Use This Trick to Get Your Chase Account Number Before Your Card Arrives

May 2019 UpdSSapphire apphire ate: It’s alive and working nicely!  Though you’re now not able to see your account range thru Chase’s major website, you could see your account number in the Secure Message Center of Chase’s app.  Get the details underneath!

Dec 2019 Update: The Chase cellular app appears to now be showing best the last 4 digits of account numbers, rendering this trick currently unusable.  I’ll update this post in the future Sapphire with any adjustments.

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It commonly takes per week or so for a Sapphire newly authorised credit card to arrive for your mailbox or the front door.  In maximum instances that’s not a problem – you could simply use a card you have already got even as you anticipate the new card.

There are some cases although wherein that’s no longer ideal.  One not unusual state of affairs – you’re seeking to meet a minimal spending requirement and you’ve a time-sensitive purchase.

Consider this case: You get authorised for a brand new card on Monday and also you’re searching to shop for a outstanding baggage set from before you depart for a trip on Saturday.  If you order the object on Wednesday with Prime shipping it will possibly arrive before you depart.  But your new card hasn’t arrived Sapphire but.  If simplest you had your new card account wide variety now in order that the widespread buy ought to rely in the direction of your minimal spending requirement…

Well, in case your new card is issued with the aid of Chase there’s a trick to get the account variety whilst the cardboard is in transit to you.

Now, you may be questioning, “Who desires a trick for this….simply name Chase and ask for the account range.”  That’s logical. The trouble is that Chase reps gained’t come up with the account number over the phone.

Here’s the three-step trick to getting your Chase account quantity even as the bodily card is in transit to you.  It’s easy as pie!

1. Get the Last Four Digits of Card from Chase Site

Log onto the Chase credit card website online at

Scroll via the list of your money owed until you find the new one (possibly at backside of list).

Note or jot down the final four digits of that account.

Once your new Chase card is authorised the account will show up on the Chase account portal. The remaining four digits of your new account are shown in the heading of the card overview.

2. Send A Note or Question Through the Secure Message Center

Scroll all the manner again as much as the top of the page.  On the higher right a part of the display screen you must see a hyperlink for Secure Message Center.  Click that link.

That will deliver up a two-object listing.  Click the second item: Send new message

Under My Personal Accounts (or My Business Accounts if you’re managing a business credit card), click the Select Topic drop-down menu next to Credit Card.

Within the Secure Message Center, select a topic to your inquiry after which click Go.  If your new card is a non-public credit score card use the My Personal Accounts segment and if it’s a business credit score card use the My Business Accounts phase.

You can pick out any inquiry kind you’d like.  I decided on Other/Inquiry Not Listed.  Once you’ve made your choice, click on the Go button.

That will convey you to the display screen on that you input your message.

Click the drop-down menu for Account Number and select the line with the closing 4 digits that match the ones of your new card (cited in step 1 of this publish).

Type your observe or query in the textual content container classified Message: and then click Send.

Select the access within the drop-down menu which corresponds on your new card and then input your be aware or question into the Message field.

3. View Your Message in Sent Items In the Chase App to See Account Number

Once you’ve despatched your message off, clearly head to the Chase app on your telephone.  Go to the Secure Message Center.  Tap the folder icon.  Select the Sent Messages folder.  Then faucet the road for the message you simply despatched.

That will convey up a replica of the sent message.  The key factor here is that your full account number could be displayed in this display screen!  The photo beneath suggests the development of monitors to work via on the app.

You Can Make $1 Purchase to Confirm Card is Active

Once I followed this 3-step manner and got my new account variety (whilst my Sapphire Reserve card became in transit to me) I demonstrated it really works.

I went to and brought this card to the listing of (a couple dozen) cards.  Then I reloaded my gift card balance with $1.  That’s why you see my to be had credit score is one greenback much less than my credit line in the photo proven in step one.

For the expiration date for the cardboard I surely introduced 4 years to the month of approval.  Since my card become approved in August 2016 I used an expiration date of August 2020.  That worked!  Update: I acquired my card and it sincerely has 2019 as the expiration 12 months.  Update July 2018: A new Chase Ink Preferred card I acquired in July of 2018 (with an 80,000 point bonus) got here with an expiration date of July 2023 (i.e. 5 years from software).

Note that I didn’t make a larger reload purchase with my Sapphire Reserve because I became getting five% coins back at with my Discover It card for that zone!  You can follow for that card right here.

The One Hold-up In Some Cases: CVV

If you’re looking to use the cardboard on a website or a smartphone ordering gadget that calls for the card verification cost (CVV) – the three or 4 digit code on the card – unfortunately you’re out of luck till the physical card arrives.

Note that there are some instances in which you could alternate fee type after an order is placed.  That might be a “remaining hotel” technique if the CVV is needed and you need to place your order before the bodily card is in hand.

Will this trick come in handy for you?  Share your mind, and any comparable tricks, in the comments beneath!

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