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“I find television very educational. Every time a person switches it on I pass into every other room & read a good book.” – Groucho Marx

“Hi Celes, one in every of your entries noted which you do now not watch TV or read the information. Not that I’m attempting to contain that into my life, however it seems quite unattainable for me to surrender TV or news. I’m fascinated to know your mind in this.” – E

I’ve cited on and off that I don’t watch TV, and numerous readers have curiously requested me why I do that and the way I control existence with out TV. So I concept it’s approximately time I write a piece of writing on it.

I haven’t been watching TV for a long time since 2006. By TV, I imply watching shows direct from TV networks or channel browsing. I still capture my favourite indicates on DVD or on line, though the frequency is lowering. The remaining new indicates I stuck were Prison Break and Dollhouse, each of which have ended their runs.

In the beyond, I turned into a normal TV viewer like most people. I wasn’t a TV addict or a couch potato, but I might watch TV on every occasion I experience like it, usually after school and in the evenings. That possibly averaged out to three hours a day. Shows I watched have been drama serials, animes, and range suggests on SBC / TCS (now MediaCorp).

Then, slowly, I watched much less TV. It wasn’t that I simply awoke sooner or later and determined, This is it – I’m now not going to look at TV from these days onwards. It turned into more of a gradual transition to a TV-free life. During college years, I’d still seize an occasional drama or two. When I started paintings, I stopped watching altogether due to the fact I became so busy. It remains that manner even nowadays.

And reality be informed, my existence didn’t crash from now not watching TV. Looking back, I don’t experience like I have neglected out on something. In truth, I feel my existence has modified for the better. In the beyond years of not watching TV, I even have experienced numerous fantastic modifications, which include extended attention, greater readability, extra time to do what I need, productivity, freedom, and so forth.

In reality, approximately a month in the past, I tried looking TV once more to peer what it’d be like after such a lot of years of not looking. I gave myself one hour, however I couldn’t ultimate beyond 20 minutes. The indicates felt uninteresting, the programs regarded empty, the classified ads had been unnecessary — it just felt like a waste of time. I’d a great deal rather be doing something else.

There are many reasons why I don’t watch TV, and here I percentage my 10 biggest motives you have to no longer watch TV.

1. Watching TV Wastes Time

“They placed an off button on the TV for a motive. Turn it off . . . I surely don’t watch a great deal TV.” – George W. Bush

Not watching TV has given me plenty greater free time to do matters I love. I consider within the past, I’d mark out the indicates I desired to observe on my time table. Then I’d set up my activities round them. While I was looking the indicates, other activities had to be placed on hold. I didn’t count number, however I became possibly spending at the least three hours/day in front of the television tube, if no longer more. That’s quite a chunk of time spent in front of the black box and doing nothing else. In retrospect, that became a huge waste of my evenings.

5.1 hrs wasted away, each day

Nielsen studies showed the common American watched a mean of five.1 hours in line with day, or 153 hours of TV a month (Q1 of 2009). That’s one-1/3 of the time we’re unsleeping! This determine is growing too by means of the region. 5.1 hrs/day is almost 2,000 hours a yr, or seventy eight days – 2.5 full months. Even although these figures reflect the American population, the figures for other regions likely don’t deviate much.

With all this time spent watching TV, it’s a surprise how we actually have time to do whatever else. Just believe if we spent a fraction of this time operating on our goals – we’d already be making so much headway in our dreams by using now!

False sense of productiveness

The one thing I noticed about TV is the way it gives you an illusion that you’re lacking out from no longer watching. At least, it gave me that impact. The TV trailers would move “This Thursday is Blockbuster Thursday – Be certain to seize Movie #1, Movie #2, Movie #three, again to back! You CANNOT miss this!” Or “This holiday season, all of the fine movies are coming domestic to you! You gained’t need to overlook this for something!“ For a period of time, I’d take day trip to seize the ones indicates, and then feel done once I’d watched them.

