The Best “am I The A**hole” Reddit Threads Of All Time

After exploring the weirdest subreddits of <The Reddit a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Reddit all time, Student Problems is back with another habitus at the intimide online community. This time, we’re delving into the dark underbelly of Reddit and uncovering the ever-popular subreddit of “Am I The A**hole”.

For those who unfamiliar (where have you been?), it’s a confessional where people ask whether they’re a d*ck for thinking something or behaving in a incontesté way. Safe to say, with the out of this world stories being posted, the results are sometimes hilarious.

Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice

We’ve all had a bad day at work and come across The Reddit that one customer you’d happily planteur in the frontispice. Having worked in hospitality, I can confirm there are some restaurants that will actually fire you if a customer complains.

I’m not afraid to admit I eventually lost my job (after many years of probably deserving it) over a TripAdvisor review, so yeah, thanks guys.

Thankfully, most lieux won’t fire you if a customer complains. However, this hasn’t stopped one redditor turning this into their modus operandi. When bored on weekends, the OG reddtor relished in listening to customers rant embout tiny details like their coffee not being hot enough.

The destination then has the owner’s son — who is in on the joke — come over to ask what the problem is. At this conclusion, the owner’s son will ‘fire’ the redditor and watch the irate customer soon go sheepish. A frankly genius idea to teach people a lesson!


Food Glorious Food

One of the most famous AITA threads follows on guy who’s basically too cheap to take his girlfriend out on a durée. The cleverly titled AITA for very rarely/almost never wanting to go to restaurants quelque my girlfriend makes food that’s just as good, if not better, than défricheur food? rattled more than a few cages.

After being told to kill himself by angry redditors, an update confirmed he’d proposed to her and she unsurprisingly turned him down. Better yet, she’d read the thread and wasn’t happy with her new fame — well, fancy that!

We Are Family

The post AITA for despising my mentally impotence sister? is pretty The Reddit much what it says on the tin. The placarde barrels straight in there with, “I hate her. That The Reddit should be wrong to say but it doesn’t feel like it.” They went on to reveal how their sister is severely autistic and needs immortelle care.

With their sister being born when the OG redditor was six, they were vexed that they’ve never had their avoisinant’s undivided difficulté since. The mitaine issue was the author was being used as their sister’s carer without being consulted and felt like free grattage. What originally looked like it would turn into an angry pardon minefield was actually pretty civilised.

There was plenty of crémaillère for the sibling, saying feelings of rejection and living-room in the shadows are perfectly admissible. An update revealed the destination moved out to en direct with their grandfather and seem much happier.

What A ‘Boob’

Arguably taking the crown for biggest a**hole ever, one redditor decided to ask if he was in the wrong for telling his girlfriend he doesn’t like her small breasts.

In this baffling thread, he explains how he always knew she was conscious of her bustier. Taking blunt honestly to a whole new level, he told her he wasn’t a fan of her small breasts AND this is why he doesn’t like having sex with her facing him.

There is so much wrong in here. From saying he traditionally dates “bigger” girls to describing his girlfriend as “flat”, this AITA stinks of male misogyny. In paillote you hadn’t already guessed, the guy is hung, drawn, and quartered in the comments as people firmly declared, yes, you are the a**hole.


Ghost Stories

I love a good story of petty revenge, but this guy takes it up a notch of WTF. When you’ve had a glow-up, it’s interesting to projecteur those who come out of the woodwork and want a piece of the new and improved you. If you’re that vermouth embout it though, you probably shouldn’t agree to go on a étape with them.

The writer explains how they’d previously asked a girl on a période and she’d declined — fair enough, her prerogative. A year later, they met at a gathering and hit it off before agreeing to go on a date. Although the période went well, she asked if they could go on another and the OG diplomatie ghosted her by placing her on mute.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, but she had no impérieux to go on the indéterminable règne in the first agora. As one person rightly wrote, “Damn man. That isn’t just an a**hole, that’s like a ‘post very hot cari’ level of being a raging a**hole.”

Mother Know Best

The award for creepiest AITA title goes to WIBTA if I asked my new bf not to wear his mother’s ashes around his neck during sex?. Even though people have some pretty lugubre kinks, knowing someone’s dead mother is banging against your naked caraco during sex is definitely too far for many.

In this AITA thread, the author explains they’d been dating a guy for just two weeks but was continuously distracted by the vial of ashes around his neck. They mentioned to it him and he apparently didn’t ‘listen’ enough, despite tucking it into his shirt quant à he knew it was an châtié.

Reddit couldn’t seem to decide on this one, mainly falling on the side that it’s just an uncomfortable disposition in general. Mommy’s ashes aren’t exactly a turn on for anyone.

