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Per PageThe number of items to retrieve on each page, from 1 to 100.

PagesThe number of pages to download.Set to 0 to download every page.

Wait SecondsThe number of seconds to wait between each page download.The Reddit API says: “Make Search Reddit no more than one request every two seconds.”

Per TableThe number of items to display in each result table before pagination is applied.

New TabLinks will open in a new tab.

Search Reddit About


Date:20th January 2019






20th January 2019

* Removed social links

* Removed browser extension link

* Converted all URLs from http:// to https://

* Removed retrieval of user trophies, user server time, and subreddit moderators due to Yahoo! discontinuing their YQL service, which was needed for this functionality. Thanks to friend1y for the report.

* Removed up/down vote filtering and columns in results since reddit removed retrieval of down vote values. Only total votes are now displayed since that’s all that’s made available.

* Fixed bug where setting a value greater than 0 for the number of pages to download was causing everything to freeze at “Processing Page:” and “Cancelling Page” (when the cancel button was clicked).

* Made it clear in the results, and in the FAQ, that all dates/hours displayed are in your device’s timezone and not in the timezone of the user posting the submission/comment to reddit.

* Added information into the FAQ about how to get Redective working when you receive the “There was a problem retrieving the information. Did you type a valid query?” message.

* Added a link to the FAQ for the “There was a problem retrieving the information. Did you type a valid query?” message.


14th June 2014

* The amount of server time a user has helped pay for is now retrieved.

* The word frequency list is now split into total word frequency and the number of posts that contain the word, which was the functionality in previous versions.


14th June 2014

* Removed tutorial.

* Removed AddThis button.

* Moved to new hosting since Weebly’s new footer banner was preventing the Javacript from executing. Thanks to duckvimes_ and Szalkow for the reports.


5th December 2013

* Fixed bug where some users were being shown results before all pages were downloaded. Thanks to joostvo for the debug log and testing.


2nd December 2013

* Added a debug mode to help debug problems some users are having.


1st December 2013

* Query parameters can now be set to automatically set and begin a search.


26th November 2012

* Fixed problem where the Antisocial plugin for Chrome was blocking the requests to Reddit. Thanks to uselessdegree for the report and testing.


21st November 2012

* Added a tutorial section to assist new users.


20th November 2012

* Trophies are now retrieved for a user.

* “Reddit Gold Trophy” added to a user’s profile to indicate gold the user has received from trophies. Thanks to midashand for the report.

* Subreddit information now displays moderators.

* Appropriate fields in the “Filter Results” area now begin the filter process when ENTER is pressed.

* Added some extra data checks in display functionality.

* Minor cleanup of code.


14th November 2012

* Minor cleanup of code.


14th November 2012

* Subreddit & front page searches now display proper comment counts rather than 0.

* Added some help text above the search box to explain how to use each search type.

* Made the Filter Results link stand out.


13th November 2012

* Added the ability to search the front page and subreddits.

* Modified the template to look a little less bland.

* Removed debug messages that were introduced in the last update.


13th November 2012

* The profile for the user is now downloaded before their links and submissions, and displayed above the results.


12th November 2012

* Support subreddit created (Link).

* Searching can now be cancelled in order to display the currently downloaded results.

* Paging through the results in a list no longer stretches the table to 100% of the browser window.

* The Overview list no longer stretches to 100% of the browser window.

* The search fields are now hidden when a search is in progress.


11th November 2012

* Only 1 popup box (Options, About, FAQ, etc) gets displayed now, as opposed to them being stacked above each other.

* Added more words to the default excluded words.

* The default excluded words can now be viewed from the FAQ.

* Added a new filter called “Search Reddit Include Default Words” which allows you to display the word frequencies list with all default words included.

* Clicking the Search button now automatically closes any open popup boxes.

* Removed comment and selftext viewing from the Overview list as they took up too much space and broke usability. They have been replaced with a View link that displays the text when clicked.

* The Overview list now always stretches to 100% width of the browser window.


10th November 2012

* Pressing ENTER on your keyboard in the username field now begins the search process.

* The Pages option now defaults to 0 instead of 20.

