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Asof the most popular journey rewards credit cards, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve Sapphire make it tough for candidates to pick out between them.

Chase Sapphire Preferred (see our Chase Sapphire Preferred Review) affords splendid journey rewards and advantages at an annual rate ($ninety five) this is considerably much less than that of Chase Sapphire Reserve ($550 – see our Chase Sapphire Reserve Review).

Over time, but, a few Preferred cardmembers may also begin to comprehend that they could additionally make use of the benefits of the Reserve card.

Can you upgrade from Chase Sapphire Preferred to Reserve?

Yes, you could upgrade from Chase Sapphire Preferred to Chase Sapphire Reserve by cellphone (dial the wide variety on the returned of your existing Chase credit card) or on-line (via a stable message on your on line account).

Are you any such customers considering upgrading?

Here’s what you want to recognise before making a transfer.

Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. ReserveBenefitPreferredReserveAnnual Sapphire fee$95$550Rewards rates2x points on eating and tour; 1x point on all other purchases3x factors on eating and journey; 1x factor on all different purchasesCreditsNone$300 journey announcement credits and $100 Global Entry/TSA Precheck club creditLounge accessNonePriority Pass SelectTravel rewards redemption rate1.251.5Travel loyalty application transfersYesYesAuthorized consumer rate$0$75Why Choose Chase Sapphire Preferred?

At first glance, the Chase Sapphire Preferred might appear to be the higher credit score card for you.

The annual fee is best $ninety five.

By a ways the maximum attractive feature is the signal-up bonus factors you could earn after spending meeting the spend requirement.

You’ll earn 2X factors for every $1 you spend on eating places and travel, and one point on all different purchases.

Also, points are worth 25% extra whilst you ebook tour via Chase Sapphire Ultimate Rewards. This includes airfare, motels, car leases, and cruises.

You may even transfer your points to tour companions. These include United, British Airways, Hyatt, or Marriott.

Why Choose the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

If you’re glad with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can now not experience a need to improve to Sapphire Reserve. But don’t straight away brush aside the concept of a transfer.

It’s important to understand how the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit score card can offer the largest bang for your dollar tour-sensible.

The card comes with a in addition rewarding signal-up bonus. Additionally, you’ll earn 3X points on journey purchases.

This card additionally includes a $three hundred annual tour credit. And, cardholders can benefit complimentary get entry to to one thousand+ VIP airport lounges international. Plus enjoy the elite lodge and special car rental privileges.

Points are worth 50% greater when you e-book travel thru Chase Ultimate Rewards. This is in which theoutshines the Sapphire Preferred.

Keep in mind that these introduced blessings aren’t with out price. One drawback to upgrading to the Sapphire Reserve is the $550 annual fee.

Before you improve, consider how in all likelihood you’re to use the extra blessings.

How to Upgrade from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to Reserve

Chase will no longer approve customers for a couple of Sapphire credit score card at a time.

With that being stated, here’s what you can do when you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card however feel the Sapphire Reserve card is a higher healthy in your wallet.

Request an upgrade to Sapphire Reserve

Contact customer service by way of phone to get an upgrade. Or, register to your Chase account and post your request through secured on line messaging.

In maximum cases, you’ll get a response in some hours.

Approvals aren’t guaranteed. But the odds are in your choose in case you’ve maintained a high credit score score and you’ve a history of coping with credit responsibly.

Be conscious of the reality that you should have your Chase Sapphire Preferred account for as a minimum 13 months previous to requesting an upgrade.

While the Sapphire Reserve offers a sign-up bonus, you don’t qualify for these bonus points when upgrading from the Preferred card. These playing cards are in the identical own family and taken into consideration the equal product.

You will, but, gain immediate get right of entry to to better blessings after the switch, specifically a higher factor cost. This can make up for now not getting the bonus points.

Apply as a new cardmember

The right news is there’s a way to switch from the Sapphire Preferred to the Sapphire Reserve and get the bonus points. This includes skipping the improve and making use of for the Reserve card.

First, you need to cancel your Sapphire Preferred credit score card. Once you’ve closed this account, practice for the Sapphire Reserve credit score card.

