz. Cancruz.

LEMON: Wait, actual quick, I recognize we are going to break. What did you assert to me inside the spoil, Mark? This is the biggest political —

MCKINNON: I just can’t imagine a extra political screw up. If you question me as a political person, what’s the worst component that someone may want to do, you recognize, in a natural disaster wherein human beings are sincerely hurting? And this is you’re taking off to the seaside and you leave your canine at home.

LEMON: Yes. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate it. Have a good weekend. Stay safe. Nine alleged Oath Keepers friends with conspiracy within the Capitol rebel, the details of their plans subsequent.




LEMON: Roughly 230 rioters now charged inside the attempted coup, but they’re not all getting the same remedy in the justice device. Here is CNN’s Tom Foreman.


TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Nine human beings tied to the unconventional proper-wing Oath Keepers charged as a set with planning and coordinating their Capitol assault. Investigators say one addressed a name from then President Trump announcing, he desires us to make it wild, that’s what he is pronouncing, he referred to as us all to the Capitol, and he wants us to make it wild.

Among the ones charged, Bernie and Sandra parker, husband and wife retirees from Ohio. Court papers say they discussed weapons and uniforms before operating as a collection with numerous other further attired contributors of the Oath Keepers armed forces. Neither has commented publicly at the accusations, both were released.

But that isn’t always the case for some other one at a time charged in connection with the assault along with Lisa Eisenhart and her son Eric Munchel.

ERIC MUNCHEL, RIOTER: I am very worried about our usa and in which it’s going politically, religiously, and just morally.

FOREMAN (voice-over): They pleaded now not responsible and remained jailed after government say they have been photographed sporting frame armor with zip tie restraints. Eisenhart allegedly stated she would alternatively die than live beneath oppression.

UNKNOWN (voice-over): Did you study (INAUDIBLE)?


UNKNOWN (voice-over): All proper.

UNKNOWN: I got a shot at the face with some form of plastic bullet.

FOREMAN (voice-over): Who remains locked up and who walks has been unpredictable. An attorney for Joshua Black from Alabama says his patron is being detained even as others facing similar costs are free, anticipating trial.

COUY GRIFFIN, NEW MEXICO COUNTY OFFICIAL: I’ve come to the realization that the handiest correct Democrat is a dead Democrat.


FOREMAN (voice-over): New Mexico County respectable Couy Griffin is out regardless of having said he’d return to the inauguration with guns. So as Gabriel Garcia from Florida, who officers say had a knife and ties to the Proud Boys. And Jenny Cudd from Texas has been allowed a journey to Mexico despite boasting approximately her role in the insurrectionist insurrection.

UNKNOWN (voice-over): Would you continue to do the same factor again?



FOREMAN (voice-over): But Richard Barnett from Arkansas?

RICHARD BARNETT, RIOTER: I’m a taxpayer, I’m a patriot.

FOREMAN (voice-over): He has sat at the back of Nancy Pelosi’s desk and he’s nonetheless sitting in the back of bars.

(On digital camera): And this night, add some other character to the list of those charged, the Pennsylvania price, who authorities say published a video of himself yelling fee and then wading into the officers seeking to guard the Capitol, cursing them, fighting with them, and joking afterward that maybe the FBI would be searching out him. On that rely, he was proper. Don?


LEMON: Tom Foreman, thanks a lot.

Next, Republicans need to make it tougher for some humans to vote. Who they are concentrated on and in which?




LEMON: The modern day pass in republican efforts to restriction balloting gambling out in Georgia these days. Several residents balloting and balloting rights advocates pleading with state representatives to go into reverse the bill that they say goals Black citizens and their voting rights.

It’s simply one among dozens of bills that Republicans claim would boom election security. So the various measures it proposes, casting off Sunday balloting, casting off using drop packing containers, enforcing an ID requirement for absentee voting, and sending an absentee poll request cut-off date 11 days before Election Day.

I need to usher in now CNN’s senior political analyst John Avlon and CNN political commentator Van Jones. Thanks for becoming a member of.

John, I’m going first of all you. Republicans say that those bills are approximately addressing voter self assurance and integrity. The chairman of the Gwinnett County — guys, I cannot even get to the query with out you laughing at it.

The chairman of the Gwinnett County Board of Registrations and Elections is announcing that the quiet — he’s pronouncing the quiet part out loud earlier this month, telling the Gwinnett Daily Post, she says, I will no longer allow them to stop this session without changing some of these legal guidelines, she stated this, they’ve got to trade the main elements of them in order that we at the least have a shot at prevailing.