* Clicking the Filter button now automatically closes the Filter Results section.

* Added an FAQ section.


9th November 2012

* First Release (Announcement).


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All third party works that may be present on this site are copyright by that party.

Redective provides this site and all content “as-is”.

Redective will not be held responsible for damages of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redective?

Redective is a simple tool that searches the profile for a Reddit user and automatically tabulates and displays all of the data it can find.

I get the message ‘There was a problem retrieving the information. Did you type a valid query?’ when I perform a search. Why?

Some browser extensions/add-ons block cross-site requests, but Redective obviously needs to be able to perform a cross-site request to reddit’s data in order to perform a search.

Solutions that have been known to work include:

1. Whitelist Redective and in any extensions that may be blocking access. The main culprit I have found is ‘Disconnect’. If you are using it, try clicking “Whitelist site”. Once reloaded, check to see if the site works.

2. Try running Redective in your browser’s incognito/privacy mode. If it works, then it’s very likely an extension/add-on is stopping you in your regular browser session. Try turning them off one-by-one to see which is causing issues. Once you have pinpointed it, try to whitelist Redective and reddit.

3. Some browsers (such as Firefox), have built-in protection. If you’re using one of those browsers, try disabling it. For example in Firefox, you might click the small shield icon and select “Disable protection for this site”.

4. Try switching the URL from to (or vice-versa). There have been reports that this sometimes works.

It’s worth noting that Redective collects no data whatsoever and nothing malicious is ever done (and never will be!). All cross-site requests are only to reddit and are simply to retrieve data related to your request.

Why don’t I see every submission or comment I have made?

The first thing to check is the Pages option. Click on the Options link, ensure Pages is set to 0 and click the Save Options button. This tells Redective to search for every page in a profile.

If you still do not see the comment or submission you Search Reddit want, it is likely because Reddit itself does not allow retrieval past a certain number of posts in a profile. If this is the case, perhaps try using the Google (Only Reddit and Reddit Gifts) option to perform a Google search for the post?

What words are excluded from the word frequencies list by default?

How can I include the default excluded words in the word frequencies list?

Once your search has completed, click on the Filter Results link near the top and set the Include Default Words option to Yes.

In what timezone are results displayed?

All dates and times are displayed in your own device’s timezone. They are not in the timezone of the user posting the submission/comment to reddit.

For example, if the user is in Sydney, Australia and they post at 7am their time, but you’re in California, USA, it may display 12pm since that is the timezone that your device is set to.


Using Redective is extremely simple:

1. Select the type of search you would like to perform. The available options are:

   * Search For A User: Searches a Redditor’s profile.

   * Search The Front Page: Searches through the current front page posts.

   * Search A Subreddit: Searches through the posts for a subreddit.

2. Type the user or subreddit (without /r/) you want to search for (not for Front Page).

3. Click on the Search button to begin the search.

When a user search is performed, the following methods are available:


Redective queries Reddit and the results are tabulated for you automatically.


A Google search is performed for the username.

Google (only Reddit and Reddit Gifts)

A Google search is performed for the username, but the results are restricted to Reddit and Reddit Gifts.


A Reddit search is performed for the username.

Reddit Gifts

The Reddit Gifts page for the username is opened. If you receive a 404 error, the user does not have a Reddit Gifts page.

SubredditsOne per lineDo NOT include /r/ or r/ at the beginning.

DomainsOne per lineDo NOT include http:// or https:// at the beginning.

Title KeywordsAn OR search will be performed.

Text KeywordsAn OR search will be performed.

Include Default Words

Exclude WordsOne per lineOnly used for displaying word frequencies.

Word LengthOnly used for displaying word frequencies. to

Total Votes to



Profile Information

(Dates displayed in your device’s timezone)


Created:( )

Link Karma :

Comment Karma:

Reddit Gold:

Reddit Gold Trophy:Subreddit Moderator:

Subreddit Information



Created:( )


Current Active:

Over 18:

SubredditsWord FrequenciesHours Active

(Hours displayed in your device’s timezone)


(Dates displayed in your device’s timezone)

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