But those shows by no means forestall airing. They just hold happening and on, and after you are achieved for the week, new trailers will run. It’s like a vacuum that sucks you in and keeps you there. I additionally comprehend that I don’t ever accomplish whatever from looking TV. Yes it allows me to loosen up and chill out before everything, but after a positive amount of time, I feel extra sluggish and tired from watching. Then on the cease of it, there’s no specific output. I’ve gained not anything and carried out not anything.

2. TV Slows Down Your Brain Activity

There’s a reason why they coined the time period “sofa potato.” Excessive TV watching turns you into a potato in time. Research has shown that when you are watching TV, your better brain regions close down, and sports shift to the decrease mind areas.[1] Your decrease mind is set in a “fight or flight” response mode. In the longer term, your better brain areas enjoy atrophy due to loss of usage. There were research that TV viewing among children leads to decrease attention and poorer brain development.

At the cease of the day, you don’t need a scientific have a look at to tell you whether TV slows down your mind or not. Since TV is a 1-way medium, you don’t engage and interact. You most effective sit and watch. When I become looking TV within the past, I could feel sluggish and inert. After a while, I would experience sleepy. Compare this with other sports say speakme to a friend, the use of the pc, reading a e book, or writing articles wherein I am an awful lot more lively. Imagine spending so much time in the front of TV each day – it’s a count of time before you switch right into a zombie. It’s not a coincidence that heavy TV watchers are also stagnant and passive people.

Here’s an excerpt on the outcomes of TV on us:

When you watch TV, mind activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. In truth, experiments conducted by means of researcher Herbert Krugman confirmed that while visitors are watching tv, the proper hemisphere is two times as energetic because the left, a neurological anomaly. The crossover from left to proper releases a surge of the body’s natural opiates: endorphins. Endorphins are structurally identical to opium and its derivatives (morphine, codeine, heroin, and many others.). Activities that release endorphins (also known as opioid peptides) are typically habit-forming (we hardly ever name them addictive).

Indeed, even informal tv viewers enjoy such opiate-withdrawal signs and symptoms if they forestall watching TV for a extended time frame. An article from South Africa’s Eastern Province Herald (October 1975) describedexperiments in which humans from various socio-financial milieus had been asked to prevent looking tv. In one experiment, several households volunteered to show off their TV’s for simply one month. The poorest family gave in after one week, and the others suffered from despair, pronouncing they felt as even though they had “lost a friend.” In the alternative experiment, 182 West Germans agreed to kick their tv viewing addiction for a year, with the added bonus of charge. None should face up to the urge longer than six months, and over time all the members showed the signs of opiate-withdrawal: accelerated anxiety, frustration, and depression.

That’s why those who watch TV have hassle quitting — due to the fact they are addicted. If we want to be aware humans dwelling conscious lives, it’s time to break out of the TV dependancy.

3. Most TV Content Today Is Consciousness-Lowering

The average TV show these days is recognition reducing, resonating in the levels of worry, guilt, grief, choice, and delight. This differs throughout TV networks of route – some channels have higher content material than others. My remarks are in connection with mainstream channels/show.

Some examples of indicates which might be more consciousness lowering than attention elevating, I feel:

Fear Factor, a fact TV show in which human beings are dared into doing fearsome stunts for a sum of prize cash. You see humans getting scared, terrified, forcing themselves thru the stunts for the prize cash. I’ve handiest watched an episode in which participants have been requested to eat a pie of worms, and I can’t say it’s inspiring stuff. I’ve heard about different episodes from pals and they didn’t seem to be done in top flavor either.Extreme Makeover, a plastic surgical treatment fact show that does “intense makeovers” for individuals. Participants are those who are unhappy due to their seems. They are given intense makeovers that encompass surgical operation, after which they’re shown to be glad and confident. It by hook or by crook drives an underlying message to apply surgical treatment as an answer for low shallowness.Joe Millionaire, a Bachelor-like display based on a ruse. Contestants compete to win the coronary heart of a man (Joe), wondering he is a millionaire while he’s not. Throughout the display, he lives on a facade of wealth and luxury and the contestants are led on to accept as true with so, up until the finale wherein the reality is found out and the final contestant has to address the revelation. I don’t see the factor at the back of the ruse. It regarded extra of degree antics to attract visitors without any meaningful motive behind it in any respect.