Keep in thoughts that this approach will only paintings if it’s been as a minimum 24 months since you acquired your preliminary bonus factors from the Preferred card.

If you close up and practice for a new Sapphire account any faster, you will be ineligible for the bonus.

Make sure you recognize the possible repercussions of final a credit score card Sapphire account. If you’ve got other cards with excessive balances, remaining your Sapphire Preferred card may want to purpose a spike for your credit score usage ratio.

This can lower your credit score and make it more difficult to qualify for the Sapphire Reserve card.

Also, if the Sapphire Preferred is your oldest credit account, final the card can make your credit history appear shorter. This can also motive mild damage on your credit score rating.

How to Handle Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Only you could determine whether or not to cancel your Sapphire Preferred and apply for the— or request an upgrade. In both case, it’s essential which you don’t lose your Chase Ultimate Reward points.

Phone quantity for Chase Sapphire Preferred customers: 1-800-493-3319

Redeem closing factors

Unfortunately, last your Chase Sapphire Preferred can suggest forfeiting unused Ultimate Reward Points.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of the card, redeem any closing points earlier than last the account.

Transfer unused points

If you’re not able to redeem your points — and you’ve any other Chase credit card — one workaround is transferring unused points to this card account.

You can also transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards to airline or resort companions before last the account.

Does your spouse have a card that earns Chase Ultimate Rewards? If so, transfer your points to their card before last the account to nevertheless experience the rewards.

Downgrade to some other Chase card

Another choice is downgrading your Sapphire Preferred to a Chase card that has no annual fees. Perhaps to the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit score card.

Chase doesn’t approve clients for a couple of Sapphire card. But you could get a Sapphire card and another card inside the Chase circle of relatives.

Understand that even as you’re able to switch factors when downgrading from a Sapphire Preferred to a card within the freedom line, factors will now not have the identical fee as earlier than.

Still, losing value is better than forfeiting all of your factors.

Upgrade and maintain your factors

The suitable news approximately upgrading is that you don’t lose or forfeit reward factors. Your Ultimate Reward points will transfer over when you upgrade your account.

If you’re thinking about an improve, hold off on redeeming factors till you whole the transfer. This manner, you’ll get greater fee on your points.

Remember, you’re eligible for a 50% bonus while booking journey through Chase Ultimate Rewards with the Sapphire Reserve. You handiest get a 25% bonus whilst booking tour together with your Sapphire Preferred.

How Upgrading Affects Your Credit

Make certain you understand how upgrading or making use of for a new card impacts your credit score. Getting authorized for the Sapphire Reserve requires an brilliant credit score history.

In fact, the common FICO score of these authorized is around 785, in line with Chase.

A accurate credit score rating and credit history determines your credit restrict, as well as your interest price.

But it isn’t enough to have top notch credit score. Chase takes different elements into consideration when determining whether or not to approve an applicant. Your probabilities of approval are higher if you have a low credit score utilization ratio.

This is your quantity of total revolving debt compared for your credit limits. This ratio must no longer exceed 30%.

Chase also uses a “5/24 rule” while deciding whether or not to approve an application. In other phrases, you have to have fewer than five new credit score playing cards for the duration of the preceding 24 months.

You can be ineligible for an upgrade or a brand new card if you have latest past due bills on your credit score document.

Check your credit file and credit rating before inquiring for an improve. Or earlier than applying for a brand new account.

Dispute mistakes, pay your bills on time, and pay down balances when you have a excessive credit score usage ratio.


Theand Sapphire theare both extremely good alternatives.

The Sapphire Preferred does have a decrease annual charge, which is a more ideal function. Therefore, you may hesitate to use for the Sapphire Reserve because of its $550 annual fee.

But recollect, this card additionally consists of a $three hundred annual tour credit. So the Reserve card is in reality best $55 extra each year. If you’re a huge visitor who’s looking to maximize your rewards, the Sapphire Reserve is the higher card.

Then once more, you is probably new to the Sapphire family and don’t travel as a whole lot. In this situation, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a extra starter card.

Use the cardboard for one or two years, see how you like it, after which do not forget an improve at a later time.

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