So, John, they are admitting that they’re losing due to the fact different human beings are given a right to vote?

JOHN AVLON, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Yup. That is why I became guffawing, because she gave away the whole recreation there, so we at the least have a shot at winning. This isn’t always approximately integrity. This isn’t about strengthening self belief within the machine because the pinnacle of the Georgia election said this changed into a clean and honest election.

This is ready the modern salvo in a long attempt to make it greater tough to vote, to benefit the party in electricity, in this example Republicans because they are afraid the states are slipping faraway from them.

It’s not difficult. How you could tell? Any attempt to make it tougher to vote, to raise obstacles is a shape of suppression, and it’s partisan, it is political attack, it is the other of ensuring integrity and galvanizing self belief.

LEMON: Lawmakers in 33 states have proposed extra than 165 payments to make election regulation modifications. Is there some thing that Democrats can do about this, John, in Congress?

AVLON: In Congress? Yeah. In Congress, there’s a invoice, H.R.1, referred to as For the People Act. This is a massive deal. It became the first factor Nancy Pelosi surpassed last Congress. It should be a concern for this Congress after COVID comfort. What it basically might do is put a number of measures in place, like automated voter registration, to combat the statewide voter suppression efforts.

We still have the federal gadget wherein, you realize, states are going to do what states are going to do, but country wide efforts can, in fact, make it more tough for them to suppress the vote. It will also strengthen the Voting Rights Act. It is an important piece of law due to the fact we need democracy reform. I suppose we all should recognise that with the aid of now.

LEMON: And part of the concept, Van, is to result in person early vote casting on Sundays. I mean, that is blow to black churches, who hosts souls to the polls occasions. I imply, that is a direct hit on Black electorate.

VAN JONES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, yeah, because, I suggest, it’s miles an high-quality Catch-22. When African-Americans don’t vote, they say they do not care, they’re lazy, you realize, they must get some thing they ain’t, and the rules say right here’s all the ways you can vote and we start playing inside the rules, then they say we were given to exchange the guidelines, we were given to change the regulations, due to the fact by means of definition, if Black people win, we cheated.

It is inconceivable that we are able to simply intelligently take a look at the regulations and guidelines as has been recommend and then observe the regulations and win. So, black victory is, by using definition, illegitimate and calls for a big authorities response, consistent with the Republican Party.

As opposed to saying, hello, wager what guys, maybe we should deliver our souls to the polls, perhaps we ought to up our sport, no, you need to kneecap the other side as opposed to increasing your own performance, and that indicates you purchased little or no self belief to your very own ideas, to your personal birthday celebration, and to your citizens.

LEMON: But what’s that form of questioning, Van? When you reflect onconsideration on that, there’s no way — there is no way we are able to win. There is no way we are able to lose an election.

JONES: Yeah.

LEMON: The Black folks or the Democrats should be cheating someway. What is that mind-set?

JONES: Well, it is basically something we get is illegal. We do not win elections, we thieve elections. That is racism. That is white supremacy. That’s what that is called. It is exactly the equal. If a white person did it, they won the election. If a Black man or woman did it, they stole the election. Literally, they are attractive genuine equal conduct. Then what you are dealing with is a query of racism and white supremacy.

[23:forty four:58]

JONES: And I agree with John that we want federal movement. Part of what occurred is we all missed John Lewis and we all celebrate John Lewis, however the Voting Rights Act that he became beaten for on that bridge become essentially undermined by means of the Supreme Court.

That become a bipartisan bill, through the way, and were supported by using each parties, the Voting Rights Act, until the Supreme Court knocked it down. There is an opportunity to stand the Voting Rights Act back up in keeping with John Lewis and lots of this stuff would go away, however unluckily, we’re now not honoring our heroes.

LEMON: We have to be encouraging and making the opportunity for as many human beings to vote in this country as feasible. I just don’t recognize why Republicans try this all of the time, try and restriction people. It’s an apparent attempt at voter suppression.

Stay with us. We got plenty to talk about. I were given to get to a wreck. I will convey you, men, back on the opposite side. Don’t move everywhere.




LEMON: Abraham Lincoln is regularly hailed as one of America’s best president who ended slavery and shop the u . s . from crumble. But the reality approximately Lincoln is extra complex than that.

Now, the new CNN Original Series “Lincoln: Divided We Stand” explores Lincoln’s tragic personal life and records making political career to show the actual Abraham Lincoln and all his complexity and imperfection. Here is a preview.