That being said, there are several suggests which have high quality affects. For example, I enjoyed the sooner seasons of America’s Next Top Model once I turned into a teenager (no matter it being a seemingly superficial show because it’s approximately modeling) as Tyra Banks, the manufacturer, drove empowering messages through the display. She would emphasize the significance of inner and outer splendor, a fresh reminder in our photograph-targeted world nowadays. She might additionally welcome plus-sized fashions and shorter-than-common models, making a declaration towards the style industry’s slim definition of beauty within the shape of rail-thin and tall frames. I stopped looking after a few seasons as it simply were given repetitive and I’m now not inquisitive about fashion/splendor, but it changed into thoughts-starting to know that fashions and could-be fashions cope with many struggles, and the manner magazines portray them in an idol-like style is all a “recreation” performed by means of the splendor industry and is extraordinarily dangerous, I feel.

I additionally appreciated the earlier seasons of The Apprentice when I became younger (no matter the over-emphasis on the drama and finger-pointing at times), because of the few insights I’d gain on venture management and managing humans in every episode. Oprah, Ellen and Tyra’s Shows are empowering indicates too, based at the few episodes I’ve caught on and stale.

Here’s one way you may use to look if something is attention elevating. Get a sense of how you feel first before watching the display. Then as you’re watching the display, take a second to evaluate the way you feel.

How are you feeling? Happy? Joyful? Upbeat? Motivated? Inspired? Or scared? Worried? Annoyed? Disgusted? Angsty? Weighed down? Stressed?What are you wondering? Positive thoughts? Or negative mind?What do you feel like doing? Do you feel charged up to do so? Make a high quality difference? Or do you experience not anything? Lazy? Just want to move and sleep things away?

If it’s the previous organization, then the content has cognizance-elevating impact; if it’s the latter then you could probable do higher without it.

four. Lack of Quality Shows

By first-class, I’m no longer referring to manufacturing great. There isn’t any dispute that production high-quality nowadays is higher than ever. Quality refers back to the content material of the show.

The Message Driven in Shows

Back in the past due Nineteen Nineties, once I become a teenager, I do not forget watching suggests which have been particular, indicates which defined moments in TV history. One instance is Buffy the Vampire Slayer through Joss Whedon. While reputedly a infantile teenybopper display to humans who have never watched the series, Buffy become an iconic series and is indexed as TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, Empire’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and Time’s The a hundred Best TV Shows of All Time). That’s due to the fact Buffy represented many strong topics, including woman empowerment, loyalty, friendship, love, boom, redemption, and triumphs over existence’s problems. It would pave the manner for suggests with empowered girls such as Charmed, Alias, Dark Angel, and so on.

But today, there may be infrequently any display with that type of impact. Many have excellent manufacturing values, but they seem more like exaggerated drama and amusement than some thing else. For instance, earlier seasons of Charmed would have a “message of the day” embedded in each episode, which gave the viewer something to think about in a while. However, in the later seasons particularly after Season 4, this became replaced by means of repetitive speak and rehashed plot traces. The display definitely went downhill, in phrases of the plot and tale, and it turned into just empty entertainment after a while. I watched, I followed the story to a degree, but I by no means felt like I walked faraway from each episode with any message.

Overdone Content

There’s too much of the identical stuff in recent times, and lesser true, informative content material. Looking on the nearby TV application schedule, it includes the usual few travelogue/food tasting indicates, range indicates on slimming/buying/style/and many others., 2-3 ongoing making a song/talent competitions (alternating among American Idol and neighborhood English/Chinese/Malay singing competitions), fact indicates of some type, and dramas with cookie cutter plots. It’s much quicker for me to get the statistics I want from the net than to anticipate TV networks to churn out some thing significant.

The style of fact TV changed into exciting while it first commenced, but after some factor it became overdone. After some time it seemed like community producers had been simply doing one truth show after the subsequent, creating distinctive spin-offs which slightly last. I’ve lost count of the range of singing competitions and sequels — what number of do you want? There is advantage for a making a song competition, however after some time, it seems extra like the TV producers are more inquisitive about generating a success skills indicates than coming across talent.


