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however one element that might not alternate right here Divided is that at the house of a compare, the door is usually open, and you’re continually welcome Divided to join the banquet.formerly on “lincoln: divided we stand” — >> lincoln does not start out as an ardent abolitionist. but frederick douglass is going to work on him. others go to work on him, and over the years he modifications. >> the war will become a battle to abolish slavery. >> the conflict ends on april 9th, 1865. >> at appomattox, provide gives a very generous Divided set of peace phrases. the soldiers will all be pardoned. >> lincoln had no stomach for

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retribution. >> lincoln desires to win the peace as well as win the conflict. ♪ >> proper after appomattox, lincoln seems on the window of the white house and accepts the applause of well wishers. >> crowds are amassed across the white residence. Divided there are bands gambling. there’s jubilation anywhere. and lincoln says, permit’s listen “dixie.” someone inside the target market says, dixie? that’s a accomplice track. he says, no, we won it truthful and rectangular. it is the spoils of conflict. allow’s have the song. tad even waves a accomplice flag that he added lower back from the the front. ♪ >> the struggle was over, but what changed into the political fallout of that? >> congress authorized the thirteenth

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change. >> black people are not leaving the us of a, and so what’s their fate going to be as individuals? ♪ >> on april 9th, 1865, robert e. lee’s give up efficaciously brings the civil conflict to an cease. in the 4 years of brutal Divided violence, almost 800,000 americans lost their lives. in spite of the relaxation and celebration victory brings, the country has paid a hefty charge, which weighs heavily on the president. >> lincoln certainly internalized what the loss of existence in the civil conflict intended for each

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circle of relatives, each family. you notice it in his face. >> lincoln on the time he turned into elected president, he is 51. he looks as if a young man. four years later, he seems like your wonderful-grandmother. >> lincoln knew in a way that become precise a few of the exquisite war-making leaders the consequences of the struggle he made. >> however now president lincoln need to reunite a shattered u . s . and integrate four million freed african-americans into a racially divided society. >> the struggle is carried out. humans are awaiting a wonderful triumphal speech from abraham lincoln. butdays after appomattox, he does something a little bit more complex. he offers a speech that turns to a communication approximately the undertaking of reconstruction. he said, we need to have a

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non-ideological technique to reconstruction. and he goes similarly in a single detail than he is ever long past before. he says that he believes that black human beings have to be allowed to vote, at least the ones who’ve served inside the armed forces and those who’re very sensible, by which we count on he meant literate. >> what a shocking concept that turned into. in a society that held the inner most racist ideologies approximately the incompetencesy of blacks. >> from a man who changed into not an abolitionist, was now not really in basic terms anti-slavery in phrases of doing very plenty about it, and he finally ends up saying that maybe blacks ought to vote. that is incredible. >> there was one person inside the target audience who did recognize how innovative that perception was, and that became a charismatic younger actor named john wilkes sales space. >> sales space says, that means n-phrase

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citizenship. >> and then john wilkes booth vowed to kill him immediately or quickly thereafter. >> sales space is a hugely a hit main man, very popular among ladies. he’s additionally a marylander, technically a southern kingdom. so he has this hatred for blacks and this sense of white supremacy. and although the confederacy were defeated, he is nonetheless committed to southern victory. >> sales space turned into what we would now call a racist terrorist. he had heard lincoln promise to enfranchise black veterans, and this is some thing that he cannot allow happen. >> but he had no plan — until april 14th, 1865. it had absolutely been published inside the newspapers earlier that

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day that the president and mrs. lincoln have been anticipated at ford’s theatre. >> it triggers a multi-pronged plot to kill lincoln and his pinnacle cupboard participants all at the equal night time. >> booth believed that if he may want to dispose of the leader figures inside the management, that by some means the south may still succeed. >> sales space and his co-conspirators acquire in a dark tavern to choreograph three simultaneous murders. the plan is for booth to kill lincoln at ford’s theatre, george at ser data to shoot the vice president, andrew johnson. and for louis powell and david harrold to murder the secretary of kingdom, william seward. >> booth is working out of a type of faulty, slightly psychotic urge in the direction of self-dramatization, a theatrical gesture on behalf of the south

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towards tyranny. >> sales space become given a grandiosity. he thinks, while i leave the theater, i’ll be the most well-known man in the usa. >> announcer: this cnn authentic collection “lincoln: divided we stand,” is introduced to you with the aid of cologard, colon cancer screening made easy. to find ninety two% of colon cancers even in early tiers. inform me greater. it is for human beings forty five plus at common threat for colon most cancers, not high hazard. false high quality and negative consequences can also arise. ask your prescriber or an internet prescriber if cologuard is right for you. i’ll do it. excellent plan. it all starts offevolved with an invite… …to revel in lexus. the invitation to lexus income occasion.