UNKNOWN (voice-over): There is a physical distinction among the white and Black races. There must be a function of superior and inferior. I, as a great deal as some other guy, I am in want of getting the superior position assigned to the white race.

EDNA GREENE MEDFORD, AUTHOR, LINCOLN AND EMANCIPATION: Lincoln believed that he belonged to the advanced race. He believed that slavery became incorrect and that no man have to very own every other. But whether or now not freedom might suggest equality became some thing very one-of-a-kind.


LEMON: Back with Van and John now. John, by way of the manner, is the author of a imminent e-book “Lincoln and the Fight for Peace.” So, congratulations. Can you spot the display screen? I will display you later.

AVLON: Thank you.

LEMON: I just were given my palms on that.

AVLON: Nicely performed.

LEMON: So we will get that later. All proper, so, allow’s communicate approximately Lincoln Lincoln. John —

AVLON: Yeah.

LEMON: Lincoln has turn out to be an almost mythical discern in American history, invoked through both aspects of the aisle. But as we heard, one among the most important misconceptions approximately him is that — his tackle race. We rejoice Lincoln, but he’s a complex figure in our records.

AVLON: For positive. That quote is notorious. It’s from the Lincoln- Douglass debates. One speech and it’s a merely racist assertion in reality by using the standards of the day. But it’s far an outlier in the Lincoln lexicon. I assume this is critical to apprehend.

Lincoln changed into a complex discern. His views on race developed over time. But his whole political profession changed into primarily based on opposing the extension of slavery. When he executed the presidency, he, of direction, enacted the Emancipation Proclamation and forced thru the thirteenth Amendment, which changed into a fair greater success in terms of the permanence of any slavery.

So, you realize, as Frederick Douglass as soon as said, you recognize, from an abolitionist perspective, he become bloodless and overdue to the game, in effect. But from the angle of the national sentiment, he changed into radical and zealous and accomplished what no other president had carried out.

LEMON: Frederick Douglass has emerge as infamous. I mean, human beings, you realize, knowing approximately him greater.


AVLON: A little Trump reference there. I were given that.


AVLON: I got you.

LEMON: So, Biden, while he become being inaugurated, I have to say, the president-decide on referenced Lincoln in his speech, Van. Listen to this.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. When he positioned pen to paper, the president said, and I quote, “If my call ever goes down in the history, it is going to be for this act, and my whole soul is in it.” My entire soul is in it. Today, from this January day, my entire soul is in this, bringing America collectively.


LEMON: OK, so, only for comparison, Lincoln succeeded James Buchanan, who turned into widely regarded as one of the nation’s worst presidents, Van. Biden now follows Trump’s tarnished legacy. Well, Biden faces distinct occasions than Lincoln. Both guys tasked with recuperation a divided state. What do you suspect of Biden’s technique so far?

JONES: Listen, you understand, so far, so accurate. I do suppose it’s miles vital close to Lincoln. The complexity is important. It’s actual, he did arrive at a far better region, however even in his later years, he would have been flawlessly glad for Africans to go back to Africa. He never were given to where Frederick Douglass could have desired him, and yet he did top notch suitable.

And I might assume that that same popular may properly practice to Biden. There are a whole lot of folks that already are pissed off he hasn’t performed more, that he’s not more dedicated to positive issues and reasons, however I do think that you are seeing any individual who has a complicated road. He has gotten to the right location normal. What he is making an attempt to do proper now’s tremendously difficult.

Literally heal a kingdom in a plague, you obtain to heal the nation after you had an insurrection, you bought to heal a state, after which if you have an economy like this, you got to heal a state. He’s seeking to be a healer. Biden himself is complex.


JONES: But I assume that records can also look kindly on his efforts in all of their complexity the same manner we study Lincoln.

LEMON: Yeah. And whilst you bought mom nature slowing down the efforts to get the —


LEMON: — the vaccines into people’s palms, that does not assist, as nicely.

Thank you, gentlemen. I respect it. Thanks a lot.

Make certain you watch the all new CNN Original Series “Lincoln: Divided We Stand” on Sunday night time at 10 p.m. simplest on CNN. And I want you to realize about some thing that I’ve been operating on for some time now. There it’s miles. I simply were given my fingers in this. It is my new e book. “This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism.” It is coming out in just a few weeks. You can pre-order it anywhere you get books. So test it out. There is me at the lower back.

Thanks for looking, all and sundry. Our insurance continues.

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