How Chase Sapphire Preferred Condominium Vehicle Insurance Stored Me Over $seven-hundred!

I Sapphire actually have always questioned about the condo vehicle insurance that comes with your credit score card Sapphire and how nicely it might truly paintings in case you needed it.   Well, as luck could have it, I turned into capable Sapphire of put the  insurance question to the test on a current experience to Florence, Italy wherein my Chase Sapphire Preferred Sapphire Sapphire Rental Car Sapphire Insurance saved me over $seven hundred on a fender bender…

Putting Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance to the check…

I had nearly made it.  We have been on our way to the Avis rental vehicle lot on the airport, having finished a outstanding 2 day drive thru the Tuscan geographical region, which is probably the high-quality riding enjoy I have ever had.  Driving a guide transmission through the winding hillside roads and villages of Tuscany.  I pretty propose it!

However, using around the Florence airport is something but relaxing.  Traffic can get very congested and the symptoms leading to the condominium automobile return and now not properly marked.

As we have been coming near the airport, I made a incorrect change into the airport emergency vehicle lot.  The front changed into blocked, so I concept I might just put it in reverse and get lower back on the street.  But…..I didn’t see the concrete barrier at the back of me and bumped right into it…

Darn it!  I become minutes far from a perfect using document in Italy…

Oh nicely… I eventually found my way to the condominium vehicle go back and instructed the fellow at Avis about the incident.  He quick revealed out my receipt with a damage estimate.  Apparently the condominium vehicle companies have a listing of predetermined charges for various kinds of harm.  In this case, Rear Bumper Damage is 439 Euro + 20% VAT tax (making that a $seven hundred bone-headed move!)

Luckily, I paid for the condo with my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and waived the coverage from Avis, since the Sapphire Preferred card comes with Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver.

Why I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card for this rental:

I selected to apply my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit score card to pay for the auto condo for two motives:

1. No Foreign Transaction Fees:This is a tremendous gain for worldwide tourists.  It will save you from having to pay the 3% surcharge located on global credit score card transactions.

2. Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver:The Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance characteristic gives insurance, at no extra cost, for damage because of collision or theft when you Sapphire fee the whole rental on your covered card and decline the collision damage waiver provided by the rental coverage.

I should admit that I became a little skeptical if they might virtually honor the insurance.

It took a bit even as, but they included it!

Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance: The Claims Process

September 30 – Date of the Accident

October 1 – I returned home and referred to as Chase.  They simply redirected me to Visa, as it’s miles really Visa that covers the declare, no longer Chase.  Visa asked me to fill out an “Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Benefit Claim Form” – via  They stated that upon their receipt of this completed document, they might get returned in contact with me regarding subsequent steps.

November 2 – I obtained the subsequent letter from Visa, indicating the final information that is needed to finalize my declare.

November 2 – December 15 – It took me a little whilst to gather all of this data.  I had to call the Avis international customer support wide variety to get the relevant restore information and incident report, however they ultimately were given it for me.

January sixteen – I get an e mail pointing out that I will get a credit on my upcoming Visa statement for the damage.  They included the whole lot.   I went to my account and saw that the credit for the claim without a doubt published at the identical day I received this email.

Saved with the aid of my card!  The Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance Coverage is the actual deal!!

Overall it changed into a chunk of a ache to go through all the paperwork associated with making the claim.  But the fact is, I screwed up and they included me.  Going forward I will always make certain to use my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card for any global vehicle condo.

Key Point – Check together with your credit card company to see if they provide Primary or Secondary Insurance for the automobile.  This makes a large difference and also you want to be aware of the consequences.

Primary insurance is ideal, Secondary insurance virtually best covers you past what your “number one insurance provider”  (your automobile insurance issuer) is willing to cowl OR if the primary coverage doesn’t follow (which includes on worldwide trips).

In my case, this become an global experience, so Visa acted as my number one coverage.

Other essential things to recognise approximately Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance:

Here are a few other frequently asked questions and vital things to recognise whilst filing a claim the usage of your Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance.

What is the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”) related to my Chase Credit Card?