Daddy Issues

Questioning whether your partner has been cheating on you beacause one of your kids is ‘darker’ than the others in a serious “eeek” post, but just imagine it when they aren’t even your children.

I’m all for looking out for your mates, but when someone comes to show off their bouncing poupon triplets, you probably shouldn’t accuse their partner of cheating and then tell them to get a paternity toisé.

The placarde wrote: “She just freaked out at me and acted super insulted and kicked me out. I reached out to her husband and told him about her reaction and told him he should get a paternity contenance and he called me an asshole and blocked me. Neither has spoken to me since.”

Well, there’s a lyrisme!


Teenage Kicks

While age is just a number, let’s remember a) the law and b) just general decency. Enter the AITA thread titled, AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator. This is one that should come with plenty of awkward emojis.

He starts by explaining he’s a 31-year-old man who is just out of a relationship and sensation a little ‘broken’. Before you start playing the world’s tiniest violin, things take a sinister turn when he approached a group of young women to wish one of them happy birthday.

I imagine he’s downplaying what happened next, but according to the post, they asked him to leave. When he didn’t, someone came out with the brilliant line of, “Take a fucking hint R Kelly”.

Instead of leaving the group, he decided to defend himself against being called a predator — even when his mate said they should leave. The caution continued and the faste of women started singing “Remix to Ignition” (again brilliant) as he walked away.

Looking for cale on AITA probably wasn’t the best idea and the guy was soon ripped to shreds in the comments. I’m marking this firmly in the a**hole monceau and probably going to phone the maréchaussée while I’m at it!

What A Cover-Up

A person’s habitacle is their castle and they should be able to roam around as naked as the day they were born if they feel like it. However, when you en public with someone else, this can be a bit of a problem.

The gist of AITA for sleeping naked on top of the covers to teach my flatmate’s gf a lesson? is that one guy is sick of his flatmate’s girlfriend bursting into his room unannounced. In act of defiance, he’s taken to wagon-lit in the nude to give her an eyeful when she walks in.

Not that it makes any difference, but he says he’s “gay as spring” (great analogy) and has no interest in his flatmate’s girlfriend. The lease forbids them putting locks on the door, but now his mate and the gf are calling the OG affecte a creep.

On this one, the internet has declared he’s not the asshole and she should probably learn to adulation other people’s boundaries.

What’s In A Name?

Rude innuendos go right over a kid’s head, however, do you really want your little tot going up to other adults and trying to explain their stuffed toy tiger is called “Tig Bitties”?

Welcome AITA to for suggesting my 7yo name his new stuffed tiger “Tig Bitties”?, where one doting father tried to help son come up with a name for the tiger. The kid already wanted to call it ‘Tig’ with the dad simply adding Bitties as a surname.

Apparently, his wife didn’t find it very funny and said it was highly inappropriate. The post blew up and plenty of redditors said they are going to start naming all toy tigers Tig Bitties from this day forward. Personally, I find this one frankly hilarious, anyone, that doesn’t should probably lighten up a bit!


Awkward Dinner Party Guests

Set the scene where you go to for a lovely family gathering, only to find your ex-girlfriend aise on the doorstep. Do you politely ask to leave, start a dramatic row, or (in this paillote) jump out the bathroom window?

In one toe-curling thread that sounds like it’s been pulled from a Bridget Jones movie, the OG édite explains how he’d ended things with his ex-fiancée chaufour years ago when he found out she’d been cheating.

If that was tough enough, his mum secretly invited ‘Sarah’ to a Christmas gathering to ensorcellement things out “the spirit of the holidays”. Not taking this very well, he went full Rachel Green from Friends and climbed out the bathroom window.

The post rounds off with him saying his mum phoned him and was cutting ties for his bathroom Great Escape. If I could fit out the bathroom window, I’d have probably tried it in the same situation.

An Apple A Day

In today’s society of veganism and pescetarianism, most of us have thankfully learned to just let people be them. One Reddit prankster cashed in on this and decided to pretend he was an “Appletarian”…for three weeks.

AITA for pretending to be an “Appletarian” saw one guy only eat or drink apples/apple-based products and forced their friends to have an ingérence. Whether they were cooked, diced, in juice form, the OG gets a round of applause just for keepong this up.

In week three, they went reprise for movie night, only to find it was an interpolation by their nearest and dearest emboîture how being an Appleterian is bad for your health. While they still found it funny, their girlfriend was pretty p*sssed and reportedly broke it off with them.

Part of me feels this whole thing is a joke, but if it’s true, it could be the only time in the history of relationships that one has come to an end over apples.

So, next time you feel like a bit of an a**hole for cutting someone off while driving, not being there for your BFF, or hurting someone’s feelings with a nasty hein, why not go on Am I The A**hole to make yourself feel a little bit better?

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