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LexingLexington Kentucky ton is a city in Fayette County, Kentucky. In 1974, the governments of the city of Lexington and Fayette County combined to create the current Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.[1] For the sake of brevity and consistency, however, “Lexington” and “the city of Lexington” are used throughout this article in reference to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. As of 2013, the population of Lexington-Fayette was 308,428.[2]

City government

See Lexington Kentucky also: Mayor-council government

The city of Lexington utilizes a strong mayor and city council system. In this form of municipal government, the city council serves as the city’s primary legislative body and the mayor serves as the city’s chief executive.


The mayor serves as the city’s chief executive, and is responsible for proposing a budget, signing legislation into law, appointing departmental directorsand overseeing the city’s day-to-day operations. The mayor also holds veto powers and represents the city on the state, national and international levels.[3] Linda Gorton is the current mayor of Lexington.[4]

City council

The Lexington City Council – more commonly known as the Urban County Council (in reference to the city-county merger) – is the city’s primary legislative body. It is responsible for adopting the city budget, approving mayoral appointees, levying taxes, and making or amending city laws, policies and ordinances.[5]

MembershipSee also: List of current city council officials of the top 100 cities in the United States

Lexington’s city council has 15 members. Three are elected at large to serve four-year terms, while the other 12 are elected by the city’s 12 districts to serve two-year terms.[5] A map of Lexington’s districts is shown below. A full list of city council members can be found Lexington Kentucky here.


The Lexington City Council has six standing committees that are responsible for shaping city policies and drafting legislation.[6] For a full list of city council committees, see here.

Mayoral partisanship

See also: Party affiliation of the mayors of the 100 largest cities

Lexington has a Republican mayor. As of August 2021, 63 mayors in the largest 100 cities by population are affiliated with the Democratic Party, 26 are affiliated with the Republican Party, four are independents, six identify as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, and one mayor’s affiliation is unknown. While most mayoral Lexington Kentucky elections in the 100 largest cities are nonpartisan, most officeholders are affiliated with a political party. Click here for a list of the 100 largest cities’ mayors and their partisan affiliations.



See also: City elections in Lexington, Kentucky (2020)

The city of Lexington, Kentucky, held general elections for urban county council districts 1 through 12 and four soil and water supervisor positions on November 3, 2020. A primary was scheduled for June 23, 2020. The filing deadline for urban county council candidates was January 10, 2020, and the filing deadline for soil and water supervisor candidates was June 2, 2020.

2018See also: Municipal elections in Lexington, Kentucky (2018) and Mayoral election in Lexington, Kentucky (2018)

The city of Lexington, Kentucky, held general elections for mayor, city council, county commission, other county positions, and local judgeships on November 6, 2018. The primary was on May 22, 2018.The deadline for candidates to file to run in this election was January 30, 2018.


See also: Municipal elections in Lexington, Kentucky (2016)

The city of Lexington, Kentucky, held elections for city council on November 8, 2016. Since no more than two candidates filed for any given district, there were no primary races. The filing deadline for candidates who wished to run in this election was January 26, 2016.


See also: Municipal elections in Lexington, Kentucky (2014)

The city of Lexington, Kentucky, held nonpartisan elections for mayor and city council on November 4, 2014. A primary election took place on May 20, 2014. The filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was January 28, 2014.[7]

All fifteen city council seats were up for election.

Census information

The table below shows demographic information about the city.

Demographic data for Lexington, Kentucky (2015)

 LexingtonKentuckyTotal population:308,3064,424,611

Land area (square miles):28439,486Race and ethnicity[8]


Black/African American:14.5%7.9%


Native American:0.3%0.2%

Pacific Islander:0%0%

Two or more:2.9%2.1%


High school graduation rate:89.8%84.2%

College graduation rate:41.2%22.3%Income

Median household income:$49,778$43,740

Persons below poverty level:18.9%22.7%Source: U.S. Census Bureau, “American Community Survey” (5-year estimates 2010-2015)Budget


Lexington’s total operating budget for fiscal year 2017 was $341 million.[9]

Click here to see the sources of government revenue in the 100 largest cities in America by population in fiscal year 2017.


Lexington’s total operating budget for fiscal year 2016 was $324 million.[9]


Lexington’s adopted operating budget for fiscal year 2015 was $540 million.[10]

Lexington, Kentucky salaries and pensions over $95,000

Below is a map of the nationwide salaries and pensions in this city over $95,000. To search a different ZIP code, enter it in the search bar within the map.

Contact information

Office of the Mayor

200 E. Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Office: (859) 258-3100

Fax: (859) 258-3194

[email protected]

See here to contact individual council members.

Ballot measures

See also: Fayette County, Kentucky ballot measures

The city of Lexington is in Fayette County. A list of ballot measures in Fayette County is available here.


In 2010, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County government spent a total of $37,368 on federal lobbying. The city filed one report for Federal Budget and Appropriations and one report for Environment and Superfund. No information after 2010 is available.[11]

Issues in the city

Events and activity following the death of George Floyd

See also: Events following the death of George Floyd and responses in select cities from May 29-31, 2020

During the weekend of May 29-31, 2020, demonstrations and Lexington Kentucky protests took place in cities nationwide, including Lexington, following the death of George Floyd.Events in Lexington, Kentucky began on Friday, May 29, 2020, at the Fayette County Courthouse.[12] No curfews were issued. The national guard was not deployed.

Nondiscrimination laws

See also: Employment nondiscrimination laws in Kentucky

In July 2015, the Movement Advancement Project described Lexington, Kentucky, as a city or county that prohibited discrimination in employment on the basis of gender identity via ordinances that apply to public and

private employers.[13] At that time, a total of 71 of America’s largest 100 cities prohibited private employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, while 69 of those cities also prohibited discrimination based on gender identity. This did not include those jurisdictions that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity for government employees.

Nondiscrimination laws can cover a variety of areas, including public employment, private employment, housing, and public accommodations. Such laws may be enacted at the state, county, or city level.

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City of Lexington

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City Council

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