TV networks are becoming overcommercialized. There are more sponsorships and product/provider placements in suggests than before, more than half of of which aren’t related to the display themselves (American Idol as an example). Back after I changed into looking American Idol (Season 4 or 5), it turned into unusual seeing the finalists sing and dance to a Ford music video every week. There had been a complete of four,151 product placements in its first 38 episodes at some point of season 7. I’m k with commercial marketing, however best wherein it’s far applicable and beneficial to the client. Most product placements these days seem force-outfitted. It’s as if the network producers prioritize business wishes over viewer needs. I trust it’s viable to combine both collectively, however producers appear to no longer have discovered the sweet spot yet.

In the context of Singapore TV, there was numerous nearby range shows commissioned by using sponsors (for example, a beer corporation or a beauty organisation), and those shows appear to be extra marketing retailers for the businesses than being truly informative.

five. TV is Linked With Lower Life Satisfaction

Research has shown that heavy visitors of TV report lower existence pride and better tension.

Many of us watch TV, mainly drama serials, because we need to look the memories spread for the characters. What’s going to appear to X? What Y get the outcome he/she deserves? Will A and B get together? What will the finishing be? It’s all very thrilling, and the cliffhangers keep us craving for greater. Then for the whole week, we wait excitedly for the following episode to see what occurs.

I realized many of us watch TV due to the fact we see ourselves within the characters. That’s why TV community manufacturers look at viewer demographics and bring shows consistent with our needs, so we can relate to the characters. We see the characters living life, going thru tumultuous challenges, overcoming them and eventually achieving what they need. We feel glad for them once they get their happy ending. But what we really need is the equal satisfied finishing for ourselves.

No depend what number of shows we watch and the way the characters increase via X episodes, watching TV isn’t going to give us the lifestyles we need. To get the life we need, we want to get out there, take motion and create effects for ourselves, not stay vicariously via TV reels. The satisfied final results is ours for the taking — if we begin operating closer to it now.

6. Pointless Advertisements

Watching advertisements is one of the worst methods to use our time. A everyday one-hour phase is made of forty mins of actual content and 20 minutes of classified ads. That’s 1-1/3 of TV viewing time, which is lots. The ads are either a trailer for an upcoming TV display, an commercial for a product/service or an infomercial. The ads are not often ever relevant — typically we buy the goods because we see the commercials, not because we want the goods. Many instances it’s simply an advert to scare us into buying some thing. This is related to the following point, which is…

7. Not Watching TV Saves You Money

TV drives us to shop for things that we won’t buy. Whether it’s the stand-by myself classified ads or integrated product placements, we get spurred to buy things whilst we see them. And there’s a purpose why, too. The advertisements have direct messages and subliminal messaging to power us to buy. Research has shown heavy TV viewing is connected to better cloth aspirations.[2]

The reality of the matter is, most of the times we buy things due to the fact we saw the advert, and no longer because we have a real need for those things. The adverts play to your fears and desires to trigger you to buy their products. They let you know, in one manner or another, how your existence sucks now and the way you may be happier and live a higher lifestyles once you purchase that product. How often have you ever watched an advert and concept Wow, I need to cross purchase this once I drop with the aid of the store subsequent time, or That seems precise, let me upload this to my buying listing? Have you ever concept in case you genuinely needed any of that?

Consumerism and purchase is rarely a solution for happiness – it’s normally a coverup for unhappiness. We is probably happy the immediately we purchase some thing new because it’s far a direct gratification of a modern-day need, however in the longer term, we dip to our preceding country of desire and dissatisfaction. It has been verified that extra cloth items makes us satisfied to a sure extent. Beyond that factor, one’s satisfaction level in existence stops being correlated with wealth/consumption. Read Materialism Breeds Unhappiness for extra on this.

It’s been some years given that I stopped looking TV, but I reckon the products advertised are quite an awful lot the same. Shampoo, skin care, toothpaste, slimming offerings, makeup, meals and liquids, eating places, furniture, etc. In the past, I may be shopping for extraordinary manufacturers of cosmetics, shampoo, and skin care in some months, even though I even have no longer finished the use of my preceding merchandise. Most of the times these purchase behaviors are brought on via advertisements I see on TV or someplace else. After I stopped looking TV (and in the end ads), I have plenty lesser consumptions dispositions. I most effective purchase things once I want them. Naturally, this cut down my expenditures too.

