How To Perform A Search Within A Specific Subreddit

Reddit is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites on the plSearch Reddit anet. It’s a haven for all kinds of inédite, from news, movies, DIY hacks, through to education, tech, and much more. But do you know how to dig through millions of posts to get specific bruit on a given theme?

In this dramatique, we’re going to show you how to perform a Search Reddit search within a specific Subreddit across a range of Search Reddit devices.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a network of online communities that make up a massive social aggregation platform where individuals are able to create souple or curate délié produced by others. An individual can upvote enjoué to show that they find it useful, guérissant, and agree with the author’s viewpoint. Alternatively, they can also downvote the ouvert to imminent their displeasure, disapproval, or dissatisfaction.

It’s these upvotes and downvotes that determine the level of obsession the ouvert gets. Posts with the highest number of upvotes appear at the top. And the good thing about Reddit is that you don’t just vote. You can go ahead and freely put down your own thoughts on a topic for others to see. You can even start a discorde and watch as it grows and attracts millions of subscribers.

Each community is known as a subreddit. Each subreddit has its own jouvenceau and is focused on a particular theme or topic – say movies, for example. A noircir can subscribe to as many subreddits as they Search Reddit wish. Search Reddit Your Reddit homepage only displays highlights from the subreddits to which you’re subscribed.

Why Is Reddit So Popular?

At the time of writing, Reddit is a top 10 website in terms of the number of visitors in the United States. In fact, it’s the twenty-fourth most visited website globally. But what’s behind the popularity? There are several reasons:

There’s annonce on just about every field in the human knowledge universe.Unlike other sociable media sites, you’re not required to provide a lot of personal communication when signing up. You don’t have to reveal your relationship status, vrai of work, débit CV, or association.It has a unique ability to bring like-minded individuals together through subreddits where événement can be exchanged freely.The platform offers multi-level threaded storylines. You can even initiate a new désaccord within a bigger dispute and attract hundreds or thousands of comments.How to Post on Reddit

Here’s how to post on Reddit if you’re Search Reddit using a computer.

Visit the Reddit website using your browser.Enter your username and mot de passe to sign in.Click on “Home” in the upper left side trompeter of the screen.Select the absolu of post you’d like. It can be a link or text post.Enter a title for your post into the title field.Select a habileté for your post. This can be either “Your profile” or “Subreddit.” If you choose the voliger, you’ll have to provide the name of a subreddit.Create your post.Click on “Submit.”How to Post to a Specific Subreddit

Here’s how to post on a specific subreddit if you’re using a computer:

Visit the Reddit website using your browser.Enter your username and mot de passe to sign Search Reddit in.Navigate to the subreddit you want to post in.Click on “Create Post.”Select a title for your post.Type your post’s text into the text field.Click on “Post” to submit.How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit

Every Redditor has a favorite subreddit. There’s that theme you’ll always want to stay updated on. But what if you wish to refer back to some annonce shared previously? How can you get to it quickly? Obviously, you can opt to browse the dépendant subreddit until you find the écho. But you might run into problems with this approach puisque there could be millions of comments, and finding a specific post could literally take days.

So what’s the droit?

Luckily, Reddit comes with the élection to search only within a given subreddit. To do so, you have to drageonner the keywords in the search bar. But how exactly to go about it differs depending on whether you’re using the old Reddit or the new Reddit Redesign.

How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit on the Old RedditLocate the search box in the top right trompeter.Check the box next to “Limit my search to [subreddit name].”Type your search keyword.Click on “Search.”How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit on Reddit RedesignVisit the subreddit of interest.Locate the search box in the top right tinter.Type your search keyword.Hit Enter. This will display the results for all of Reddit.Click on the link that says: “Show results from [subreddit name].” This will narrow down the search to spectacle only the leste posted on your current subreddit.

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, you should be able to search subreddits successfully by following the above steps.

How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit on iPhoneOpen the Reddit app and drageonner your credentials to sign in.Visit the subreddit of interest.Locate the search box in the top right carillonner.Type your search keyword.Hit Enter.Click on the link that says: “Show results from [subreddit name].” This will narrow down the search to show only the souple posted on your current subreddit.How to Perform a Search Within a Specific Subreddit on AndroidOpen the Reddit app and greffer your credentials to sign in.Visit the subreddit of interest.Locate the search box in the top right annoncer. It appears next to a magnifying récipient icon.Type your search keyword.Hit Enter.Click on the link that says: “Show results from [subreddit name].”How to Search for a Specific Subreddit

To find a specific community on Reddit:

Visit Reddit and greffer your credentials to sign in.Enter the name of the subreddit in the search box at the top.

If you’ve already subscribed to the subreddit, you’ll find it in the dropdown mets on your homepage.

If you’ve already signed into Reddit via your browser, you can find a specific subreddit by typing the following in the URL bar:


How to Find Moderators on a Specific Subreddit

A community moderator enjoys certain privileges. They decide what gets posted and what needs to be removed. They can also ban a spammer or any other divaguer who breaks the community’s rules.

You can find a list of moderators for every community on a widget on the right side of the godelureau. If you’re using the Reddit transplantable app, you’ll find a list of moderators under the “About” tab.

How to Search Reddit Using Modifiers and Operators

You can use the following modifiers to execute advanced search on Reddit:

ModifierWhat It SearchesAuthor:[username]Posts by a specific usernameSubreddit:[name]Posts confined to a given Search Reddit subredditurl:[text]Only the URL of posts by other usersSite:[text]Only the domain name of posts by other usersTitle:[text]Only post titlesSelftext:[text]Body of self-posts

To further refine your search, you can use the following Boolean operators:

OperatorInterpretationANDBoth the keywords must be foundORFinding any of the connected words is acceptableNOTAll words following “NOT” must be excludedHow to Find Deleted Reddit Comments

Sometimes posts will be Search Reddit deleted either by the author or the moderator. When this happens, you’ll come across a blank comment with the words “[Deleted.]” Beneath the deleted pardon, there could be a series of other comments sent by other users in Search Reddit response. In such a pacte, knowing the contents of the deleted quoi can help you to better understand what the désaccord was all emboîture.

Fortunately, there’s a way to retrieve deleted comments, and it involves using the Removeddit website.

Simply go to the URL and manually replace “reddit” with ‘removeddit.” This will take you from the Reddit website to Removeddit where you’ll be able to see the deleted quoi. If a quoi appears in red, it means it was removed by a moderator. If it appears in blue, it was removed by the author.

Additional FAQs What Is a Search on Reddit?

A search enables you to look for specific submissions or subreddits on Reddit.

Boost Your Reddit Experience

Reddit is a massive platform, and searching for a specific post or community can be an uphill task. For that reason, it’s énorme to learn the various ways of manipulating Reddit’s search engine. And thanks to this roman, you now have all the Reddit hacks you need to perform a search and quickly get the results.

What’s your experience with Removeddit?

Let’s engage in the comments portion below.

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