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver benefit is a card advantage made to be had to you at no additional value which applies while you operate your covered card to provoke and whole a condominium automobile transaction.  The benefit gives reimbursement for:

Physical damage and robbery of the covered rental vehicle.Valid loss-of-use fees imposed and substantiated by means of the rental agency. (This is a rate that the condominium business enterprise expenses at the same time as the car is out of service because of harm).Reasonable and normal towing fees, due to a blanketed loss, to the nearest qualified repair facility.Reasonable administrative costs charged by means of the condo business enterprise.Does this waiver require a deductible?

No, there may be no deductible.

What steps do I need to take to make sure that Auto Rental CDW (i.e. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Coverage)is in effect once I lease a automobile ?

This may be very critical!  Here’s what you want to do:

Initiate and complete the complete apartment transaction the usage of your card that is eligible for the benefit.Decline the apartment business enterprise’s collision harm waiver or comparable provision if it’s far supplied to you. The agency may talk to the collision damage waiver as CDW or LDW of their settlement or when speaking with you.

If you receive the collision damage waiver supplied by way of the rental agency, you will not be eligible for Auto Rental CDW.

What Sapphire types of Vehicle are protected under the Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance Policy?

While the gain is designed to cowl most apartment vehicles, a few exclusions do practice. The following kinds of vehicles are excluded in all locations and on all card sorts: antique cars; shipment trucks; certain vans; cars with an open cargo mattress; trucks; motorcycles; mopeds; motorbikes; limousines; and leisure automobiles.

Certain playing cards additionally exclude high-priced or unusual motors. Examples of costly or unique vehicles are the Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Tesla. However, selected fashions of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Infiniti, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, and Range Rover are protected, which can also range depending on place of apartment.

An vintage vehicle is described as one this is over twenty (20) years old, or one which has not been synthetic for ten (10) years or more.

Vans aren’t blanketed. But those designed as small-institution transportation automobiles (seating up to nine (9) people, together with the driving force) are included.

If you have got questions on whether coverage could follow to a selected car you have got rented or are thinking about renting, we urge you to Sapphire name the Benefit Administrator at 1-800-348-8472.

What type of conditions aren’t blanketed beneath the Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Policy?

It is vital to realize what isn’t always included underneath the harm waiver.  Some of the greater commonplace exclusions are indexed beneath:

Any responsibility You count on underneath any agreement (aside from the deductible on Your private car coverage)

Any violation of the auto condo agreement or this advantage

Injury of every body, or damage to something, inside or out of doors the Rental Vehicle

Loss or theft of private assets

Personal liability

Expenses assumed, waived, or paid by means of the automobile rental organisation, or its insurer

The fee of any coverage, or collision damage waiver, offered by using or bought thru the automobile condominium organisation

Depreciation of the Rental Vehicle resulting from the incident consisting of, however not constrained to, “diminished value”

Expenses reimbursable by way of Your insurer, agency, or employer’s coverage

Theft or damage because of intentional acts, or because of the motive force(s) being underneath the have an impact on of alcohol, intoxicants, or capsules, or because of contraband, or illegal activities

Wear and tear, slow deterioration, or mechanical breakdown

Items not established with the aid of the original producer

Damage because of off-road operation of the Rental Vehicle

Theft or damage due to hostility of any type (inclusive of, but not constrained to, battle, invasion, rebel, rebel, or terrorist activities)

Confiscation with the aid of authorities

Vehicles that do not meet the definition of blanketed automobiles

Leases and mini rentals

Theft or damage due to the authorized motive force’s and/or cardholder’s lack of affordable care in defensive the Rental Vehicle before and/or after damage or robbery occurs (as an instance, leaving the auto strolling and unattended)

Theft or harm reported extra than forty-five (45) days* after the Sapphire date of the incident (This timeframe may vary relying at the phrases and situations of your card. Please confer with your Guide to Benefits provided to you by your Issuing Bank).

Theft or harm from rental transactions that originated in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland (This does now not observe to all Cards so please name the Benefit Administrator to determine if this exclusion applies on your Card).

Answers to additional questions on the Chase Sapphire Preferred Rental Car Insurance Policy may be found here.

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