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for after his 2d time period is over. >> they were too unhappy during current years to consider the future. and now they could talk about their plans. he said that he wanted to journey. >> this man who suffered so should at that second locate a few pleasure and find a few happiness. >> that nighttime, the lincolns head to ford’s theatre to enjoy a comedy with friends. >> as lincoln gets to the container, there is a murmur due to the fact people see him. [ applause ] >> all 1,600 human beings rose to their feet and started out applauding the president. >> the orchestra conductor tells them play “hail to the leader.” and abraham lincoln eliminates his hat, appears down on the audience,

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and bows to them. >> lincoln were pretty closely guarded for the complete war. but when the battle ended, the vigilance eased, and each person permit their collective guard down. >> mary was sitting there with lincoln. they have been whispering in each other’s ear. they have been like a young couple, and he or she said to him, human beings can see. what’s going to they think of us? and he stated, they’ll assume nothing of it. after which a man entered the container. >> lincoln truely slumps in his chair. his head falls forward. >> mary, whilst she noticed the blood, began screaming.

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>> predominant rath bone stands up, wrestles with sales space. booth yells “freedom,” after which he cuts him deep with a knife and rathbone shall we cross. >> then booth leapt off onto the stage. >> he lands inconsistently. at that moment, booth cries out — what he’s saying is, it’s miles i, john wilkes sales space, who has slain the tyrant. and then he yells “the south is avenged.” he runs off the stage and goes to the rendezvous point. >> but unluckily the relaxation of the plot failed to workout. lewis powell attacked william seward, however he survives. george atzerodt, who turned into imagined to kill andrew johnson, couldn’t summon the braveness to do so and left the scene. however john wilkes sales space did the deed. >> as sales space frantically rides to meet his co-conspirators at a safehouse in maryland, ford’s

10:14 pm

theatre descends into pandemonium. >> they bring him out around the same balcony he is simply entered in triumph and down the slender stairs. >> now the president is loss of life within the middle of a avenue. >> and someone from a boardinghouse porch throughout the street simply yells, convey him in here. >> so that they went into the boardinghouse of william peterson. then they sent the phrase out to individuals of the cupboard, to the doctors. >> and the vigil begins. >> lincoln’s respiratory will become greater abnormal. his gasps become louder and more damn. >> and mary collapsed at the

10:15 pm

ground in hysteria. >> anguished cries and shrieks. she screams one too oftentimes, at the least for edwin stanton, the secretary of battle. >> and stanton said, take that girl out of here, and don’t permit her returned in. now, in the 19th century, there has been no more sacred area for a wife than to be via the dying aspect of her husband. this turned into a sacred obligation, and that i suppose she become owed more than being robbed of that experience. >> at some point of the night time, lincoln’s situation worsens. but because the united states of america anxiously awaits news of the president, the manhunt for john wilkes sales space starts offevolved. to expose sparkling pores and skin. with diet c and pineapple extract.

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as the past due hours of april 14th, 1865, trickle into morning, president abraham lincoln’s condition worsens. >> and the heart beat simply grows fainter and fainter until 7:22 inside the morning whilst he stops respiration and that they pronounce him lifeless. handiest then is mary added in and collapses again at his bedside.

10:20 pm

>> lincoln is killed on suitable friday and is derived to be seen as a person who is made a martyr for a broader cause. >> lithographers commenced printing these pics of lincoln and washington up inside the clouds searching down on the usa, making this remaining sacrifice. >> black humans in washington have been accumulating outdoor the white residence gates, feeling the loss specially keenly. he was seen as a protector. >> even the confederate military leadership changed into appalled by means of the manner that booth snuck up behind the man and shot him within the again of the head. that’s now not a brave act. it truly is not an honorable factor that a soldier might do. so 20 confederate generals signed a paper that said they condemn the assassination. people had been astonished that not

10:21 pm

all southerners applauded booth for what he did. the country changed into incensed that booth had vanished. it was and remains the finest manhunt in american history. >> john wilkes sales space rides out of washington, d.c. and into southern maryland, in which he acquires firearms and meets up with co-conspirator david herold. >> however sales space injured his leg. he’s worn-out and he’s in pain. lucky booth is aware of a crow secessionist, racist, slave-keeping health practitioner, samuel mudd. tomorrow, from mudd learns that abraham lincoln has been shot after which who shot him. dr. mudd tells sales space, what have you ever accomplished? what have you ever gotten me worried in? you gotta cross.