8. TV Sensationalizes

“The media can wreak exceptional damage at the family while it gives an insufficient or maybe distorted imaginative and prescient of existence, of the circle of relatives itself and of faith and morality.” – Pope John Paul II

There is a lot of sensationalization on TV. Sometimes it’s the sensationalization of what’s there, making it larger than it without a doubt is. Other instances, it’s something created out of not anything. A lot of things are overvalued. Scenes of human beings crying, bickering, combating, taboo, sexual content material, ugly human conduct etc are performed up a lot, mainly on fact TV. Many times, they don’t serve something apart from to create drama and it’s quite needless. If I’m a TV viewer, I’m watching to either (1) be entertained (2) be informed or (3) be knowledgeable. I don’t discover hyped up content material to be unique, informing nor educational. Biased content that displays the intentions of the TV manufacturers yes, however none of the three.

There’s also the sensationalization of TV information, which is an entire special subject matter by itself. I’m midway thru writing a piece of writing in this, and will be publishing it inside the next week.

9. Your Life Is More Important Than the TV Schedule

When I used to watch TV, my schedule become tied to the TV programme schedule. Hence, if the TV networks had been airing my favored display at 7pm Wednesday, I could need to free up my weekly Wednesday evenings. When the display commenced, I could need to unexpectedly pause something I become doing to trap the display. The identical factor carried out while industrial ruin ends. After the episode ended, if it turned into a cliffhanger, I would wait in anticipation for next week’s episode. It become like my life changed into being prompt by means of TV.

After I stopped looking TV, my time table was freed up. I stopped planning my lifestyles across the TV time table. For the suggests I do want to observe, I watch them on demand, both on-line or thru DVD. There’s no need to await TV networks to air the indicates I need to watch.

10. Build More Meaningful Relationships

TV is one of the preferred pastimes in households. They spend evenings in front of the TV display, looking display after show. Even although each person is sitting together within the identical room, they aren’t bonding with each other. Each of them is simply growing an isolated reference to anything is on the TV screen.

Now, imagine if all this time is spent speaking to every other. Say, asking how every different’s days had been, information every different, discussing day after today’s plans, being a part of each different’s lives, simply hanging out. Isn’t that a greater meaningful way to attach? Why construct a connection with the television and characters on screen while you can be constructing a reference to actual humans? TV might be a proxy to bond with every other, however it’s truely greater fruitful to bond with every other at once. I honestly locate the latter extra meaningful than the previous.

Occasionally, my pals and I can have sleepovers at every others’ homes. Whenever the TV is switched on, all people receives glued to the display that’s airing, and no person ever talks. Then after say, 2-3 hours of TV watching, the night time is over and it’s time to visit mattress. Compare this to whilst we spend the two hours catching up. Suddenly, we advantage new ranges of know-how approximately every other. It’s loads greater rewarding than watching TV collectively.

What’s Next

After these types of years of a TV-loose lifestyles, I doubt I’ll ever return to looking TV. With the internet and the superiority of social media, there’s a lesser place for TV in our world today. My information and leisure desires are without problems met with the internet. Out of my list of things I can do, TV isn’t even on the listing.

Alternatives To Replace TV

Here are greater profitable and pleasing activities to replace TV:

Exercising – Jogging, swimming, gambling sports, cycling, aerobicsCatching up with palsReading a e-bookJournaling, Writing, BloggingStrolling/HikingTake a course/magnificence of your hobbyHanging out with buddiesTalking to your dad and momOrganizing your roomMeditatingSetting your future desiresPlanning on your desiresDoing things you loveRead the reader favorites at PEThe listing is going onAnother aid on why you have to now not watch TV:Kill Your TelevisionTry 21 Days Without TV

If you’re unsure of whether a TV-free existence is for you, try out a 21-day application without TV and notice how you experience. Let me know how it is going 😉

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