10:22 pm

and sales space and david herold depart. however when the union soldiers ask, in which did the strangers cross, dr. mudd factors inside the contrary course that john wilkes booth went. >> union troops canvass maryland. with each passing day, the u . s . a . grows hungrier for sales space’s seize. >> the nation changed into transfixed by the manhunt. it become a countrywide obsession. secretary of conflict stanton legal a $a hundred,000 praise. strangers had been arrested on trains due to the fact that they had black hair and a black mustache. and so booth and herold are determined. there are union troops anywhere. they determine the excellent approach is to hide at the same time as the troops bypass via maryland.

10:23 pm

so for the subsequent several days, sales space and david herold camp out within the far off pine thicket. >> a former accomplice secret agent brings the fugitives food and newspapers. sales space is shocked to study that the united states of america has dubbed lincoln a martyr and him a chilly-blooded killer. >> sales space in reality notion he would be a hero. >> ten days after the assassination, booth and herold go into virginia, believing they’ll be safe. >> they go to the geary farm. they don’t tell the circle of relatives who they are and what they have done, and the family is of the same opinion to take them in. but then a union patrol rides by means of and david herold and booth hide. that arouses suspicion, and so then the garretts say, you can not sleep in our residence this night. to procure to sleep in that tobacco barn. as soon as they were given achieved for the night time, the garretts lock them

10:24 pm

in. they’re trapped. >> the garretts point a cavalry to the suspicious strangers slumbering of their barn. it quick becomes clear that they have located their assassins. >> this starts a two-hour trade due to the fact they want him alive. >> eventually david herold cracks and turns himself in. >> booth nevertheless might not come out, and so the soldiers set the barn on fire. john wilkes booth decides that he’s now not going to be taken alive. he is seen what takes place to guys who’s hanged, the loosened bowels, the eyeballs bursting. he is not going to go through those humiliations. he starts offevolved to stage his gun as though he is leveling it to shoot. the sergeant fires one shot. it strikes sales space within the

10:25 pm

vertebrae. sales space is then dragged to the front porch. booth seems at his arms and says, vain, vain. inform mom i die for my usa. >> with booth dead, people are left to face the bloodless reality of their grief and the daunting task of rebuilding a damaged united states. >> announcer: this cnn authentic series, “lincoln: divided we stand” is delivered to you via customer mobile, where low fees and award-prevailing carrier are just the beginning.

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on april twenty first, 1865, a procession incorporates the body of abraham lincoln via the streets of washington, d.c. >> lincoln turned into the first american president to be assassinated, and so if now we type of consider attempts on presidents’ lives as a horrible but gift part of american history, at that point it definitely become not, and it was a tragedy. >> 100,000 humans coated pennsylvania road to observe lincoln’s coffin drawn thru the streets of washington. it become determined that lincoln could be buried in springfield,

10:30 pm

illinois. and so a brilliant railroad procession might convey abraham lincoln home alongside together with his son, willie. >> lincoln’s funeral teach retraces the inaugural adventure he took simply 4 years earlier. making the same stops in most of the identical cities along the manner. >> a million humans considered the corpse of abraham lincoln. foremost funerals were carried out in every metropolis because each soldier, every brother, every father who changed into lost in that battle changed into coming home with him on that train.

10:31 pm

>> mary went into a totally permanent kingdom of mourning. she constantly wore black. to have her husband shot in front of her, it changed into truely an revel in she did no longer recover from. >> after lincoln’s assassination, mary secludes herself and her 12-year-old son, tad, inside the white residence for extra than a month. when she is in the end pressured to leave, she faces the reality of lifestyles as a widow and the tough results of the debt she accumulated as first female. >> you needed to experience a variety of sympathy for her, for all of the grief that she suffered over the years. but mary turned into in a real financial disaster. when she changed into within the white house, credit become countless. however now they wanted to be paid.

10:32 pm

so in that monetary jam, she determined to promote quite a few her clothes. >> there was a merchant in the big apple who promised to promote it secretly, quietly. however it broke within the newspapers, and the vintage garments scandal was throughout. >> all big apple society appearance the via her garments. there were a number of insulting remarks approximately how a number of the clothes have been nevertheless stained with her own sweat. quite a few remarks approximately how low-cut they had been. and she or he offered almost nothing. again, she become the determine of mockery. >> to get away the relentless public abuse, in 1868 mary takes her 15-yr-antique son, tad, and moves to germany. >> so she took tad to europe to be knowledgeable. he were viewed of because the sort of leftover lincoln, and she or he wanted him to polish. >> however after 4 years of exile in germany, mary and tad return, and tad sadly turned into afflicted sick.

10:33 pm

>> right here become tad, her 0.33 son, death in front of her. >> and it changed into mary’s fourth deathwatch as a spouse and a mom. mary herself stated it become the saddest of they all. after tad’s death, her medical doctor prescribed clorl hydrate, which at that time become the most widely prescribed sedative. and he or she have become addicted to it. she called it her powders. >> the drug reasons confusion and hallucinations, worsening mary’s already fragile mental kingdom. >> she suspected human beings of spying on her. she concept human beings have been seeking to poison her. and so she changed into placed on trial for madness.

10:34 pm

she entered the court docket, and there, to her amazement, is her son, robert. she changed into very insulted, very disenchanted understandably. he decided that for her personal safety, she had to be devoted. >> her only residing son betrayed her. >> on may nineteenth, 1875, mary lincoln is declared insane through a jury of robert’s friends and colleagues. she is taken in opposition to her will to an exceptional san tare yum outdoor of chicago. >> the minute she were given put in there, she started out plotting. >> so from her little room, she prepared a p.r. marketing campaign that could be the envy of the maximum incredible p.r. marketing campaign of our times. >> mary convinces newspapers to post letters attesting to her intellectual soundness, leading the public to call for justice for the

10:35 pm

scorned widow. after most effective 4 months, she is retried and released from the group into the care of her sister. mary spends her very last years out of the spotlight before passing away in 1882 on the age of sixty three. >> mrs. lincoln turned into such an important confidante for her husband, and the tragedies of her life were great. it sincerelyme that consistent with the lincoln-istas, mary become just veain, unstable. i suppose she become a clearly thrilling, complex lady, and unfortunately shopping for excessive amounts of things could not outweigh the sorrow she constantly carried due to the fact she turned into constantly in fear of being deserted. >> but of all of the tragedies the lincoln family suffered, the greatest became the reality that the

10:36 pm

legacy of the lincoln family starts and ends with abraham. >> robert lincoln went directly to end up the modern-day equivalent of what you may name a hedge fund man. he hung out with very effective, rich guys of the day. >> ultimately, his descendants became recognized certainly for decadence and entitlement, and it brought about the utter destruction of the house of lincoln. >> there’s no lineage, so lincoln is lost to us. he came down, showed up, did what he had to do, and become long past. i have continually found that to be nearly supernatural. >> however lincoln’s premature departure left the state suffering to discover a direction forward. the years after his death are fraught with turmoil that the united states continues to be operating to overcome.

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10:forty one pm

freedom that the emancipation proclamation mentioned. so heaps of enslaved people stay dwelling in bondage. >> whilst abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation, a number of slave holders took their enslaved employees to texas as a manner of evading emancipation. juneteenth is the moment on june nineteenth, 1865, while the information of the emancipation proclamation subsequently reaches the enslaved humans in teengs. it’s a sane sign to the previous confederates that you’re no longer going which will get across the law. >> southerners do now not adapt properly to their new truth. the conflict has left their land, their economic system, and their manner of lifestyles in ruins. and with out lincoln’s management or a clear direction to reconstruction, chaos ensues. >> after the conflict, the south

10:forty two pm

confronted a huge trouble of financial redevelopment. confederate forex is worthless. all the banks in the south have been bankrupt now not to mention the fact which you’ve got to discern out a device of labor to update slavery. >> the south is flooded with disgruntled southern whites who hate freed blacks, and that they soon sufficient turn to terror in the form of the ku klux klan. >> you can’t consider a worse time for a person like lincoln to depart the degree. the whole lot he is found out and the esteem he is held in is needed to get us via reconstruction, and he is murdered. and the fellow who replaces him could not be a worse pick for that second. >> lincoln’s assassination elevates vice president andrew johnson to the presidency. johnson, a slave protecting tennessee democrat changed into put on

10:forty three pm

lincoln’s 1864 price tag to enchantment to border kingdom slaveowners. >> andrew johnson become relatively racist. he had no personal hobby in securing equality for black guys. >> and the radicals quickly found out that he is siding with the southern whites over and over once more. >> johnson’s policy makes it quite easy to get a pardon fn you’re a high-stage confederate authentic, and he says, i’m no longer going to tell you who can vote. that sends a signal to white southerners that there is now not going to be numerous oversight, that they can do a lot of things to deny african-individuals rights and to inflict violence on them without the opportunity of being punished for it. >> in 1869, johnson is succeeded via lincoln’s former union general ulysses s. grant. in the course of his administration, the 14th and fifteenth amendments are passed. >> the 14th amendment that does guarantee citizenship, after which the 15 that offers black guys the

10:44 pm

capacity to vote. >> the 14th amendment and past laid out a very clean blueprint for racial equality. there have been black legislatures from mississippi sitting inside the congress and sitting in the senate. that passed off. >> formerly enslaved black human beings are getting educated. faculties are being installation. election of 1870 in virginia, 140,000 black men will vote. so reconstruction became no longer a failure. reconstruction turned into deserted. >> the economic challenge of slavery yielded additionally a form of caste thinking about white supremacy, and we see that that psychology nonetheless maintains even after the civil conflict is over. >> african-americans aren’t given the land that they’re entitled to, and so commonly black individuals are required to work as tenant farmers with

10:forty five pm

white landowners. >> they may be sharecroppers. they became dependent on the very individuals who had held them enslaved. so any form of financial possibility turned into taken away from them. and so the usa moves down the wrong direction straight away. >> by way of the use of political terror, white supremacists are capable of overthrow separately the congressional reconstruction governments. the old southern democratic regimes have been reinstalled, and the manner is open to one of the first-rate disgraces of american history, the imposition of jim crow and segregation. >> it is brutal. it’s terrorism against the black populace. you’ve got the white southern populace the usage of violence to suppress the black populace. this turns into a brand new normal in the us.

10:forty six pm

>> do not forget i gave you that stat about virginia and one hundred forty,000 previously enslaved humans balloting in the 1870 election? in 1,900, the most effective eligible black man to vote in georgia turned into now 10,000. >> the failure of the reconstruction this is clearly essential is the failure of the federal government to make sure that black guys might in reality get hold of equal safety of the legal guidelines and would genuinely be allowed identical get admission to to the polls. >> you bypass the amendments on paper, but you didn’t have the leadership in place to make it real. so that you have a lacking century of development, and it is nearly not possible to assume what the us might have been like if the bullet had ignored. >> from reconstruction till the civil rights motion, you have got black leaders invoking lincoln’s call to get white ladies and men to live as much as that promise. on the steps of the lincoln memorial, king is talking approximately the promise that lincoln had

10:forty seven pm

made has no longer been fulfilled. >> in 1964, the civil rights bill outlaws discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or nationality. but in view that its passing, laws assisting and debilitating the enfran enfranchisement of black americans have ebbed and flowed. for each policy upholding equality, there is every other undermining it. >> lincoln sincerely would well known how a long way we have come because we without a doubt have, however we are no longer there. we are virtually no longer there, and these days, it appears we’re going backwards. i think in lots of approaches, lincoln might be most disenchanted with what we have no longer accomplished. >> still a long push for fundamental humanity, for primary civil rights, for what people are missing and saying all lives rely, they’re lacking a

10:forty eight pm

history wherein black human beings’s our bodies and lives were notion of as expendable, inconsequential, not completely equal. this belief of expendability is some thing that we’ve got now not but been capable of shed. >> hands up! >> don’t shoot! >> the connection among the instant of abolition that lincoln lived through and the black lives count motion today is that it became approximately imagining who had rights and bringing extra humans into that verbal exchange. what takes place if we prioritize the wishes of the most vulnerable within the society? >> even though development is in no way linear, lincoln set in motion a method. there is some thing approximately this usa that looks as if it desires to get to a better location, even inside the most tough instances. >> racial violence in the usa has changed shape and form, however

10:49 pm

the u . s . a . built on the backs of the enslaved has now not been capable of shake white supremacy from its dna. lincoln ushered the u . s . thru the civil struggle, however might he had been capable of navigate its complicated aftermath? >> what would have occurred had lincoln lived? >> lincoln took a large step towards equality, took a large step in the direction of extending opportunity, and i stay with the hypothesis of what could have happened had he been permitted to finish his very own paintings. >> we always like to think about a higher future than the one we noticed. you may argue that lincoln had the sort of temperament that he could have been able to see his manner via reconstruction and come to a higher result. >> however the fable that lincoln should by some means have single-handedly managed the results of the abolition of slavery, i think is just that. it is a

10:50 pm

>> the social forces would have provided lincoln with the identical predicament his successors face. very plenty the identical issues we confront these days.this cnn authentic series “lincoln: divided we stand” is delivered to you by way of purchaser constancy investments. ♪ let’s pass ♪

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there had been forty six american presidents and 46 extraordinary interpretations as to what the duties of that office entailed. however lincoln remains the standard to which his successors, democrat and republican, are held. >> lincoln embodies such a lot of tendencies which might be considered quintessentially american. he’s the man who rose through his very own hard paintings from very modest beginnings to the pinnacles of electricity. and he is the person who, quote, unquote, freed the slaves. he used political strength for ethical functions. so people see him again as the person that displays what we want the usa to be. >> by using the fact that he is long gone so dramatically and so quick at the height of his electricity just because the war is folding up has

10:55 pm

all the time trapped him on this amber. that is the suitable president and person. >> seeing that his loss of life, lincoln has been martyred and idolized. records has solid him into the function of the united states’s savior. >> there are crucial ways in which thinking about lincoln as a martyr discouraged american people from considering the issues of what he did or did not do. the truth of lincoln’s loss of life encouraged type of a rosie — rosy picture of who he became in life. >> we do a disservice to him and the united states of america when he placed him on a pedestal and we trust that he in no way made errors.

10:56 pm

i couldn’t read lincoln and not be impacted while he talks about race and he talks about whites being advanced to blacks. that cuts to the heart. even if you’re educated to be goal, sincere historians come to the realization that their interpretations of the beyond are coloured by means of their personal prejudices, by their own lives studies. and as a lady of color, i see the arena through a distinct pair of eyes. >> human beings want heroes. we have to believe that there’s this benevolent white president who cherished every body who wanted us as one united states because in lincoln does not consider in that, it makes the complete american tale lots more difficult to understand when it comes to race. >> abraham lincoln isn’t always the

10:57 pm

superb emancipator. however abraham lincoln heard black humans’s worries and listened to them and helped to transport the u . s . a . in the direction of rules that might in reality make that freedom real. lincoln’s life tale is a story approximately what can show up while a considerate chief listens to the proper humans. >> one of the founders of the naacp said about lincoln, i really like him, not due to the fact he become best, however because he wasn’t and but he triumphed. the world is born of those hating and despising their fellows. to those i love to say, do you notice this man? he turned into considered one of you, however he became abraham lincoln. we will turn out to be better versions of ourselves. we will alternate through the years. lincoln turned into evolutionary. and in being evolutionary, he

10:58 pm

became revolutionary. >> the idealized version of lincoln is the united states at its pleasant. it is america looking at the things which are incorrect and looking to cause them to proper. >> dr. king’s speech started via pronouncing that he stands inside the shadow of the memorial to the yank president one hundred years in the past issued the emancipation proclamation and modified the us. i suppose his guiding spirit remained a hope for humans. when i have a look at abraham lincoln, i am asking, what does it take to move politicians who can be reluctant, they’ll no longer apprehend the urgency, they’ll feel they ought to be pragmatic while there’s an opportunity for modern change. >> the extra than 150 years that have observed his presidency, every technology has re-examined and redefined lincoln’s legacy. the street to a extra ideal union has been lengthy and bloody.

10:59 pm

however like lincoln, in spite of the tragedies that derail us, we regulate, adapt and soldier on. and as lincoln stated in his message to congress in december 1862, the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. the event is piled excessive with difficulty, and we should upward thrust with the occasion. as our case is new, so we must suppose anew and act anew. we should disenthrall ourselves after which we will shop our us of a.

eleven:00 pm

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